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  1. bondone

    Armada: Florida

    some of the other BBs can take a few hits this BB is a little EZ to bust in a close range shoot out , maybe to EZ . yep hide behind rocks or stay far away .
  2. bondone

    Weekly Combat Missions: India Independence Day

    from 1901 to 1940 did they have a navy ? pt boats maybe ?
  3. bondone

    Azur Lane: Third Wave

    great deal , down loaded azur lane link and now the ARMORY when clicked on just goes black screen as well as locked up also ! must reboot game if armory is tried to open a few more times . this need fixed ! nice job WOWS
  4. bondone

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    thanks I will try it
  5. bondone

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    it all started with the last update , crashing almost all the time now , black screen if mouse dose not move every 4 min ! not a pc wiz so running in safe is some thing I don't understand .
  6. bondone

    0.9.5 - General Feedback

    me to !
  7. Well some amount of RTS should come into play ,when the game had RTS CVs the game was better . Now the planes have poor control and its hard to run a ship and do bomb runs at the same time . The new subs are just silly at best . However ships that are German should only face off with British or USA ,and so on .I was doing WOW plains some time ago and they did have Allied vs Axes games with WW2 planes vs WW2 planes then the changed to 100 % arcade jets vs prop jobs same jets vs same and I quit the game . I had a lot of real time airplane games ,every one had a jump to a combat zone key on the key board so the game did not take hours , only the super sonic jets doing base local dog fights did not need the jump to another location key . Also had a few sub games , most had long games as well as combat zone games . A short game took maybe 30 min. to 1 hour depending on what type sub and mission . Sub controls and weapons at least was historic correct for the sub type . Well to sum up quality" a realistic game mode as a option would be nice for them who would like a slower more realistic game " , planes with full control and ships with Ai helm when gunning so you don't hit rocks and your team ships . but you can still play arcade mode if like short time games . .
  8. maybe quality gaming could be better than high speed big scores . game is looking more like arcade play with CV s and poorly controlled planes and the new silly subs , how soon will land based jets with nukes be on tap .maybe quality should be a option . every time I shoot at a BISMARK with my BISMARK I feel bad .
  9. bondone

    Dry Dock: Admiral Graf Spee

    The two sister ships with a few improvements would have been better . smoke screen like they really did have and faster turns would have been a good start .
  10. bondone

    Naval Legends: Battleship Bismarck

    his brother was my science teacher in jr high school also a great guy . I also worked with a WW2 vet who had 20/10 eye sight . He was a gunner on a B 17 .
  11. bondone

    Submarines: How to Play

    what next ? land based anti sub planes maybe . pt and e boats I hope . how about a hole new game . WORLD OF SAIL SHIPS !
  12. bondone

    1:42 Scale: Yamato – Trailer

    right! I built a few model tanks in 1/42 and their 3 inch guns look about the same size as the ships 18 inch guns ,so for sure the ship is not 1/42 . looks like a nice model but far smaller than 1/42 scale . I wonder what scale it really is ?
  13. bondone

    Server down??

    yep ! me to !
  14. bondone

    Server down??

    same for me , my ships are now rusting in port and filling up with water ,slowly sinking .