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    This game isn't about ships anymore. Players in surface ships blob up and spend most of the battle looking at the sky, ignoring the actual pvp aspect that is surface ship vs surface ship. And they have to do it just to survive. Any ship venturing forward is nearly always permaspotted, meaning that consealment values are mostly meaningless. Therefore, no objective play. (Insert something about AA cruisers and teamplay, lul no, we are talking about random battles here.) I dont feel like spending my time looking at the ridiculously fast plane squadrons, fearing for my life, if not the constant drops, then the constant spotting and the following punishment by the enemy surface ships. Sure good battle results can still be had, and some ships are practically immune to cv's (sims is op). I just feel like I dont get good results because I did well anymore, but instead because enemy has to focus solely on not dying to [edited] and being effectively permanently spotted. To summarise, I dont like the rework in it's current state. Airspotting is just as effective as before, but now with the extra stuff the state of the game is way too passive and punishing, especially to ships counting on their consealment. I'll give it a few weeks to see if the cv population dies down a bit, and then consider if touching random battles is worth it anymore.