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    War & Peace. Political Science. Military & nautical history. Chess. 4x RTS mp MMOs. Equality.

    Military History & Strategy: Civ, Paradox (EU4, HOI, etc.), Total War, STO

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  1. SamuraiShakaViking


    Trying a constructive suggestion. ( Borrowing from NoZoups recommendations. Split lines in relevant tech trees, to make battlecruisers a grindable branch line. There's no shortage of historical actual real ships for wows time frame. (why need NTC research bureau wot (waste of time) and presume subs will be new line too. Bizarre to regress (backwards) with NTC , when they should grow expand and modernise the game horizontal ly. And improve quality of life, eg UI issues etc Be cool to try bring back some pertinent historical relevance too. (Ref to drachinifel) If they gonna shake up the entire game further, even as cv rework becomes "years of the cv" re- rework of a reworked rework, might as well shake rattle n roll it up further good n proper... That's all folks.
  2. SamuraiShakaViking

    Friemds List & channels

    I guess its a bug in the ui but my chat and friend list just do not work any longer. it used to in previous client patches... Thus I do k now HOW to use it and HOW its SUPPOSED to work. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Port#Chat_Interface doesn't solve the issue Perhaps its just my client and nobody else has this ui issue. I think that ones friendlist should be accessible on the website, maybe under account management or a friends tab It would help to coordinate divisions, and play time for clan battles etc. when you are not in the client (eg at work) This QOL improvement ie access on the site portal, or even on the forum, not just the client, would help involve more team play and div play ..( since discord etc does not have my entire friendlist)
  3. SamuraiShakaViking

    World of Warships Privateers Program

    I would easily move to Cyprus and volunteer to work for free!
  4. SamuraiShakaViking

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    great idea, with potential, just needs QOL improvements, and an in game update/news widget and a less 'grindy' feel to it, especially for more competitive gamers, without at least some indicator of how the sides are actually performing.. but great to get those tier ships out again, on the anniversary of the actual event arc. Thiese kind of in-game arcs, parallel to the other evnents and challenges, is a fun way to retain new playees, and attract new players too. The increasing importance of real world naval history, and kind of 'simulating' those actual battles is a huge attractor for many naval history oriented players. WoWs and WG consistent focus on incorporating a lot of real world warship history keeps many working professionals , (who afford to buy those hugely over priced bundles :-O) with disposable leisure actual gaming time , and limited; who allocate an hour or two when they can to be immersed in this intriguing product. Beside the historians, there are ofc also the collectors, naval maritime oriented who play for medals and rare ships, and quite easily pay to, which hopefully WG would reward in WoWs now and then, (as they do in Wot and WoWp) so they can fill the gaps of the rare unavailable ships, which they missed getting, but have a port slot berth ready in their port to mak it complete. B4 the internet they would labouriously build model ships, and go to board gaming... now they have WoWs... but every now and then they should get the chance to get that 'missing link' ship... But cudos for a different in game dynamic mode as such, great potential , can only get even better, hope it does.. so thanks WG & wd!
  5. SamuraiShakaViking

    Discount on tech tree ships

    oh yeah clan discount. I miss the reasonably regular % off to Tier VIII, then 30% etc. sales, for a line, or nation. Like top of the tree in WoT, its a good incentive. or the occasional premium shop offering the same discounts too.' Those regular sales would definitely attract and retain (desperately needed) new players to the dwindling playerbases. As would permitting Africa to play the game fairly; fastest growing youth pop, and tech infrastructure. Africa is full of ex-pats; eg. peacekeepers, ngo's, interns, volunteers, and ,any other typical gamer. , And Africa is right next to WG in Cyprus!?!?!. Egypt with its 80million plus pop., Nigeria with nearly 200 million (and a very developed tech/comms/ IT sector Id volunteer to WG to assist them get this vibrant gaming continent to fair access to the EU, to resolve the latency issue , or better yet new global servers, like any other global MMO.. Im alarmed how long you have to wait in queue, quite a lot more often often , since the cv "rework", especially at low and medium tiers... with grinding the USSR bb's and for the British cv's. It definitely shows not enough active game community growth, retention and expansion... the game is getting very obviously top heavy , hence the extra expensive high tier premiums. The discount on port slots is good, but should be available for credits; so counterproductive to limit a (especially new) players expansion , and make it pay to play to get slots and dismount modules too, which should also be possible with credits. New players need every incentive and QOL boosts and benefits. Im try to recruit some of my friends who left Wot then WoWs. But I have so little incentives to get them interested again. Especially with the (im)balanced CV "re-work" , World of Warplanes meta now. The vertical top heavy direction on the PC mode is obviously not a sustainable game nor business model. Healthy growth and expansion is only possible by consistently attracting and retaining more players snowballing on a more exponential basis. And there are two very easy and quick and simple and inexpensive ways of doing so...
  6. SamuraiShakaViking

    Discount on tech tree ships

    Hello, I cannot find the mention of the duration of the discount on all tech tree ships... nor on when the discount on port slots, and also starting a clan start and end,,,, I guess it is somewhere there on the news page, but I couldn't find it though. My searches here didn"t either. Is there an in game client that shows detail on special , eg the discount on starting a clan & its duration. In general the UI is very sketchy in english for some of us. Also there have always been buggy the friends list and groups and channels, was always very frustrating. but now since this update I cannot open friend list at all.... Im trying to 'recruit' my friends who left the game to return, trying to find incentives to persuade them, eg better UI and QOL improvements. Please advise where to check out for these discount incentives and their duration, Thanks
  7. SamuraiShakaViking

    Friemds List & channels

    The in game client does not open the friends list, or channels and groups, even favourites. Is there a solution? I accidentally pressed a key which opened the contact list, but do not know which key it was. I cannot contact any of my contacts or favourites, or follow channels or groups in game Is the contact list available on the website? or only in game client?