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  1. Antique_Nova

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    That's your problem right there. Your CV stats are barely better than mine, especially this season.
  2. Antique_Nova

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    Fix your ban system, because it's terrible and horribly abused against me. Why? A little about me. I only play a US CV Independence with a 1/1/1 load out and I came back to WoW after a 13 month break. I went straight into ranked and won 10 out of my first 11 games. 99% of the time when I play a game, win or lose, I am at the top of the points board. Sometimes losing with more points that the highest points scorer on the winning team! Which is why I am still currently ranked 6, even with 22 losses out of 62 games. Statistics Average battle values Battles 62 Damage 47 552 Win rate 64.52% Destroyed warships 1.05 Victories 40 Aircraft destroyed 21.02 Maximum planes kills 43 Base capture 0 Maximum damage 106 128 Base defense 0 Maximum kills 4 Experience 1 307 Maximum experience 3 312 Kills / deaths 4.33 My problem is that 90% of the game I am constantly verbally bashed and abused by most of my team. I rarely ever bite back, except to tell them to stfu, play together and win. Many times I also say I've reported them and muted them, because they won't shut up and it's distracting. However, one of my recent games it got out of hand as I muted two of my team mates, I got the first 3 of our team's 4 kills and single handidly won the game for my team. I saved them many times, even though we lost two ships due to their silly mistakes. Midway through the game, the enemy team congratulates me on playing very well and I tell the enemy team that my own team just screamed abuse at me all game. I then find out that I am banned from chat speak for 24 hours. I mean seriously? Fix your bloody tribunal system, because I heavily rely on godly touch typing speeds to communicate with my team, which is why I win so often and keep my stars when I lose most of the time. It's made me lose any desire to continue playing and I've had to put up with so much of this nonsense. Most people say that I have a bad WR, which is. Random battle stats (because that's the only thing they bother to see) Overall Recent Battles 491 0 Win rate Next level: Good (+2.7%) 49.29% Average - - Personal Rating (PR) Next level: Great (+74) 1 676 Very Good - - Battles survived 69.45% - - Average battle values Damage 51 139 - - Destroyed warships 1.12 - - Aircraft destroyed 12.59 - - Experience 1 285 - - Kills / deaths 3.67 - - Warships spotted 5.5 - - Damage upon spotting 72 131 - - Warships stats by type (PR) Destroyer Next level: Below Average (+444) 306 Bad - - Aircraft Carrier Next level: Great (+56) 1 694 Very Good What they fail to notice is that most of my loses started early and in the last 30% of all my games on this account were wins about 60-70% of the time.
  3. Hi all, So I took a 13 month break from WoW. Came back and headed straight into ranked game-play. Ignoring my previous stats beforehand. My current stats are: Statistics Average battle values Battles 46 Damage 49 764 Win rate 69.57% Destroyed warships 1.11 Victories 32 Aircraft destroyed 21.5 Maximum planes kills 43 Base capture 0 Maximum damage 106 128 Base defense 0 Maximum kills 4 Experience 1 376 Maximum experience 3 312 Kills / deaths 4.64 However, my first 11 games in ranked this season were 10 wins and one loss. Even when I lose now, I rarely lose my stars, because I'm clearly at the top and sometimes I have more points than the highest point scorer on the winning team! In short, my following suggestion isn't based on my lack of skill. When you lose a game, the top player on the losing team keeps their stars. Great. But what about the individual player who fucked up the entire gameplay? Because that happens quite often when you lose. For example, my last game before writing this thread was when our single DD in an objective game decided to ignore all the objectives and go the long way around to kill the enemy CV, he didn't even talk to us and when he found the enemy DD, he ran away all the way back to the starting point and started giving us commands when the fight was lost. Got himself killed and stole a kill. Our teams were also pretty even in skill, as trades were made and no one fell instantly. It's not like our DD made a single fatal mistake in a split second. That can be forgiven after the initial rage, but what he did is beyond stupid and infuriating. This kind of thing happens more often than I think it happens and similar cases. I've also seen enemy CV players charge straight up the middle of the map in 3-4 minutes. Poseidon knows why. So for instances when one team mate goes full retard. I propose that they should not be punished equally as the rest of his team mates who lost. They should suffer something severe and it should be based on a voting system by the entire team. Every single player on his team should vote whether he lose a star for each team member he angered. So that's 6 stars he should lose. That should be a severe enough punishment, but the decision must be unanimous amongst the team. I may also further suggest that the rest of the team keep their stars, because the team mate who cost them the fight takes the brunt of it. Also, I don't think it will be abused very often, because everyone understands how hard it is to regain a star, due to the uncertainty of getting a good team or composition in your fleet against enemy fleet. And I believe that there is always one other team member with a cool head to vote that the playing who fucked the game shouldn't lose 6 stars. Kind of like a court judge process. Also, the player will be banned from ranked games for 30 minutes to cool down. They can be banned from WoW completely for 30 minutes instead if that's better, but I think from ranked is enough. Also, if they are a repeated offender. Then the number of stars they can lose could be double. But I think loosing 6 stars each time is harsh enough. And if they are just starting out and went full retard, then they can be simply be given a warning saying that they will lose stars next time, because no one has stars to lose on their first ranked game. To be guilty and charged, the votes must be unanimous. This will make players who do stupidly greedy things think twice and it's a system for the extreme cases as WoW currently has no system for it. What do you think?
  4. Antique_Nova

    Stop making out planes return to our CVs when sunk.

    It's not logical. Because you would be disobeying direct orders to carry out the instructions given to you. You don't jepordise your entire fleet, because you "think" your carrier has been destroyed. Because you're in a plane and can't do anything about it even if it was sunk and spend the rest of the fight doing nothing, but circling it. Currently WoW only allows planes with selected targets to continue and not planes for spotting. You don't need all your squads to do it and you can still get radio support from other allied ships if those planes did have radio.
  5. Antique_Nova

    Fix the RNG for fighter planes

    What programs do you suggest? I've tried to record in the past, but never really pursued it.
  6. One thing I don't understand is why any plane not given an attack order pretty much returns to a cv that is destroyed instead of flying to said area it is meant to spot for as long as it can. Especially now that the latest update gives a nod to spotting damage. Although I'm not sure how it influences the amount of credits and exp we get. Also, could we not just give our planes orders to tail a warship from either close up or nearby to continue spotting it when our CV is dead or alive? Of course, AA would be a problem, but not so much against destroyers. As out of all my deaths, it's normally that sneaky destroyer than kills me more than anything else.
  7. Antique_Nova

    Fix the RNG for fighter planes

    Except it is happening. How the heck am I meant to provide evidence for this? All I've been doing is marking this down against the number of games I play and for me, this number is pretty accurate. I can't just keep taking screenshots and pasting it on Photoshop mid game, because I have other duties such as bombing etc. And this is counting only fighters where it's full US squads against each other or where one has only lost 1 plane before the dog fight. Also, is [edited]or the three letter A word for butt is censored? (which I don't understand how that is offensive as it's another word for donkey), then how is bugger not censored?
  8. Antique_Nova

    Fix the RNG for fighter planes

    Why on earth do I need a jpeg to prove what I'm saying? Because if it never happened, I would never have bothered to even create this thread in the first place. People only post things on this thread about how bad something is, when it has happened to them too many times for them to remain "cool" about it. Not for Lols, unless to antagonize people and not contribute to the forum constructively, because they find it fun
  9. Antique_Nova

    Fix the RNG for fighter planes

    Look at this comment. Looks to me like someone didn't bother to read the rest of the paragraph. So I'll pick it out and bold it for you:
  10. Hopefully that will change in the future, because banning something based on working together via communication is OP, when the whole point of division is to work together better, is really the most lame excuse I've ever heard for banning a feature on any video game. But in tier 4 games. Langley rules the skies and the best tier 4 CV combo is 2 Langleys. The best balanced tier 5 combo would be a Bogue with mainly fighters and a Zuiho strike loadout. After that, you might as well just us the same Jap CVs and use your fighters to bait and strafe. But as Ishiro32 said. There really is no point playing the US CV line, as the Japs literally outclass in every other tier apart from tier 4. The gap is bigger than a black hole, except the WoW developers refuse to acknowledge this and fix it. As it is the biggest imbalance in the game and whenever anyone mentions this when other players are arguing about how other things are unfair, glitchy or unbalanced. They usually all laugh and thank the sea gods that they don't have the same problems as the CV nation difference.
  11. I'm going to have to disagree with you . Because most great US CV players know and abuse the fact that a large portion of the US CV's damage comes over time from the floods and the fires. The bogue can't do that with a 1/1/0. Sure it has better fights, but A 2/0/1 will outclass a 1/1/0 if you face it Because they can easily nullify your 2 squad loadout and cause more damage, simply because they have more fighters and better map coverage. Plus DBs are always faster than torp bombers and can fend off damage better.
  12. Thanks for moving it, I didn't know we had that section of the forum XD.
  13. Antique_Nova

    Fix the RNG for fighter planes

    Because it is horrific. I am constantly losing aerial fights that I should not be losing or getting results that simply doesn't make sense. For example, in 6 on 6 fights. 90% of the time, I lose 5 planes in 10 seconds (normally quicker) and the enemy only suffers 1 casualty or NONE! The game applies when I only just 4 fighters against their 6 and they are using the exact same planes! This is only counting battles where there is no AA from any ship nearby and no pre strafing. More than half the time, the Jap planes of the same tier kick the [edited]of my US planes. And my strafe damage does bugger all against fighter planes who are only one tier higher, even though they are in my strafe for 3 seconds. Also, how does a tier 5 jap fighter plane kick the asses of my tier 4 us planes 99% of the time without losing a single plane or maybe just one if I'm lucky with no ship AA involved so fast? It's beyond ridiculous, even for an arcade or RTS game. Which is why 90% of the time, I never engage fighter squads with my own unless I outnumber them 2:1 or I simply bait and strafe or lure then to my own fleet's AA. And no, I never fight over an enemy ship's AA, except for that 1% where I make a mistake or am fighting right next to an enemy CV and need to engage the enemy fighter to give my bombers the space they need to sink that ship.
  14. Antique_Nova

    Do carriers ruin games ?

    The whole point of having torpedo bombers is to make sure you CAN'T dodge them, because a skilled CV player should be able to fool you into turning the wrong way for them to make the best torp run possible. If you are going too fast, they'll torp further in front of you, if you are going slow then they will torp closer to where you are. That's how you catch Destroyers with torps, which is infinity more difficult that torping Battleships.
  15. True, but the US fighter planes can force you to change course with your bombers and take out your fighters easily and negate you from making a second run after the first double run. It's not that difficult to do. Speed doesn't mean much, if you can't control the amount of space you can work with. Also, it's far easier to get fires than it is floods and in many cases. It's far easier to hit with dive bombers than torpedo planes if the ship turns at full or nearly full speed. So you can do way more damage over time, as the Japs tend to be a one punch sucker with wider spreads.