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  1. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Since we're talking about DamageMeter, does anyone by any chance know where its UI config file is? I'd like to change the size of the text fonts. Also I don't know if the author sees this or gets forwarded the message. DamageMeter will be amazing to have in the Tab Menu instead of being permanently on screen all the time. Hope something like that gets implemented in future
  2. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Fading transparent minimap for updated maps has not been updated yet. Also some of the recently added maps don't have the scale size info for what each small squares represent. Thanks for the great work though. Amazing to see all my favourite mods working out of the box after this update
  3. Mine keeps disappearing all the time, even when I installed with admin privileges and said I trust the app. On next reboot its just gone again. I'm suspecting its a digital signature thing. I know not too long ago Stewie from wowsmonitor app had to go through some hurdles to get his apps digitally signed. Might be worth looking into for Max I suppose
  4. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hello. I don't want to be a thorn but I think you forgot this one.
  5. LeGiry

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    Oh also a choice between a carrier and a battleship is not really a choice! You're player base is not the usual underage demographic all other games enjoy, so what are you even trying to pull here?
  6. LeGiry

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    That's a bit of a **** move. Can we at least get it discounted on season start? Cause whether carriers are in or not, fact is random builds and clan builds are different for many many ships.
  7. New Season starting in less than 10 days. Cleaned the topic, removed ship list, can all be seen on my wows-numbers page. Updated my season 8 CW history.
  8. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hi, just want to inform you that this mod only removes tracers of AP shells. Doesn't work on HE and SAP shells. Wanted to know will be rectified for all shell types in future?
  9. LeGiry

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    @The_EURL_Guy Hi, at the end of each season there's usually an article published on the portal about how the season went and stats of how many players took part, quickest to R1, percentages across each ranks etc. Was wondering if it is coming any time soon. Thanks for the update
  10. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Are these really not compatible with each other?
  11. LeGiry

    Cap buoys invisible since latest patch

    How can we petition WG to "untie" the current LOD settings of buoys from the rest of the game's general LOD settings? Argument: cap buoys are an essential map element and represent a physical border in the overall game-play similar to an island or other such objects and as such should always be visible from an adequate distance. Gameplay-ability should be preserved throughout the range of graphical fidelity offered to players of differing hardware capabilities.
  12. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    Advanced chat BADoBEST now has a bug. Scrolling through the text window somehow keeps the last bunch of text visible while the rest scroll normally in the back(or front, whichever it is). This bug doesn't present itself if I scroll without clicking on the window or pressing Enter prior to scrolling Also the fonts are now too dark when typing, can barely see them
  13. LeGiry

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    Suggestion for an additional filter in the special section to hide rental ships for all those who are really not interested I know it might be a bit too late suggesting it for this season, but perhaps include it for subsequent season.
  14. LeGiry

    [ALL] ModStation

    issue with cap buoys/beacons when using compressed textures. the game draws the buoys when ship is right next to them but a few meters further there's nothing drawn. (yes i know the modder doesn't update that mod anymore, would be great to have someone new take over the project)
  15. LeGiry

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    hallloooooooooooo,,, whatever you did to the buoys/beacons around cap circles, IT IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT AT ALL. Their Draw distance needs to be reverted. Thank you