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  1. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    ^ Confirmed! I use all of the stuff below, and I get the Black screen too, I even uninstalled the game. Works well without mods and in safe mode, but as soon as I installed mods it went dark. But I just removed Extended Mini-carousel and all is fine now.
  2. LeGiry

    loser looking for a clan

    is "boni" the plural form of "bonus"?
  3. Hi. Support sent me here, said good people here love listening to feedback and such. Apologies if the issue has already been raised. See spoiler for all the details Ticket ID 128215150: Sounds, chat, voice
  4. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hello, just curious to know if there's any progress the above. Thanks
  5. LeGiry

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    Hi, apologies for the delayed reply, has had quite a busy weekend. Finally caught up with this thread now. Thanks @DasTongle for pointing me to the above. So I went back and retraced my steps on how I did the purchase and it went as such Go to Armoury See a tab with a clock sign which stated something along the line "offer expires/ends in 1 day" It was the Halloween tab and it as usual had a lot of offers, various ship bundles and mega packs all for various amounts of doubloons. Just a glance at that window I knew I wasn't interested in most of these, but upon hovering over the squares for individual ship offers they all mentioned the offer was for ship, commander and bonus mission. Couldn't afford the JB, so I clicked on the Massachusetts offer, and in there I read everything and then decided it might be well worth it, and made the purchase. (See OP for screenshots) Nowhere along that particular path of purchase was I presented with the extra information about it being explicitly for the standard ship. The very explicit info you referred to above I believe came from this article. Had WG added a link to that article in the above-mentioned pathway to purchase there'd be absolutely no arguments. But they did not or someone forgot. As for whatever last year's Black Friday print was, its absolutely irrelevant. As for the car purchase analogy, you don't get to just put down a suitcase full of cash at your Porsche dealership, get handed the keys to a 911 and just drive out. Its quite a comprehensive process at the end of which the dealership is obligated to present to you a list of all that'll be included in the car including all the extra options you might have ticked on your ordering form which you will then both sign prior to committing to the purchase. Additionally you usually get to test-drive the cars to better help you decide whether you want the Turbo or the Naturally Aspirated one. Also the word turbo isn't a single-letter suffix, its presence/absence is pretty unmistakable. I'm also pretty sure they'd also have a comprehensive return policy as well.
  6. LeGiry

    World of Warships Advent Calendar

    Well at the moment its this: Guessing it is actively being worked on by the devs and it'll be up soon enough
  7. LeGiry

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    Amen brother, The World Is Yours, so keep on rocking on mate
  8. LeGiry

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    Very many thanks to all those who commented and reacted. Glad to see the forum is buzzing with strongly passionate and cultured people. I however feel some of you may have somehow missed the point of the topic, so allow me to reiterate and reword: Whether intentional or unintentional, the text is open to and highly susceptible to ambiguous interpretation by other parties. The nature of the probable ambiguity lies in presence/absence of a single letter suffix. Wherein such situations various markets require the vendor to clarify any potential ambiguities before any purchases is carried out. If the market guidelines was not duly observed the vendor should allow for a reverting of the sale should the purchaser make such a request. The presented arguments being so the raised questions seeking an official answer from WG are: a) Are these unintentional mistakes and will the in-game missions criteria be adjusted accordingly? b) If not unintentional then will WG, at its discretion, allow for a sales reversion if sought by those affected by the above?
  9. LeGiry

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    @Salentine @Execute0rder66 No, I do not visit forum often, its not a requirement. @Excavatus Please direct me to the official marketing/sales publication where the part of the mission being a small compensation for the original ship owners is expressly mentioned
  10. LeGiry

    This better just be a genuine mistake!

    Forum curators please move thread to corresponding section if any. Thank you
  11. Please take note of the following issue with Black Friday Sale of multiple "Black" ships with the "B" suffix in the name. The Bundle advertises the sale of the selected "B" ship, a port slot and a Bonus Mission to be completed by the selected ship. However the literature fails to expressly mention that the mission cannot be accomplished by the bundled "B" variant. Since these variants are only distinguished by a single-letter suffix, I believe under commercial laws of various countries the vendor is required to make such points doubly clear, such that there is no room for misinterpretation by any parties and clarify that this isn't a typographic mistake, either in the marketing literature itself or in attached footnotes. If this is a genuine mistake and the intent was to allow the new owners of "B" variants to complete the mission, then please update the in-game mission criteria to allow for the "B" variants accordingly. If it isn't a mistake then please make necessary arrangements with the customer support service to facilitate those seeking a refund on these bundles. Thank you, ~ Giry ~
  12. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    <element url="achievements.swf" class="RibbonContainerClip" name="ribbonContainer" autoPerfTestGroup="ribbons"> <properties hitTest="true" direction="horizontal" maxCount="4" multiline="true" spacingVert="5" spacingHor="5"/> <!-- maxCount is changed by controller now --> Wouldn't it be better to have the ribbons limited to 5 per row and moved a few pixels below? These could be done by the above lines in battle_elements.xml but now changing these variables don't do anything and besides with each update they'd get overwritten anyway.
  13. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Request: + Score Timer + Ship List v1 As you can see, the above mods get overlapped by the ribbons. Can there please be a way to remedy to this?
  14. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    ^ for as long as I remember no one has ever bothered adapting it to EU servers. Only works on RU servers. Looks like someone again forgot to mention that in the mod description in modstation