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    Server Problems

    Same for me...
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    Radar Discussion Megathread

    I read all this thread (It's sunday and I didn't go to work). I will not use the realism card: WoW is just a game arcade not a simulator. I think that the problem is just the game balancing and keep ship specialization. I played basically DDs and Cruisers.. unfortunately I started at very beginning of WoW, with japanese DD and german Cruisers... release by release the japanese DD where reduced and german Cruisers were overtaken (I remember when WG wrote "You don't lost anything!") . Well, what are the positive aspects of DD? Speed not always (Minekaze drop speed dramatically at every turn, Kagero is slooooww), Damage (they can carry from 10.000 max damage to 20.000 max damage, but usually the real damage is 2/3 of the max), Concealment. The cons are basically they are fragile, often hits resolve in fire or module damage (rudder and engine). Moreover, the traditional target (BB) became more agile and torps resistant: you need at least 5-6 torps to sunk a ship at T5 and 7-8 at T8, and I've seen BB able of stop and go or fast turns to avoid torps. But they also must cap and spot (exp. if CV are not in game). Thus DD must stay in a (little) area and hiding until time passes: but the smoke is useful for escaping, not for camping. Camp in smoke and you're dead: you're telling the enemy where you are, you cannot see outside the smoke... a pair of well played enemy ship can kill you easily. I choose fast reload instead of smoke on Kagero. All these to say that the radar is not the (only) problem: with minekaze (T5) often encountered 1 to 3 radarcruiser camping close the cap zone. And simply I go to cap another zone far enough from cruiser or start torps spamming until our BBs remove the cruisers (of course, you need BB players that play instead of camp). I think that the only thing to balance the readar is to make it working on LoS. So, DDs and other ships can hide behind islands and obstacles....
  3. tomonaga_official

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Unfortunately, largest part of jap DD cannot run... and if they try to snake they stopped.
  4. tomonaga_official

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Smoke campers are killed fast...
  5. tomonaga_official

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Probably my fault: I didn't write that! :-D
  6. tomonaga_official

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Yes you'r right! Speaking about an example of unbalancing based on VI-VII tier cruisers!
  7. tomonaga_official

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    Hi all. I'm basically a DD player. Not a great player, of course. Basically, I think that due to a lot of innovations, the game is close to losing his balance, expecially at high tiers (say, above VII). As example, at the beginning I started with German cruisers (there were just German, Jap and USA): very good for DD hunting, but know they are basically paper cruiser with water guns and it is very hard to play a good battle. And they have no benefits at all: I try AA version of Nurnberg, but I lost my hydro system. While opponents have smoke, repairs, ecc... The same is for DD. The best (and in most cases the only) option is hit & hide (for most of jap DD - from Hisokaze to Kagero - hit & run is not an option!). And the smoke is just termporary: stay in the smoke for a while is really dungerous because the smoke is also a "hey I'm here!" signal. The saturation fire and torps come fast! Personally sometime I sunk static DD's launching my torps in the smoke... After some battle with radar, I decided to stay at low tiers and use my VII & VIII tiers DD only for ranked battle (less ship, more playable, usually more teamwork). In my opinion, the best solution is that the island (or certain island) must be an obstacle. A ship behind island cannot be spotted by radar. Stop. I think that a good teamwork can compensate some unbalanced situation, but is usally rare in Random battle. BTW, jap DD can board some Kaiten. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiten
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    Missions and Challenges

    Thanks you all. @ColonelPete I will check the webpages... miss them.
  9. tomonaga_official

    Missions and Challenges

    Not sure this is the right section. I experienced 4 days without Missions or Challenges. I have only one event Varyag marathon without related mission... Is it normal?
  10. tomonaga_official


    DD = Designated Dead (after the update ;-) )
  11. tomonaga_official

    Bugs or feature?

    Hi all... I've played WOW for a while, basically on Cruiser (the german paper ship with a great citadel) and Destroyers (Japanese static ship and German "hey I'm here" ship). Sometimes I played with carnival BB of arpeggio fleet... but I found the BBs really boring... I'm not a good player, but, well, after this time, I focused on some strange things that happened to me or I've seen in game: 1. the enemy radar are able to see me even if I'm behind a island. 2. the radio locator are able to detect me even if I'm not using radio communication (i.e. mute on chat) 3. I cannot exit the map, but enemy airplanes are able to drop torps against me even from outside the map borders 4. the Battleship are able to avoid torps launched from less than 3 km by snakeing or breaking 5. when I am detected by enemy ship for the first time, usually I'm hit by the enemy in the same time (i.e. "detected" and hit in the same time). Considerations point by point (of course, these are just opinions): 1. this is a bug, or implementation error. Radar can spot a ship in the smoke, but cannot spot a ship behind island. 2. this is probably an implementation error, assuming that every ship is sailing with radio turned on and sending signal. Could be a good idea to spot only ship with chatting player? The collateral effect is that probably the chat will be used properly ;-) 3. I think this is a bug. 4. probably this is a (no good) way to balance the game. After slowing down torpedoes speed and reducing the damage, the collateral effect is that they are too easy to avoid? But anyway, for a BB break and reverse require ages, not seconds... 5. this is probably due to the fact that I'm too old for this game ;-) Of course, probably I missed something, or definitely I'm a really bad player... :-D Greetings...
  12. tomonaga_official

    about the new incoming skill "Radio Location"

    I didn't found a newest post about this feature... This new feature is really insane. And based on what kind of "real" radio locator? Ok. We have: 1. radar that locates you behind island 2. radio locator able to locate you everywhere on the map, despite you are using the "radio" (ie write in chat) 3. BB able to snake between torps like a destroyer. So, to keep the same approach, I have a new request for a new skill: can we have torps able to follow the target? I know that this is too much realistic, but could be fine...
  13. tomonaga_official

    Italian battleship

    Sounds a bit like a prejudice to me. You judge and evaluate all the italian players on the basis of the worst one? If we apply the same path, all the players are bad, regardless the nationality. I usual divide the players in good players or bad players. And sometimes are good players with bad mood... BTW, I usually play DD. And going to cap. And sometimes I had no support.... this means that all cruiser player are bad? ;-)
  14. tomonaga_official

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Really great job! Thank you! I'm interested in Italian three too... I started with my own list, but I think I can find all of them here. "S'arremba san Zorzo!"
  15. tomonaga_official

    Italian battleship

    Would be nice to have an Italian line... As example BB: Affondatore 1863 Caio Duilio 1876Dante Alighieri 1910 Classe Conte di Cavour:Conte di Cavour 1915, rebuilt 1937Giulio Cesare 1914, rebuilt 1937Leonardo da Vinci 1914 Classe Caio Duilio:Caio Duilio 1913, rebuilt1940Andrea Doria 1913, rebuilt 1940 Classe Littorio:Littorio 1940Vittorio Veneto 1940Roma 1940 Cruisers: Vettor Pisani 1899Giuseppe Garibaldi 1899San Giorgio 1905Francesco Ferruccio 1905San Marco 1908 Classe Pisa:Pisa 1911Amalfi 1909 Basilicata 1914 Alberto da Giussano Class (Condottieri type)Giovanni delle bande nere 1931Colleoni 1931Alberto da Giussano 1931Alberico da Barbiano 1931 Condottieri romani Class (12 units)Pompeo Magno 1943 (renamed San Giorgio and redesigned as DD)Attilio Regono 1942 Trento Class:Trento 1929Trieste 1929Bolzano 1933 Zara Class:Zara 1931Fiume 1931Gorizia 1931Pola 1932(the Zara class has guns similar to Hipper, more armour, less displacement ) Giuseppe Garibaldi 1936 CV: Aquila (laied down, never in service)