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  1. del536847803

    report option for slander

    WG, make report option for ppl who slander others after game. I'm tired sending screenshots to you because of it.
  2. del536847803


    Why haven map is so impossible to win when playing vs divisions? And why divisions aren't in their own battle queue?
  3. del536847803


    How Kiev has less hp then a shitty us t5 nicholas.
  4. del536847803

    Fire prevention + damage control mod

    So, capt perk gives -10% to chance of fire and mod gives another -5%. If cruiser he has ie, 18% fire chance will it be reduced to 3% against bb with perk and mod?
  5. del536847803

    Does NA server have better players?

    Does NA server have players who actually know how to play this game?
  6. Make those "[edited]" citadels less and less frequent when fighting cruiser vs battleship. I'm not saying this to remove them, just make it harder get citadels through the ship deck. More overpens.
  7. This is pointless, one match 50 torps launched and only separate 3 hits which sank 3 separate ships. This ratio is too low.
  8. del536847803

    Colorado is a joke

    Yea, stock colorado. Will it get any better?
  9. del536847803

    Too many battleships in ranked.

    Having [3x battleships 1x cruiser and 2x destroyer / 4x battleship 1x cruiser and 1x destroyer] is horrible in ranked match when playing with cruiser. Fix it so battleships don't determine the outcome of the match,
  10. del536847803

    Chapayev in ranked

    Explain how chappy is supposed to survive in ranked battles due all of this teams being 80% battleships, 10% cruisers and 10% destroyers.
  11. del536847803

    Fire damage

    Reduce the initial fire damage by 30% to get rid of High Explosive spamming players who can't aim.
  12. del536847803


    This game is unplayable with random battle matchmaking.
  13. del536847803

    Help with benson torpedoes

    Why don't these torpedoes hit anything? I shoot them in fan formation and still don't hit anything from 5 km - to max range.
  14. del536847803


    Make us able to switch consumables during game loading screen when we see what we are up against. I personally hate running with defensive AA when there is no carrier present.
  15. Make HE shells less effective against battleships. Put dimishining returns to the fires or something.