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  1. PeckyBoi

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    same im back in
  2. PeckyBoi

    Portal Maintenance 17/01

    its not just me then.. everyone is down!
  3. PeckyBoi

    Warships Today signature wont update

    yeah it updated yesterday after 4 weeks lol
  4. PeckyBoi

    Warships Today signature wont update

    it finally updated lads.. thanks for all your suggestions though
  5. can anyone help, my Warship Today signature hasn't updated in ages i've now played 2,558 games but no update
  6. can anyone help.. my signature hasn't updated in over 100 games????
  7. PeckyBoi

    British Battleship line for 2017?

    They need to get the British battleships out sooner this year rather than later! i am becoming quite bored with the game as i have nearly every tier 10 in the game that i want and only destroys are being added at this time.. i would also be happy if before destroyers we get a heavy cruiser slit a tier 7, with the tier 10 being the planned super heavy cruiser HMS Churchill.. then destroyers (which i'm not fussed about)