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  1. Cyclops_

    Time to balans!

    Only if it is top tier, if it gets to be bottom tier it gets hammered, what ever the MM, it suffers if you do not work with other team members.
  2. Cyclops_

    Time to balans!

    Why the Belfast, it is now far from op, infact with all the latest ships, radar etc it has been nerfed because of power creep.
  3. Cyclops_

    What is the easiest way to farm planes?

    What is the easiest way to farm planes? Plow symetrical furrows 1 mtr width and 500mm high, plant your plane seeds 1 mtr apart, water and harvest after 3 months
  4. Cyclops_

    British CVs

    Your acceptance and registration forms along with travel documents are in the post 😉 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
  5. Any one else think that the new forthcoming flooding system will be another massive nerf to DD and a big buff to BB’s especially, did notice that there is no buff to DD when they get hit with a torp, thoughts ??
  6. Cyclops_

    Suggestion to balance carriers and destroyers

    Biggest problem I have is when in a T8 DD and get dragged into a T10 game with a T10 American CV, trying to avoid CV planes is hard enough but American T10 CV planes rockets are OP to a T8 DD as it has no heal or as good AA defence compared to a T8/9 DD. easiest thing is to change MM to not allow T8 DD to enter a game with a T10 CV.
  7. Cyclops_

    Over-nerfed CVs

    I agree CV’s have been overnerfed, no problem there, but and I do say but, TX American CV Rocket planes are killing T8 DD with no heal ability too easly, IJN T10 CV are ok you can loose half To 3/4 your HP and carry on. Thought would be leave it as is and remove T8 DD from MM that includes T10 CV’s. Thoughts??
  8. Cyclops_

    Possibility to surrender to end match quicker

    Disagree, if you have a DD / CV left you can still win from a bad situation, those that will vote yes will be low HP, so just want to get back to port, I for one would never vote to surrender, akways fight to my last HP
  9. Can anyone enlighten me to what I did wrong in this battle ( apart from getting spotted and deleted by there DD, which ended the game)
  10. Cyclops_

    Spam CA

    Wow, you really are something special Now that is an easy win for a Mino, T8 CV’s, no enemy Radar wait till you get T10 CV , that will target your smoke with torps, Kron, DM will hunt you down just for fun, (all you shells will bounce off there armour as the head straight at you and that is before they radar you, good luck.
  11. Cyclops_

    Spam CA

    Nicely done, but 1 battle does not make war, as you 1 battle in your only other CA shows, come back after 20-30 battles in the Mino, only then will it give you it’s highs and lows.
  12. Cyclops_

    Spam CA

    You come on moaning about CL/CA’s at T10 that they should be nerfed ? I pointed out that you have little and below par T10 performance mainly in BB. You appear to have rushed through to T10 rather than learn each tier. You have arrived at T10 and moan straight away that you are being spammed by CA/CL’s, maybe if you played across the board of ships you would know how they worked and how to counter them. As has been pointed out to the Mino has smoke but no HE, it also has a horrendous citadal and can be deleted in ONE salvo by ALL BB’s and most CA’s. So take you red card and I will replace it with the BB BINGO CARD. Have a nice day.
  13. Cyclops_

    Spam CA

    Mmm, mainly a BB player. Has 4 T10 ships. 1 CA played 4 games 0% WR. 3 BB. Conqueror 4 games 25%WR. Yamato 10 games 40% WR. Grober Kurfurst 45 games 26.67%WR. BB Bingo Card ????
  14. Cyclops_

    EU Server On The Fritz ?

    Had a situation last night, had 6 clan members plus pick ups in the Naria scenario, 3/4’s of the way through, 4 of our clan members game crashed at the same time and all had trouble getting back in and all died, any one else have that problem ????
  15. Cyclops_

    Concealment nerf - 0.8.0

    Really??, it has just had a massive nerf from the screw up in the smoke / 20 second detection [edited] up, it is possibly the weakest T9 cruiser as it is, it struggles in the current Ranked season along with the DD’s because of it.