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  1. Cynd3r

    Farewell, Captains!

    Hey guys, Just wanted to make an announcement that today was my last day with Wargaming! Most of my activities have been more behind-the-scenes than on the forums (or took place in PMs), but I wanted to wish you all a very fond farewell! I really enjoyed my time here, salt and all, but my time has come to set sail for other seas. Ph3lan, MrConway, and Kandly are an amazing bunch and will continue to strive to Make the Forums Great Again ™. Thank you all for everything, and I wish you the best. Cynd3r OUT
  2. Cynd3r

    Clans Feedback

    Hello Commanders, Please post all feedback regarding clans in the current update here!
  3. Captains, We have noticed a lot of questions during the Public Test of Update 0.6.0 - and since a lot of them have a common denominator, here are some answers that will hopefully provide some clarity. So, you've decided to leave the Radio Positioning Finding skill as-is? Yes. We studied your concerns and Public Test data carefully and came to this conclusion. But this skill actually kills any kind of stealth gameplay, like IJN DD! According to Public Test data, it changes it rather than kills it, and not that dramatically. There are several reasons for this: It is an expensive skill to have, and very situational. There are a lot of desirable skills, and if you choose RPF you still lose out on other useful skills. The information it provides is not exact as it indicates a general area, which can also be deduced by an educated guess from a seasoned player. If you have better concealment, you still have initiative and ability to evade. The warning this skill gives to its target is kind of equalizer. The enemy will have your approximate sector, and you, in return, will know that the enemy is going to target you. I believe this skill is an unnecessary buff to the BB class. While BB captains can take this skill, they will have a big penalty for not completing their full Aux, AA or Survivability build. Cost matters! Okay, maybe it is not a game breaker, but why introduce it in the first place? To improve the role of DD hunters that is crucial to all cruisers and some destroyers. We expect this to be an efficient option for these ships, but definitely not a must. Even if it is not overpowered in Random Battles, what about Ranked? We don't expect it to be OP in Ranked either. Ranked Battles tend to have more close quarter combat, where spotting is more frequent anyways. And as for competitive play? As for competitive play, we will be happy to see different builds for different roles. Yes, "Recon" ships with RPF and full team coordination may be a strong asset, but there's nothing wrong in increasing team coordination value in competitive play. What about BB builds? Now it is much harder to achieve the universal BB build I used to have. That is correct. We wanted to make the BB builds more specific with the Aux guns, AA and Survival as the main directions they can go with the skills. General purpose builds are still viable, but we expect them to be less efficient. We would like to see more diversity in BB gameplay with these changes. Is it possible to make a mod that will change the indicator to point directly to the ship? When designing this skill, we identified such a possibility. To the game client, instead of the direction of a ship, a sector is transmitted. Somewhere inside of this sector is the ship closest to you. So, such a mod is technically impossible. Now I'll have to think long and hard about picking the skills because I can't reset them. From the release of 0.6.0 and until 30.01.2017, there's a special offer - you can reset each skill point for 1 doubloon (resetting the skills of a 19 point commander will cost you 19 doubloons.) Besides, battle missions for five nations will be available in the client. The reward for completing the mission will be 20 doubloons, which you can spend on resetting the skills within the offer. We hope this helps to clear up at least some of the questions - please feel free to share your feedback on Update 0.6.0 HERE and on the Remote Position Finding directly HERE Action Stations!
  4. Cynd3r

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Hello all, Please post all feedback regarding the Remote Position Finding skill here. For more information on this skill and the decisions behind it, please see the F.A.Q here.
  5. Cynd3r

    Questions of the Community

    I feel the need to point out that I don't choose what gets answered - I supply your questions to producers and devs, who respond with the answers. Feel free to post them again here, and I'll again forward them to the devs.
  6. Cynd3r

    Questions of the Community

    • "Could you please add an option to show or not show clan tags, ARP ship names (even if you don't have the Yokosuka port selected) in game?" Re. ARP ship names, Yokosuka port was removed as the ARP collaboration ended. You now can select whether you want to see the non-historical content in game or not in your settings and carousel filters. Re. Clan tags, they are shown, though they are at the end of the name – feedback to move them to the front was already passed along. • What i want to suggets or maybe know is, since almost every Carrier got a Spotterplane to spot enemy Ships or Planes in Range. I would ask you, if its possible to add a selectable Consumable for Carriers "Spotter Plane" beside of the AA Consumable, i dont mean this as an Extra Squad, just a Plane that can be launched and will fly round your Carrier maybe 5 or 6km Radius and spot incoming DDs or such and lands after a few Minutes. So you can choose between AA Consumable or Spotter Plane, im not sure if this is even Possible to do - but Logical it could be right. Usually that Plane should do the same, then most of the Carrier Guys already did - keep a Squad close to the Carrier and try find the incoming Threat since the ! "Spotted" Symbol lights up. Carriers currently have to pay a bit more attention to their surrounding as a price for their long reach. However the carrier gameplay might change in the future. • Why is the "Defensive AA" consumable limited to T8+ carriers? Carrier sniping still is a serious issue in the game up until T7. Why get rid of this problem just in high tiers? Given the speed of planes and game dynamics, it tended to be the biggest issue at highest tiers, at the same time the players at that level should already know both how to use it and how to avoid it. If anything, adding it to lower tiers would make sniping even bigger problem, as the expert player who knows how to use it would be even harder to touch for newer players trying to progress. It is similar addition as, say, Hydroacoustic search for the top tier German battleships (even though all could make use of it ;)) - • "I just want to ask, if its possible that we get an Option for Different Ports and even the old Music back. I postet that a bit earlier... but i rly loved the NewYork Port in the Night with its old Music...so do we ever get a Chance to get it back? https://www.youtube....h?v=4gPLZfZenuY" We try to rotate ports and improve them. We would like to have a variety – on the other hand every port increases the client size so we have to keep their amount under control. While the night New York looked nice, it also was rather dark and made it often hard to see details of ships/flags/camos. • Are you considering to introduce a medal / achievement like "valiant effort" like in WoT to reward players who played well despite their team losing the battle (e.g. topXP player)? This needs verification, but: in woWs economy win/loss has less impact on credit / XP economy than in WoT and personal performance is thus already rewarded better. • Is there a chance to introduce the San Shiki shelltype for high Tier (VIII+) Japanese ships, maybe as exclusive consumable? The incendiary shrapnel rounds were not really effective for anything apart from bombardment of shore targets, but never say never – our team is always looking into various ways how to make individual ships / trees more interesting. • In a Q&A session during the summer you said that you think BBs survive too long. Now that you've nerfed the IJN DDs and the current CV issues you actually cut down both counters to DDs. How are you planing on changing this in the future? Long range torpedo spam was never really a counter to Battleships, from the statistics the shorter range setups usually have higher success rate (if only because there is less chance of spotting the torpedoes half a map away). We also hope changes to the gameplay / skills will motivate battleship players to play more aggressively. • Is it possible to introduce the Aiming Systems Modification 0 for the Mikasa to help with ist accuracy? We are keeping an eye on all ships, however the Aiming Mod. 0 was primarily introduced to compensate the 140mm-armed Premium ships for the loss of range bonus connected with the Advanced Firing Training skill. We do not currently plane to add this upgrade to Mikasa. • Are there plans to enable players to assign hotkeys for the consumables or at least to assign each consumable a fixed hotkey for all ships? Not right now, though the UI is under constant development and this is a very frequent feedback. • Are you going to update the Yamato-model? In the current intro-video the Yamato has 25mm tripling turrets on the main battery turrets 2 & 3! If and when she needs upgrading and we have time, we might do so – several ships already got functional AA positions on their turrets. No promises / timelines though ;) • What is the bow and stern armour value for Baltimore and Des Moines? The wiki says 25mm but in-game it's 27mm - where is the mistake? Game files have always the precedence – please note that it often takes time for such minor adjustments to filter to the Wiki, as it is maintained in a large part by volunteers and there usually are more important things to update first  • Is there a chance WG would allow a Premium shop replacement - you buy on ship and don't like it - you change it to another of the same or higher value Currently we do not offer this service and we do not plan it. General policy is descrivbed here, for specific cases (refunds / chargebacks) contaxcting the Support team is the best. • Why are the December weekend specials so weak (in terms of multipliers, presentation, delay with announcement etc.) December specials were pre-announced in the Forum calendar at the beginning of the month, their announcements then followed standard procedure (ie announcement on the day the special starts etc.). They were structured to provide discounts on the days most players do not really have that much time to play and to provide gameplay-related bonuses on days when more players can utilize them. • Why the discounts on T8-10 don't include DE DDs? On the other servers, they do. By the time the German DDs were here, only a select few players would be able to use the discount (as it was on high tier ships) – we prefer to include German destroyers when the discounts will actually help the player’s progress through the tiers. • Why can't we just replace one cammo with another? Why do we have to pay for that? Is it going to stay like that? This is going to stay as it is, after all while you can just hoist the flags down, you cannot really scrape off paint and re-use it. However note that if you have a permanent camo, you keep it even if you replace it by a different pattern for some time (or even if you just sail without any camo on). • Could it be possible to change the order of consumables without the need to change the shortcuts? (just like in WoT when players are choosing consumables) and see the locked target also on the minimap? Not in the present form, though we are working on a more user-friendly UI. • Don't you plan to have more places for Campaigns where we could pin the goals to reach and unpin them once we complete it? This is not currently planed. The point of the campaigns is that player has to choose which tasks he wants to focus on and pick the tasks, not do all of them at once.
  7. Curious as to what 2017 has in store for World of Warships? Read below to check out some of the main points, or view the video below to find out more! What's coming in 2017 for World of Warships? More ship branches for the British Tech Tree Two new branches of French ships Soviet Destroyer changes (Two Destroyer sub-branches: Destroyer leaders and Artillery Destroyers) Legendary Commanders Earnable ship upgrades Commander Skill Tree changes PvE (cooperative) missions Clan battles Sound improvements (dynamic music and the ability to modify the sound files of shots, torpedoes etc...) Graphical improvements And much, much more!
  8. Cynd3r

    Sea Wolves: Forward!

    Captains, Last December brought us a brand new ship branch and, as we've done a few times already, we are giving you a chance to profit from its introduction and win Scharnhorst, Admiral Graf Spee or a selection of other great prizes! All you need to do is to sign up on the dedicated page, and play at least 10 battles during the timeframe of the contest and show us how much base XP you can amass with the new German Destroyers in a single battle! Keep in mind that Premium Account, signal flags, mission bonuses or any other XP modifiers are not taken into account – in short, everyone has an equal chance of winning! You don’t own any of the high-tier destroyers yet? Don’t worry – there are prizes for each ship category, and you also have two weeks to get to the higher tiers! What do I have to do? Sign Up! Where? In Random (PvP) battles. Cooperative and Ranked battles are out! When? Signups: You can sign up starting from the publication of this article all the way to the end of the contest Contest: the competition lasts from 11 January 00:00 CET (UTC+1) until 25 January 23:59 CET (UTC+1) What can I win? 7x Scharnhorst, 25x Restless Fire Camouflage and a Restless Fire flag + 1 Port Slot 7x Admiral Graf Spee, 25x Restless Fire Camouflage and a Restless Fire flag + 1 Port Slot 7x Kamikaze, 25x Restless Fire Camouflage and a Restless Fire flag + 1 Port Slot 14 Bundles containing 25x Restless Fire Camouflage, a Restless Fire flag and 1 Port Slot each 125 Packages containing 25x Restless Fire Camouflage and a Restless Fire flag each You can find the exact prize split in the Rules. Rules and conditions: Results: Captains! The results of Sea Wolves: Forward! contest are here - you can find the winners list below. But first, some fun stats from the event! Just as a reminder, the prizes are in each category: 1st place: Scharnhorst, Port slot, 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag 2nd place: Admiral Graf Spee, Port slot, 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag 3rd place: Kamikaze, Port slot, 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag Places 4 – 5: Port slot, 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag Places 6 – 10: 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag Plus, for each ship separately: 10 Random winners: 25x Restless Fire camouflage, Restless Fire Flag And now the winners themselves: Category: Cadets (500< battles at the start of contest) Tier II: V-25 (1,597 - 1,084 XP) Tier III: G-101 (1,657 - 1,210 XP) Tier IV: V-170 (1,458 - 1,199 XP) Category: Commanders Tier II+III+IV: V-25+G-101+V-170 (1,983 - 1,732 XP) Tier V+VI: T-22+Ernst Gaede (3,003 - 2,355 XP) Tier VII+VIII: Leberecht Maas+Z-23 (3,630 - 2,681 XP) Tier IX+X: Z-46+Z-52 (3,288 - 2,765 XP) Category: Random Winners Tier II - V-25: ​piti172; OsaGoliath; Sergeant_Hulka; zsozsok; sikor79; gumo_destroyer; Caroline_Minden; Ikraos; Nobody686; Schlachteplatte Tier III - G-101: Serek6661; Michael_Biermann; Dimizzz; juuba; onkelant; desTeufelsAdmiral; 504_Luchs; Aalerich; Milgram; LaggyMonster Tier IV - V-170: imkiller69; LudwigHuang; _Schlagring_; Slawomir79; Zarnir; Mr_Mauve; Billkap1; II3adDog; genil1965; reddemons Tier V - T-22: ​Agios_Kaisios; TheCinC; Daniel_Damian_0; Fray_10; Uhu1989; R4habim; Iniour; Ma3stro; pop_iggy; Hrafn1 Tier VI - Ernst Gaede: seviw; RumSBums; Generalloberst; Bookanier; Reginald_Bull; Terragion; AlmerionCZ; Rebirth2047; Ceremony_Of_Opposites; Tasape1977 Tier VII - Leberecht Maas: sirherby; General__Erwin_Rommel; Schelly_Der; Elzr; hawk_1_1; Warhunter74; Schtroebchen; Juhead89; PlasticnaRibica; Invictus732 Tier VIII - Z-23: NmJayJay; smirnoff5711; WaldemarKoslowski; Regolio; Barbarossa1973; Dr_Sato; XXI_Rapax; xXx_Blogis_xXx; VizeAdmiralLuetjens; _AllThatJazz_ Tier IX - Z-46: 8armiger; 101manta; Drake847; ToTmanuno; Boembchen; Tirpitz_25; Basti542; Predator01; Pabalapap; TR4PI4L Tier X - Z-52: SilentPolter; Zwerg_Wichi; Aruhmata; M_u_M_M_y; Kill_Free_ITA; Srle_Vigilante; Rene_Witter; Boni1983; BeaverCleaner; frazy Winners will receive their prizes shortly - see you in more contests and events to come! Action Stations!
  9. Captains, We would like to inform you that we have made a decision to withdraw the Kamikaze, Kamikaze R and Fujin ships from the Premium Shop, as well as direct in-game offers globally. The current run of sales of the Kamikaze is the last chance to obtain the ship's hull.Sales of the Kamikaze ship will be finished by 13 January 06:00 CET (UTC+1), just as announced in the portal publication https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/premshop/premshop-weekly-rare-ships/, and the R version as well as Fujin versions of them will not have their own final sales events.The listed ships will still appear as prizes in community contests, giveaways, and other special activities, but will not be sold directly. The three ships join the two already present on the list of premium vessels which are no longer sold (Nikolai and Gremyashchy). We are committed to keeping this list as short as possible, but believe that performing the necessary balancing modifications to these ship's statistics to adapt to their current environment would impact their performance significantly and would no longer provide the same game play for which they were originally bought by many of you.Action stations!
  10. Cynd3r

    Event Calendar for January

    Hey iJoby, If you're referring to the platform the calendar is on itself, for now we're only publishing the event calendars in the form you see it now, on the forums. If you're referring to the quality of the events, we're set on preparing some very nice events that should match the quality of the other servers
  11. Cynd3r


    Captains, Please post all bugs using the following template here: 1. Description Clear and substantial description containing all necessary details.Example: the cruiser Aoba: scout is inoperable. 2. Reproduction steps A sequence of the player's actions which triggered the bug.Example: 1. Select the cruiser Aoba 2. Enter the battle (Training or Random Battle). 3. Try to launch the scout. 3. Result In-game experience resulting from the bug.Example: When you press the scout activation button, you can hear the sound, but nothing actually happens. The aircraft stands still on the catapult. 4. Expected result In-game experience which should have occurred if no bug is present.Example: The scout has to be launched by the catapult. 5. Technical detailsExample: Bug time: about 19:30 (UTC).Replay (attempt at 01:00), python.log, DxDiag. If you encounter this error, please zip your ~\crashes\ folder, upload it to any online file storage and add the link to your report.
  12. Cynd3r

    Screen Space Reflections

    Hello, Please post all feedback regarding screen space reflections. Changes: Added a graphics setting "Screen Space Reflections". This setting is intended to improve quality of reflections: Decreases flickering of reflections when the camera is moving Increases reflection quality when in the close-up view and adds missing reflections in the background
  13. Cynd3r

    Permanent Camouflages

    Hello, Please post all feedback regarding permanent camouflages on: Pensacola Akatsuki Yugumo Shiratsuyu Akizuki
  14. Cynd3r


    Hello, Please post all feedback regarding physics here. Improved the physics model for destroyed ships. We significantly lowered the chance of the following events happening in the game: "Jumping" of destroyed ships out of water Incorrect behavior when several ships are destroyed in the same place Twitching of small ships when destroyed by ramming Rotation of the ship's wreck when she was destroyed while maneuvering
  15. Cynd3r

    Map Changes

    Hello, Please post all feedback regarding map changes here. Improved the appearance of the "Saint Petersburg" Port Improved New Dawn map landscape Implemented insignificant improvements for land objects on Strait map Fixed various defects in the "Saint Petersburg" Port as well as on the following maps: Archipelago, Strait, Sea of Fortune, Polar, Mountain Range, New Dawn, The Atlantic, Trident, Neighbors, Estuary, and Shards.