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  1. seems true to me bought plenty of mega containers i got Duca, Yuuda, Vanguard and Ochakov so i figured hey probably just some weird luck, then i bought more and i got London, De Grasse and Viribus in the mega containers. huh weird must be random then i bought more and i got Makarov in the mega containers followed by ships available for dubloons or in the premium shop. only rare ship i got was the Neustrashimy that i bought with the coal i got in the boxes..
  2. RazerTeck

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    i'll give it a try, thanks Wyvern
  3. RazerTeck

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    i thought about making my own skins for the Atago, Atago B, USS Kidd, USS Atlanta and USS Colorado for private use, but all the dds files i find through the unpacker are very small and low textured causing them to be hard to work with, if i wanted numbers on the side of the ship or a name on the back, the size of the a.dds file is way too small (512-512 pixels) and since i tend to edit the mg.dds to make them visible through the camo 512-512 pixels is just too small to work with.
  4. RazerTeck

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    i have a quiestion, where do you find the HD dds files? all i find is low texture SD ish dds files
  5. RazerTeck


    yeah but The USS KIDD was the only ship allowed to fly the jolly roger flag in the US Navy so kinda sad we can't do that in game without needing a special flag.. and since i'm not good enough to participate in ranked seasons i will never get it... if it was up to me the USS KIDD should come with a jolly roger flag by standard..
  6. RazerTeck


    so.. as i own the USS KIDD myself and i've seen the ship in real life. i thought as the USS KIDD was the only ship flying the Jolly Roger (Pirate flag).. why didn't we get a pirate flag with the ship in the game.. it would be so cool..
  7. RazerTeck

    camera freezes and detaches from the ship

    welp Windows 10 pro Intel Core I7-6700 CPU 32 GB RAM Nvidia GTX 1070Ti i had instant crashes in World Of Tanks.. but that was caused by a program instaled by my Razer Deathstalker keyboard (called RzFPS.exe) removed it and WoT worked fine, but WoWs didn't.. once i hit alt+R4 and restarted it could work out the round or the camera would freeze or game could crash.. but i think i found the problem, but it will need testing.. i'll run tests tomorrow Edit* after not loosing my ship or crashes for 3 games in a row i found out the cause, a file called (flags.atlas) that i used to change the shitty one year flag to the jolly roger flag to have on my USS KIDD was outdated..
  8. RazerTeck

    camera freezes and detaches from the ship

    i've had the problem since Game Center got installed, i have a stable connection yes i've reinstalled the game and repaired it in the Game center yes Graphic drivers hmm.. i'll check that Checked, updated, now the game is completely broken.. crashes on round startup, no interface, no ship in battle, frozen camera and still completely freezes in the end of the round.. yes the game continues as normal i can fire and all that just the camera is stuck in the air and my ship just sails away.. so when it happens i turn the ship around towards base and Alt+F4 and restart the game..
  9. i go into battle and the camera freezes and detaches from the ship and and i cant continue the battle. and often at the end of the game the game freeze completely. any fix to this?