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  1. epsxe

    Cashing in your Camo, what did you get?

    I selled all of them, for aesthetical I prefer the ship in its full glory. I went from 11 million credits to near 48 million (47 million and a half). Not bad.
  2. epsxe

    If you were to have just one ship

    Hard to choose one of them...
  3. epsxe

    Viva España!?!

    About Spanish dub I have to said only one thing, I leave this here and gone
  4. Yep, I ended up to get the 18k points for Chikuma and Rainbow 610mm quintet torps. And with that I finished the event, all characters got with at least 1 copy of each and got the new armament. Time to resuply again my wisdom cubes (already 379) and oil.
  5. Hi guys, when the maint ends, which worth to get: Chikuma or Shimakaze torps? I didn´t manage to get enough points for buy both
  6. People ask me why I love Iowa, I answer they: reason, boy, big reasons
  7. Good afternoon. After the unfamous WR correction and having the most potatoes team as possible, I got tired and I decided not to play anymore. The game level of the players is terrible, no matter what tier I´m . I´ve been here for 4 years where I played casual, In my 3rd year I´ve got finally my first tier 10, then between last year and the current one got my 2nd and 3rd. I played all type of ships (including the submarines in the current public test) and I ended to concluded that battleships were my type ships for a comfort play because I´m not suit for cruisers and DDs are difficult because you have to do a lot of things and use all your brain for being alert to all and sadly I cannot do that because personal things. So, after the worst matches as possible I could have with the worst RNG I ended tired up and uninstalled the game finally. But I dont want my account just remain forgotten and without use for a long time in a box, would be possible to do a transfer data of all my premium ships to a very precious friend I have playing this game?
  8. epsxe

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Well, I think this is the first time I post here. English isnt my mother language so, firstly of all, sorry if there are sentences that arent understandable. Since WG do their magic for fixing the unfamous tier 8 MM (that one that all complain, I included, because many times you ended up in battles against T9 and T10 ships) the tier 6 and especially the tier 7 battles are less than enjoyable. Because in Tier 7 you have to face ships like Iowa, Jean Beart, Sov. Soyuz and Musashi. Not to mention to Alaskas and friends. With this situation, and if you have the bad luck (in many cases it will be) to have the potatoe team in your side, the battle is lost since the beggining and get blessed if RNG-sama at least let you to hit your shoots and you dont get all overpens or pens without damage. Is very frustrating this situation and constantly repeats in every battle I play. Yeah, you can check my numbers. Im just a less than normal player with a 50%WR and a poor PR. Dont know if the PR have something to do with the pairing with the MM, but in the beggining I certainly was a terrible player. I started to play with Japanese BBs because Yamato, and you can check that because the stats I have with them. I played up ocasionally but ended up to play as daily I can. I was stacked in a long time in a WR of 44% and ended up to got the 50% I have today. Sure, my numbers could be better, but I learn slow.
  9. epsxe

    Naval Underdogs - Sweden

    Also Spain was neutral too in both WW.
  10. epsxe

    New Year Bonuscode

    I got a Perth and 100 doubloons. Also when I got in my account I found that I had a P.E. Friederich that I didn´t had before.
  11. I want to participate. Good luck to all.
  12. epsxe

    German warships for sale!

    I will buy one wreck and then rebuild as space battleship for fight against aliens (?)
  13. Congrats. Hope next year I have more luck.
  14. epsxe

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Like everyone said: -España class Battleship -Churruca class Destroyer -Canarias class Heavy Cruiser -Littorio based class project fast battleship for a high tier.