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  1. Cyclops_

    1 day premium account bonus code

    Thanks Captain
  2. Cyclops_

    this game is a [edited]joke

    Found it
  3. Cyclops_

    this game is a [edited]joke

    Where is the BB Baby Bingo Card when you need it
  4. Cyclops_

    Buff british cruisers allready!

    Hate to say, but with less than 20 games per ships the stats mean nothing.
  5. Cyclops_

    Game will not launch - advise please

    Take the hand brake brake off
  6. Cyclops_

    I want choose Standard/Domination

    “I Want” never gets
  7. Cyclops_

    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    @BARRYBASH, looking at your stats, improvement is needed, comes with learning, not so great my self, but 2 key points I can see. 1/ you seem better in DD & CA, so make those your main game play. 2/ stick to mid tier till you fully master the ships you have, rather than getting to top tier in the least amount of time.
  8. Cyclops_

    New Bonus code - 29.11.18

    Thank you @Jethro_Grey
  9. Cyclops_

    Next Ranked Sprint at Tier 6, it seems.

    Ooooh, Leander, Leander, Leander time
  10. Cyclops_

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    Spot on, and it will always need to be a BB.
  11. Cyclops_

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    We did have I game the other night where 4 clan members went, (inc me) we had a CV in with us, we always had a 5 star when a CV player was in game, but this one, well it was totally beyond belief that as we headed to the Haven he stayed put, every one else in the team told him that he must come with us into the haven or he would be killed, no answer and maybe movement, we carried on messaging him that ships would suddenly appear behind him, but no he did not move, then lov& behold as soon as the reds appeared behind him he started asking for help, well no one could get any where near him, so he lasted all of 30 seconds from the red ships appearing, so yes OP I do gey your point, just trying to tell you you need to go in as a team, just dont go in solo.
  12. Cyclops_

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    1, it’s not that hard to get five stars. 2, communication is Key. 3, you only need 1 player left to win and get 5 Star 5 star game.
  13. Cyclops_

    Noob hiding in smoke.

    That's because you are Seal Clubbing
  14. Cyclops_

    Le Terrible, and how it should be buffed

    Looking at these stats, I think Cossack could do with another buff
  15. Cyclops_

    Royal navy missions

    Yep, so did I, far to good a deal not to take advantage of, 10 for the price of 1, can not remember how long it was on for.