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  1. Cyclops_

    Subs been made even more powerful now?

    You never said Hydro you said RADAR so get your facts right!! And the line you left out of the quote was about Sub SONAR which is what you are on about, but as I said ONLY THE SUB USING IT CAN SEE THE OPPOSITION SUB, NOT THEC WHOLE TEAM!!!!
  2. Cyclops_

    Subs been made even more powerful now?

    Utter clap trap fella, all the sub has to do is dive and it is no longer spotted on radar. If you are talking about Sub Sonar, that is different, but it still does not show the enemy sub to your team mates.
  3. Cyclops_

    MM has huge trouble with new Brawl 12 vs. 12 ...

    And here is another two. first one made up entirely of only 2 clans :-(
  4. Really WG??, how can this happen????, 12 players in a brawl from 2 clans on the same team??? pictures removed due to naming&shaming - SkipperCH And again but not so bad.
  5. Cyclops_

    Recently joined player looking for UK clan

    Hi Captain, We are a medium sized clan of more mature players in World of Warships, but we are part of a larger Old Gits Having Fun clan that has it’s own World at War, Cod4 servers etc. We are looking for players for our World of Warships clan's and you could fit right in, There are a few of us Ex Royal Navy, we play all tiers, play scenario and Naval Battles, Randoms, divisions and Clan Battles etc, we use Discord for coms and are a fairly happy bunch, like a bit of light hearted banter etc. We also now have a second clan base OGHF2 where you can go if you just want to play casually but join in with the main clan vis discord and divisions etc, but if you want to be a bit more competitive the main Clan base could be for you. We do not tolerate any form of racial, religious or homophobic insults of any kind. Please check our main Clan out and see what you think.  https://www.oghf.org.uk Any questions, please feel free to pm me.    Regards,  Chris (AKA Cyclops)
  6. Cyclops_

    OGHF on the Lookout

  7. A sub 38% WR player, especially when they have over 10000 battles (in Randoms).
  8. Cyclops_

    Show CV's some love

    Proper troll post
  9. Cyclops_

    DDs impact on ranked

    Lol, really guys, try being in a battle where the red team have a Petro, Stal & a DM, then come and bleat about DD being OP in ranked.
  10. Cyclops_

    New Code

  11. Cyclops_

    Sevastopol hits the Armory for 58k RPs

    Mmmm, not for me, have come across a few while in testing, they died pretty easily.
  12. Cyclops_

    Code for coal

  13. Cyclops_

    New Navy Chefs Blog

    Navy Dishes | World of Warships Need to get there act together as no sign of those RN staples, Cheesy Hammy Eggy, Babies Heads, Sh*t on a Raft, Chips or Baked Beans to be seen anywhere 😉