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  1. jerkchicken

    [ENG] Competitive player.

  2. Leuk om meer NL'ers te zien op WOWS, zeker op het gebied qua competitive scene GL & HF
  3. Let me know if your would be interested in joining PNAVY. we play alot of clan battles. https://discord.gg/ZuN725X 

  4. jerkchicken

    RN DDS are the worst line created in the last 2 years...

    So accurate lmao
  5. jerkchicken

    [ENG] Competitive player.

  6. jerkchicken

    [ENG] Competitive player.

  7. jerkchicken

    Verdict on Nelson?

    AP: - Overmatch 28 mm - 5 km 560 mm (3,08 deg, 2,34 s) - 10 km 447 mm (8,18 deg, 5,20 s) - 15 km 357 mm (16,16 deg, 8,73 s) - 18,21 km 311 mm (22,89 deg, 11,39 s)
  8. jerkchicken

    Mighty Mo, only half way there, what to do?

    You will not reach it before time or ask your mom creditcard: will be +/- $50, or get the Nelson -> prefer Mighty MO!!!
  9. jerkchicken

    HMS Conqueror 419mm or 457mm?

    he = 419 ap = 457 conq is he so go for 419...
  10. jerkchicken

    What is the sigma on the Duke of York?

    http://wowsft.com/ -> fittingtool duke of york
  11. jerkchicken

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    I am a ST, joking just download the Aslain's modpack
  12. jerkchicken

    The Duca D'Aosta Shines in Operations!

    Not your playstyle,
  13. jerkchicken

    Let's talk French battleships a bit...

    T10 France all plated around 32mm, GK secondaries IFHE will eat him if its nothing...
  14. jerkchicken

    Tirpitz or Alabama

    I would wait for the Roma, that isn't (not already) a Copy+Paste ship... And overall its so powerfull