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  1. Finxo_O

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    Mögador is a fine boat. Friesland is pretty much just a mediocre fun boat. Sadly I didn't get to play my Mogador much.
  2. Finxo_O

    Friesland: before you spend your FXP

    No, not really. I dropped CE and got AFT instead. As you said: 14.8 km range is around 14 seconds of shell travel time whats similar to Kitakaze. Tried two games with CE and didn't really fail whilst (trying) to hunt DDs but lost way too much HP for it. AFT also allows you to open water gunboat easily! The spam
  3. Finxo_O

    This CB season in a nutshell

    The optimal composition is probably - 1 BB (Vladivostock or Lenin) - 1 Edinburgh (The hardest role needs to be played well else its a 5 vs 6) - 1 Cossack (For spotting) - 3 Akizuki's (Something is burning...) You could also switch 1 Duck for 1 Kiev to stay on one flank annoying the enemy... Else there's not really a way to counter this composition. If you manage to kill their Cossack or an Akizuki and not trade a ship it's pretty much over.
  4. Finxo_O

    This CB season in a nutshell

    She's pretty much the first choice in the Akizuki compositions! Her 10 km radar combined with stealth and her super heal is just very good.
  5. Finxo_O

    This CB season in a nutshell

    T8 CB... looked like a nice change after 5 seasons of T10 CB and sadly I was wrong. The DPM / Survivalbilty of the Akizuki / Kiev (especially her speed) is so much better than most T8 cruisers anyway. Also nice that WG introduced 2 BBs that can be either killed by ramming, torps or 10 minutes of HE spam! Will be interesting to see what happens to KotS now that they banned CVs for KotS 9 I doubt it... she just takes so much dmg and struggles to hit a DD above 10 km.
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