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  1. Niems

    WoWs Suomi (Finland) Discord server

    The community has so far reached approx. 50 members in just a few months! Big thanks to everyone who have joined.
  2. Niems

    PSA: Recap of Weekend Server Issues

    Knowing from hosting servers in the past, physically accessing them is a true pain especially when there’s multiple locations. Thanks for letting us know the truth. I can live with the fact that some xp might have been lost, all good! (However, one big santa container could have been a better compensation rather than those belle crates, which I really do nothing with.)
  3. Nice designs, hopefully I see the one I voted ingame! Really nice job from designers.
  4. For me it seemed to be a visual bug back when I had similar problems. My GPU didn’t really like the 3 screens with different resolutions eg (I guess) and the stress from that messed with game graphics and was unable to fetch then from the folder, causing the game to not load me in. Because of this false load, restart didn’t help either. Had to go through the penalty and now I have lowered my graphics. Haven’t had issues since!
  5. Niems

    Normal battle ban

    Trying to understand the meaning of your comment here, should there be one 😂? Tbh, this whole post just seems like a failed attempt to advertise, gamekit is quite the scam anyway.
  6. 100 small santa containers and well... Got Perth 😂
  7. Niems

    Discord vs Teamspeak.

    I have to say, I had similar feelings left and right about resources, popups and everything when I moved to use discord about three years ago, building one of the communities I worked in. It was funny how people didn’t want to join the server ”ooh, a malicious gg link I see, eg. all this stuff”: but the people we got in really started to like the functions and we didn’t need to build a forum I have nothing against ts, I hang in there if someone invites me, but I just have to go with discord. If my computer can’t handle the load from discord, I’ll just upgrade my PC or something (However understanding why the resource issue is real for low-budget gamers.) IRC, mumble, ts, discord, skype, all just different with there nice little features for chatting, but for a community it’s discord or ts + forums pretty much (for a player perpective that’s fine, but that’s a true money saver.) edit: + discord for mobile devices was developed for even lower ios (dont know about android) versions where ts was only for limited new ones.
  8. Niems

    Help topic. Not sure where to put? Bit drunk :)

    Not entirely sure if the Newcomers section would have been the best place to find someone to help with this problem https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/631-newcomer-questions/ (Not however directly the best place looking that you are not a newcomer!) There could be various of reasons your warships keeps minimizing, I'll try to point out a few, maybe these help. 1. If WoWS is too rough on your GPU/CPU, your PC will try to force windows 7 color aero scheme, minimizing the game in order to save the burning parts of your PC. 2. Windows update keeps bothering you, or some other app that forces itself to be the top window of your screen, since your games & browsers are layered (fullscreen is on layer 1 but an app might be authorized to prio itself to layer one minimzing the game even though it's background or somewhere in the side) 3. If you have multiple screens, your screen or GPU might interact with something else happening on another screen which forces the game to minimize (eg. If I try to watch a movie on my 2nd or 3rd screen, it sometimes messes up with my game as it's fullscreen 2k) Best way to solve is to try to figure out which is causing this problem. If your computer lacks juice, I would recommend monitoring your hardware while playing. I always have RAM cleaner and HWMonitor on while playing to see temps and other stats. If it has something to do with secondary screens, I would recommend doing windowed mode if you want to multitask while gaming. Other than that, I can't really help. Hopefully this helps!
  9. Niems

    maybe in the future a german aircraft carrier line??

    WG HQ: Subs are unsuitable.... BUT then we get Premium subs 🤔
  10. Niems

    WoWs Suomi (Finland) Discord server

    Seems like I'm the only one :P Edit: Actually, proud to inform that in such a short time we have already gained nearly 20 members in the channel, wow and thanks!
  11. Niems

    maybe in the future a german aircraft carrier line??

    It would be nice to see more variations of CVs for sure! Oh, those bombers will most likely be paper cruisers’ nightmares. Great post, hopefully it gets noted.
  12. (Post in English due to forum rules but intended for Finnish players) Due to lack of finding a fully Finnish discord related to World of Warships and finding some people to play with, I decided to give a shot at building one! It's still a bare server and it's not really that fancy since I don't even know if there's other Finnish players that feel like I do. To be clear, this is not a clan or anything you need to dedicate in to! It's a hub with potential I guess. Feel free to join in and start building it with me! [But to be clear, this discord will be restricted to FIN players] -> Tervetuloa https://discord.gg/knRnHH8
  13. Niems

    Collector's Club Launch

    What a nice update but still a long way to go :/!
  14. Niems

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery! Big thanks to all of the donators :o great prizes.