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  1. Searching for active clan/divmates my stats
  2. jerkchicken

    5 Years of WoWS - my thoughts.

    I mean if u dont like playing anymore, then stop playing.
  3. jerkchicken

    Friesland build and captain skills?

    Since I'm #5 Friesland player of EU: My build: How to play: - Use your smoke wisely on a correct position. - Shoot on superstructure for fires. - Shoot on broadside AP on upper belt. - Focus DD's and use ur hydro to smoke up, and invisible kill them. - Stay alive = Profit Handy: Commentary from AtotHek, my gameplay.
  4. jerkchicken

    i am so so mad at wargaiming ( rant )

    Once again Chikor is on a roll. tbh must be the dumbest pirate I've ever seen.
  5. @MettewG4T This ship is more capable than the entire Italian navy
  6. jerkchicken

    Moskva needs a buff + ideas

    Moskva's AP angles should be buffed
  7. jerkchicken

    (DUTCH) Discord Community [div/chat/hulp]

    Nog steeds welkom! Join nu! https://discord.gg/QpGNNge
  8. jerkchicken

    (DUTCH) Discord Community [div/chat/hulp]

    Geen idee, ik denk dat als je dat verwijdert het spel al helemaal niet meer kan spelen. Ik zou ook niet aanraden om op een laptop te gamen.
  9. jerkchicken

    [DUTCH] Nederlandse Discord Community

  10. jerkchicken

    Looking for Dutch or English Speaking Clan

    Nederlandse community: https://discord.gg/QpGNNge
  11. jerkchicken

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

  12. jerkchicken

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    Depends on the play, for sure u will get 1,3m + credits in a missouri game like this friesland...