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  1. The issue i meant in the post that people will be forced to play in a T10 battle with a t8 carrier for far longer now since there is no T9 middle ground CV with the Taiho and Essexs being removed. So now players will be forced to play mostly higher tier games that there planes are not suited to face for much longer then they currently have to. And speaking as someone who has grinded all the way to the hakuryu and Lexington i do not look forward to the idea that i will have to play the lexington for almost the double amount of games with most of them most likely being against t10 ships. So my question is if your going to be removing the odd tier CV's either temporarily or permenantly which ever it is will even tier CV's get better MM as we now have double the grind time in the same tier?
  2. the problem is this mini carrier game off on its own will not work as there current RTS Total War just announced it will be shutting down in the beginning of 2019 so i highly doubt that this idea will be viable for only a couple hundred people.
  3. Yeah i agree with everything everyone is saying THIS WILL KILL CV's not save it as they have hoped, as the massive EXP gap will cause way to many players to rage quit the eleongated grinds in the same boat for lets say t8 t10 which could easily be almost 300 -400 k EXP and im sorry i dont want to play a t8 CV for that long. Not to mention by doing this all the current CV players whos favorite ships are being removed are probably gonna give up on CV's completely. Then theres the fact they are going to be Shooting themselves in the foot by now limiting CV's to one of 4 tiers, which means all the possible ships they could have added in as premium or tech tree. (wasp, yorktown, kaga, unryuu, ETC) are now no longer an option which also damages the british CV's addition to the game as your only limited to 4 British CV's instead of the large number they actually had, even if they were just one ship of each class ever built. Having famous CV's like the Taiho, and hiryuu in this game which are my favorite CV's be Removed and being stuck with a paper ship as the final prize is honestly a buzz kill to the line which a lot of players feel as some of the most popular tiers were tiers 7 and 9. So does this mean that We will never see these ships we put so much time into unlocking and enjoy playing return or will they return as premiums we have to spend money on to acquire them again. In my personal opinion neither of these options is any good and none of these ships should be removed to begin with.
  4. Our exp gets refunded if we give up all the cvs of a line but say we give up a lower tier only we lose the higher tier CV's regardless and instead of getting the higher tiers as Free exp they get defaulted to the lowest tier cv so basilcy there saying either give up the entire line for free exp, or give up all your cvs for a ton of regular exp on the bottem tier CV you need to pay to make free exp, or you keep all your CV's at least thats my understanding of it.
  5. A new problem just popped in my mind to go with my original statement is that now every CV will have to spend almost 50-75% of there grinding time punching well above there tier constantly, imagine playing a lexington or shoukaku having to fight t10 surface ships most of the time. Now take that and repeat the process for t6 and t4 and tell me you wont be spending most of your grinding time getting angry at the game for putting you bottom tier and not being able to do a lot and being stuck in that position till you earn almost double the current amount of EXP you need to advance to the next ship. this will be especially brutal for the Shoukakuand Lexington with AA monsters like the Mino, Wooshter, and des moin around so to be honest this is a horrible idea even for the ships there leaving in.
  6. This lines killing it even more for me So there saying if we decide to sell the low tiers we lose our hgh tiers regardless not a good idea. At the same time, the exchange of the researched aircraft carriers will only be allowed in reverse order (from the upper tiers to the lower tiers). For example, if you decide to sell the Ranger, you will not be able to keep the higher tier aircraft carrier (tier X Midway). XP from the ship will transfer to the ship on the first tier of this nation. When you exchange or sell permanent Camos you will be reimbursed in the full value of doubloons.
  7. i have no idea this is just absolutely stupid not questionable its a completly bad decision which i hope they cancel as ive check the other regions forms on this topic and there all the same completly negative so hopefully they get the message.
  8. i agree completely with you in most regards except the variety for the 3 factions that historically ran CV's there is enough Ships for 4 CV lines 1 USA, 2 IJN, 1 RN so if anything there crippling a huge part of content for players and limitign the ammount of new ships they can release in the future and they announce such a horrible decision after announcing the closure of one of there games not a great idea.
  9. my understanding of it from what ive read is there gone if there reimbursing us everything from them in terms of EXP and credits if we own the ships currently so id say buy buy Taiho, essex and so on.
  10. I speak as one who has grinded through both tech trees and someone who has defended the rework but this i can not unfortuantly let slide. I dont agree with the removal of every odd numbered CV especially as some of my favorite CV's are the odd numbered ones like Hiryuu, and taiho if anything i feel this is going to ruin the CV's as it will not feel like your actually progressing in the tech trees. If you increase the amount of time your forced to grind one boat then you will get bored with it and stop wanting to play it. i am also not pleased with the fact that you guys are removing ships the Wargamming team has put a lot of time and effort into creating including the two t8 premiums Enterprise and Graf Zepllin. If anythign you guys have just super limited CV's which will in my honest opinion Shrink the amount of CV players even further not increase it as you planned. So im sorry but in my honest opinion Removing Content from a line is a horrible horrible idea Please reconsider the decision to remove ships from the game or in my opinion you will lose the complete faith of your community.
  11. Striker2523

    [] Compass Rose Anime Skins (USA Ships)

    With the Release of the AL Essexs will you be using her instead of the Intrepid?
  12. Striker2523

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    all the actual skins that are shown in the images like the sopmod Des moin, the mash massachusets, where did you find these skins really want the Sop mod one
  13. does this mod include being able to change captain images and names for non unique captains?
  14. Striker2523

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    do all the ships with an Azure lane equivalant have skins? mainly interested in the north Carolina image being washington, really want a wash skin