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  1. Niems

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    The bundles should be randomly generated (Title — ”Random budle”, correct? There’s just a feeling that the doubloon one generates ships as first crate like magic.
  2. Niems


    Oh, my bad. Should have read that properly!
  3. Niems


    I heard from somewhere that it's 7500 credits per token. Don't have a reference for this though, but as far as I'm concerned that's the latest info
  4. Niems

    WoWs Suomi (Finland) Discord server

    Bump on this, we have reached 150 members!
  5. Niems

    Puerto Rico - Vote

    For some, the boosters were a scratching ticket with "no win". I got a refund myself that I just invested in Mega Santas = ended up with 4-6 ships instead, 2x 180 days premium and bunch of other things. For a working man like me, the directives were clearly unrealistic with me having an approx of 4 hours a day to play, but I was able to grind Gorizia for myself last night (though it was a 10 hour long stretch to complete the few last directives.) I also heard that people that were really able to play a lot were able to get the ship with min. amount of doubloons, yet heavy commitment. Conclusion: I don't think the event was bad, I just think the hidden extra ship fee behind the boosters was a bit shady. It would have been better, that with financial aid you could have been able to get the ship with buying the 3 boosters and perhaps clearing the first 3 directives. On the other hand, I just laugh at people complaining that it's a 200€ ship as an investment, it's not. However, I will still be supporting the game as usual, won't be going on this full-on "I'm quitting and never coming back because I got caught up in a capitalistic charade." Just hoping that the next event is laid out better for us, reveal what's hidden behind those freemium doors, before we invest in the ones to begin with.
  6. Niems

    World of Warships Privateers Program

    This is a nice parallel to the CC program, hopefully similar applications open up sooner or later for this that there were for CC!
  7. Niems

    Exchange steel to get Georgia/JB?

    If you need to spend a tiny bit of steel, go for it to save up time. However as said above steel is harder to get, so rather save it for those cool steel ships!
  8. Niems

    Let's be honest here.........

    Every time, goddamn every time!
  9. Niems

    WoWs Suomi (Finland) Discord server

    The unofficial Finnish discord for WoWs has reached over 100 members. Additionally a website has been launched to help with redirect! https://wows.fi Kiitos
  10. Niems


    High tier games get more complicated when they are filled with p2w ships
  11. (Post in English due to forum rules but intended for Finnish players) Due to the lack of finding a fully Finnish community related to World of Warships and finding some people to play with, I decided to give a shot at building a community for the FIN WoWs players. The discord server has gained a lot of users so far, hence we have reached over 150 members and the community is still growing! To be clear, the project is fully non-profit and unofficial in relation with Wargaming. Also to be clear, this is not a clan, or anything you need to dedicate in to! It's a hub with a lot of potential. Feel free to join in and help us build the community bigger. [But remember, it's restricted to FIN players only] -> Tervetuloa https://wows.fi