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  1. For_Troy

    Progress today

    careful with a chat ban ive noticed that your MM and games seem to take a hit, after the ban has gone your back to normal...strange that isnt it!
  2. For_Troy

    The best thing WG ever made

    Q: The best thing WG ever made? A: The ability to uninstall the game?
  3. For_Troy

    Dead Eye

    just a complete waste of a commanders update, think WG are smoking to much of there own product!! Dead 'loss' eye is the most stupid skill designed in the game, what where you even thinking....ohh sry you weren't Remove or lose players or even if you must have it in then make the skill only work against other BB players?
  4. Said from playing a few games at the start it was a poor system and achieved nothing except allowed poor players to claim an achievement that is worthless now! roll on 1v1 again!
  5. you haven't seen all the 35% and lower players that have ranked out yet then, pop over to co op and see them all in there claiming to be ace
  6. For_Troy

    So, How things are going in the bronze sprint?

    Waste of time when you have sub 45% winrate players getting to top tier, says a lot about (not) ranked complete Joke!
  7. For_Troy


    anyone claiming team ranked is skill based is a clown! The only time is skilled based is when its one VS one ...simple No one else to blame if you lose or win! that's ranked pure and simple not this turd system we have now!!!!
  8. For_Troy

    free 35xp to 1 gold next availability

    lol, its not for that ship...I have 28 free million xp that requires converting
  9. As the title says does anyone know when the next 35xp to 1 gold offer is due? Thx in advance Hector
  10. For_Troy

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    Oh WG pls dont ever change pls I'll wait for the Soviet Cvs with there Klingon Cloaking device & MIG15 fighter jets starting at tier 4
  11. For_Troy

    Indomitable: Worth it?

    according to wows-numbers.com its the best tier 8 cv
  12. Like you i too have asked for a refund, I would say if you ticket was raised prior to the time listed you will be fine
  13. For_Troy

    Test technique public

    Tu peut aussi attendre le test public si celui ci te convient pas^^lol!
  14. Yo, Faudrais m'expliquer comment cette compétence, qui sert mais à rien du tout à part tuer les games des DD, puisse marchée en début de game alors que je suis à plus de 20km du navire le plus proche(et encore vu la map je pense plus)!!! la y'a vraiment un soucis quand même si c'était dans un certain périmètre ok mais la c'est trop faut pas abusé!