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  1. you only enjoy randoms, fair enough, I enjoy all the modes in the game, the thing I stated is only an example, so is the game I posted, it's an example.
  2. so basically u dont like it comp and u r here just to talk about things u probably don't understand. nice.
  3. @SkollUlfr I know competitive isn't your piece of cake, so no need to hate on it, please move on
  4. thats is the most effective tactical available, its not like randoms don't have it, lets see Thunderer Thunderer Thunderer Thunderer Thunderer Thunderer conqueror Venizia Venizia Venizia Venizia Venizia Venizia Venizia DM Smaland Smaland Smaland Smaland Smaland halland there you go
  5. I guess you prefer playing Ocean and nothing but Ocean
  6. alright, for the people who are gonna come here and be like "hurrr durrr comp is so boring who cares about kots", king of the sea is a completely different beast from your "fun" random gameplay, you have teammates that you know and trust, you have a strategy in mind and of course lots of hard work and training, and when two teams with similar skill level clashes, its highly entertaining to watch. Some say that it's nothing but a camp fest but can you remind me where do most of your BBs sit in randoms nowadays? meanwhile last kots simple explanation why this is sad for the competitive community, WG just doesn't have a good track record when it comes to formats and rules, and I fear what happened to Clan battles will happen to kots.
  7. OM40

    I want to shoot boats

    lazy c**t
  8. OM40

    CKBK: Let's start a revolution

    join now for a discount on squat lessons
  9. OM40

    Deadeye needs to be tweaked

    this I like, encourage active gameplay and brawling WG, we need this