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  1. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    oh hey, guess who. + Smoke timer BADoBEST is broken.
  2. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Me again, description for extended minicarousel and ships win rate are identical. Also what's with the literal translation of the description for Alt Minimap + Team Aware. Please dm me the original ru text and I'll send you the more adequate translation.
  3. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi, me again. Another weird bug report. The Changed color tracers: + Removing tracer displays (contrails) option works fine with AP shells, but HE shells still keep their contrails. Haven't checked for AA and secondaries' contrails
  4. LeGiry


    Same here. I have 16GB of RAM and I wish the game would use that more efficiently rather than waiting for the ship kill signal to arrive, then go and fetch all required explosions, effects, decals, sounds etc from disk and then use them. That's too much unnecessary IO from disk. Even on the lowest graphical settings, ensuring the GPU doesn't get saturated, during explosions there's huge frametime spikes. Before anyone mentions it, setting cacheeffects to true and buffing the cachesize and the other usual stuffs in engineconfig does practically nothing. Do a google search and you'll see countless of people with beefy rigs complaining about all of that on reddit
  5. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi. Just came back to Modstation after a few months. Looking good with all my mods, will suggest some more addition later on. For now please take note of the following issue. Commander Skills is drawn behind the HP indicator. It also lists in alphabetical order. Perhaps Level 4 to Level 1 or vice-versa would be more appropriate order for a commander's skill set. List of installed mods: Thanks for all the hard work ~Giry~
  6. LeGiry


    @MrConwayFeedback for bug fixing: As many have pointed out with previous update, the stuttering has been very obnoxious ever since. I have even lowered and capped my FPS at 30 (VSync-half refresh). However today I got the chance to witness that the game itself is not lagging that much. Its the HUD elements that stutter. And like mentioned before, specially in close quarters with lots of torpedoes. Perhaps this could be looked into and addressed in a forthcoming update.
  7. LeGiry

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    Uninstalled. Stutter fest since 8.1. I even reduced all settings to their utter lowest, I even capped my FPS at 30. Still lags lags lags.... I know I run an old system, but it used to get by just fine. Now even if I 'Z' to my own torpedoes it feels just like watching a replay file. The stutters are most prominent with torpedoes approaching my ship and close quarters combat, but mostly torpedoes.
  8. LeGiry

    Suggestions thread

    Very thoughtful for those running on low specs. Thank you. However there is a more pressing issue for those running on weaker or slower CPUs in particular. Not all intel Core i'x cpus run at speeds of over 2GHz, specially in laptops. GPU wise the game is fine, locked at 60FPS 90% of the time, but during close quarters fights, especially when you start getting surrounded by torpedoes, the FPS drops dramatically. To a very much lesser extent this also happens during brawling scenarios with heavy amount of secondaries pouring and (in combination with) /or when suffering from multiple plane attacks simultaneously. All of that mostly happens on 1 core while remaining 3 cores of the system are sitting idle for the most part. Would be fantastic if Warships could implement an update that will help the game make the best use of idle untapped cores in a CPU, similar to a corresponding update made in WOT PC not so long ago.
  10. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Greetings. Couple of things not working properly with latest updates: + Ship List v1 Does not seem to be working at all. Also for whatever reason the order of ship types is reversed on my team. DD>CA/CL>BB>CV instead of CV>BB>CA/CL>DD + Alt Minimap Looks fine except for ship names not displayed properly. Would also be nice to have an option to switch to the now standard aiming circle instead of the X mark + Advanced chat BADoBEST Partially working, just not displaying ship icons correctly + Hide insignias (Fixed) Option is currently greyed out + Ship List v2 Not displaying ship symbols correctly. Dead ships are not represented at all.
  11. LeGiry

    Update 0.6.6 Technical Test Bug Reports

    Last night both me and my division mate from another country experienced the same issue at the same time. All islands disappeared from screen, only blue stretch all around us. But on the minimap they were all there. And we'd even bump into islands, collision warnings were all working, but we just couldn't see them. (will add pics if the same happens again)