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  1. VittorioVeneto_Class

    [ALL] VittorioVeneto's skin mods summary

    2020.05.19 New mods are added: [Fubuki] Fubuking of Hololive [Fubuki] Fubuking of Hololive + Digital Orbit More information can be found in the main post of this thread.
  2. VittorioVeneto_Class

    [ALL] VittorioVeneto's skin mods summary

    2020.03.19 Update: Bug fix [Roma] Vittorio Veneto Royal: Fixed crash when entering the game
  3. VittorioVeneto_Class

    [ALL] VittorioVeneto's skin mods summary

    2019.11.19 Update: Bug fix [Roma] Vittorio Veneto Royal: Optimized details, fixed version compatibility.
  4. VittorioVeneto_Class

    [ALL] VittorioVeneto's skin mods summary

    Thank you for the compliment! Yes, this is my first skin, so i spent a lot of time XD. I will make more interesting skins, and i hope you will like them later.
  5. VittorioVeneto_Class

    [ALL] VittorioVeneto's skin mods summary

    Greetings captains, i am VittorioVeneto_Class from the SEA group. For personal interest, I have made some skin mods and uploaded them in this post. I have recently joined the SEA group, so I re-edited this topic to make it more standardized, and my future mods will be updated in this thread properly. My updates will not be very frequent (approximately 1 to 2 new mods per year), but I guarantee that they will have good quality with best technics and imagination, as my previous works. 1. "Vittorio Veneto Royal" skin for Roma My first modification made in 2019, combining royal style and anime elements, created as a "birthday present" for Italian battleship Vittorio Veneto's 82nd launch day anniversary. All the pictures are from the illustrator Saru, if you like them I suggest you to follow her Twitter: https://twitter.com/saru_1127 Preview images: Download link: https://github.com/SEA-group/NEP-Roma-VenetoRoyal/releases 2. "The Fubuking of Hololive" skin for Fubuki This mod is made to celebrate virtual YouTuber Shirakami Fubuki's one million followers on Bilibili. She is very cute and broadcasts live on her channel every day, if you like her, please follow her, thank you. This skins also comes with an alternative version with a coooooool glowing ring that we call a "digital orbit", especially it's worth mentioning that the orbit can rotate with the main turrets, hope you like it, it's marvelous. Preview images: Download link: Normal version: https://github.com/SEA-group/NEP-Fubuki-Fubuking/releases Digital Orbit version: https://github.com/SEA-group/NEP-Fubuki-Fubuking-DO/releases If you have any questions, please leave a message in the post.