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  1. Greeting Animals, Welcome to The Zoo! This is RogueMonkey88's EU Clan. We're looking for individuals with multiple Tier 10 ships, of different categories that fit well in the current season's meta. Must be available for clan battles 18:00–22:00 UTC, 19:00–23:00 CET (EU Prime Time). Discord, mic and all that shenanigans are of course a must. Must have positive animalistic attitude and fierce fighter. Over 1500 battles & 50%+ WR, with adequate PR score. We start as soon as the EU prime time slot is open. Experience with clan battles is highly sought after. Contact us on Discord with your WoWs nickname. [_ZOO_] Base [_ZOO_] Discord Monkey's Twitch Monkey's Youtube
  2. LeGiry

    [-RM-] Red Mist (Recruitment)

    Why stop at South Africa?? Lets widen this a bit, shall we. Pm sent to OP and admiralgpt
  3. Edit 22-Oct-2019: Addition of Minotaur, Neptune, Kitakaze, Alaska + Coal & Steel stats If you need a Sommers or Stalingrad and a Smolensk let me know, I'm keeping my coal and steel in a nice stash for the new clan
  4. Révision 22-Oct-2019: Addition de Minotaur, Neptune, Kitakaze, Alaska + info sur mes stats Acier et Charbon Si vous avez besoin d'un Sommers ou Stali et un Smolensk faites savoir, Je garde précieusement mon Acier et Charbon pour le nouveau clan
  5. Hi. Just wondering why the organisers have chosen to omit CIS and SEA champions in the international finals of this KOTS edition? edit: i meant having EU face CIS and SEA as well as NA but not just NA
  6. Hi. Just a minor thing. I couldn't help notice that some maps have a legend of how big a square is, usually found in the last square on the minimap (J10), like 4.2km, 4.8km etc. But there are quite a few who don't have that information. Was wondering if those could be updated for the missing ones. Thanks
  7. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Flippers don't work, neither in ranked or random battles. Both of them (badobest and the other one) they just show 0% for all players
  8. Age: (25<>35) Nom: comme le pseudo Nationalité: Mauricien Langues: Anglais, Français Discord: LeGiry #8542 Navires: T10: Yamato, Henry IV, Minotaur, Salem, Gearing, Shimakaze; (tous avec gadgets légendaire et commandants à 19 points) Acier: 21k + 25% remise. Je laisserai le choix entre Sommers ou Stalingrad au clan que je rejoins Charbon: 231k. Smolensk arrive très bientôt, sauf si le clan a besoin d'un Thunderer ou Yoshino T9: Fletcher, Yugumo, Kitakaze, Neptune, Saint-Louis, Kronshtadt, Alaska, Izumo T8: Akizuki, Benson, Kagero, Charles-Martel, Edinburgh, Amagi, Bismark Mes statistiques aléatoires reflètent mon amour pour les plaisanteries dans les jeux aléatoires, alors ne me radier pas sur cela (preuve: mon Saipan). Vérifiez plutôt mes statistiques en batailles classés et clans des saisons précédentes et vous verrez également qu'en dépit de mon fuseau horaire je fais de mon mieux pour être régulièrement disponible pour les batailles de clans. Du coup je m'attend au moins au même niveau d'engagement d'un clan. Plutôt tranquille mais toujours à la recherche de nouvelles astuces et content de recevoir des critiques constructives. Anciens clans: [FMP] Season 1-3 (Weebs anglophones de diverses nationalités) [CF40] Season 5 (Français) ^Ce sont des gens super amicaux, cool, bonne humeur et plein de rires. Je reste toujours en contact et je les recommande à tout ceux qui recherche cette expérience fun. Cependant, je recherche un clan avec des aspirations plus compétitives, une approche tactique et un beau jeu stratégique, avec des personnes plus matures investies dans un jeu d'équipe stratégique et compétitif. Je ne suis pas strateur, mais je prend l'initiative quand il le faut.
  9. Age: (25<>35) Name: as the nickname says Country: Mauritius Languages: English, French Discord: LeGiry #8542 Ships: T10: Thunderer, Yamato, Henry IV, Minotaur, Salem, Sommers, Gearing, Shimakaze; (all with respective legendary gizmos and 19pts captains) T9: Fletcher, Yugumo, Kitakaze, Neptune, Saint-Louis, Kronshtadt, Alaska, Izumo T8: Akizuki, Benson, Kagero, Charles-Martel, Edinburgh, Amagi, Bismark My Random stats used to be in the lower 40's for a long long time, cause I couldn't care less in randoms, Warships has for the most been a play-for-fun activity for me, my fun being: "Get in ship - blap or get blapped - go port - Rinse & Repeat." So please don't write me off based on those. I can assure you in a competitive clan battle I am an entirely different beast. I also make my best to be regularly available for CW. Personality: Easy-going, always looking to learn new tricks and happy with constructive criticism. Previous clans: [FMP] Season 1-3 (eengrish speaking weebs) [CF40] Season 5 -6 (Baguettes & Croissants) These are all cool lads, good humour, lots of laughs. Definitely keeping in touch and recommended to anyone looking for fun divisions. However I'm looking for a clan with more competitive aspirations, tactical approach and much finer strategic game-play, with mature people invested in competitive strategic team-play. Ideally plays during RU prime time or at least occasionally. (EU's 18:00 - 22:00 UTC time slot = 10PM to 2AM for me) CW activity:
  10. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Excuse me sir, please re-including it. It is very useful to anyone who has 1GB of VRAM on older cards and laptops without too big of a hit in visual quality.
  11. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Bug Found with "All ships in tree" mod. None of the 3 options and ALT F4 work, had to force close WOWS from task manager. Also since last update with that mod I can't directly click on any ship which I don't own yet. Only method found is go to tech tree, right click and view modules. That then takes me to see the ship and its modules properly.
  12. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    oh hey, guess who. + Smoke timer BADoBEST is broken.
  13. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Me again, description for extended minicarousel and ships win rate are identical. Also what's with the literal translation of the description for Alt Minimap + Team Aware. Please dm me the original ru text and I'll send you the more adequate translation.
  14. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi, me again. Another weird bug report. The Changed color tracers: + Removing tracer displays (contrails) option works fine with AP shells, but HE shells still keep their contrails. Haven't checked for AA and secondaries' contrails