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  1. _Anilitac_

    GNB "its a secret"

    Thanks for the info, btw I just got a nice eye surgery, I will be able to see again in two months so I am playing using sounds to spot ennemies.
  2. _Anilitac_

    Trap map and the lemming train

    I relly think some islands are missing/badly placed in A, feels now so far from action that people would rather go C and be able to shoot on B from there than going to A, being exposed and having no opportunity to cover B because of the island placement in A.
  3. _Anilitac_

    [Solved] Battles end prematurely?

    I got many games like that and was never able to understand why the battle would stop so suddenly (there was nothing like 4 ennemies killed at the same exact second etc..) I've also wondered sometimes if there was some iind of bug, really strange...
  4. _Anilitac_

    Back to the crappy gun sound effects unfortunately

    My Yorck sounds like I am using a silencer... "dugh dugh"... 210 mm shells flying silently to their target, very strange
  5. _Anilitac_

    [POLL]Name of the T10 German BB "Grossdeutschland"

    Der Angela Merkel?
  6. _Anilitac_

    Underwhelming. - HMS Campbeltown Commentary

    Bought it. She's just sh** in the store.
  7. _Anilitac_

    Ships what you want to game?

  8. _Anilitac_

    Help Transition from WoT Plz

    Quick advice when playing Battleships, don't be afraid to push with your team, camping never works in Wows but be cautious, never go alone on one side or you'll get torped immediately. Rely on your allies (hardest part in random battles ) If you sail a slow BB (most of them are in low tiers until you reach tier 5 for IJN ones), don't go on the most far side of the map or you'll never be useful if you suddenly need to go the other side. Have fun with all the others advices!
  9. _Anilitac_

    Ships what you want to game?

    With special consumable : Roll over to avoid ennemy shells?
  10. _Anilitac_

    Warspite 5th capt skill

    I pick CE anytime on low tier BBs. Always nice to disappear after 20 seconds, ennemies forget about you and it can be the difference between life and death.
  11. Just had a few games with her and she is an amazing little gunboat, lots and lots of fun, pop smoke and you are a flamethrower. Needs to be played smartly though, any mistake and you are dead very fast. But when she is middle or top tier, my god. Guns accuracy seems like a huge improvement compared to Gnevny (don't know why, maybe just a feeling) and turret traverse is finally human. Don't skip it! Really a nice ship to grind to the Kiev!
  12. _Anilitac_

    What kind of player are you?

    I think I am an ok player, no desire to go up to Tiers 10 so I go until Tier 8. I usually play agressive with my BBs and DDs, a bit more cautious with the Cruisers though, citadels happen so fast. Never played with CV, I consider it being almost another game. Learning from my mistakes but I never planned to become a super unicum (not enough time and maybe getting too old for this ). Usually try to encourage my teammates in chat and planning some kind of strategy, doesn't work all the time though, sometimes there's an akward silence after my questions in chat and it usually turns into a bloodbath (for us haha). I also make nice old noob mistakes from time to time, wouldn't be fun otherwise. I am also a collector, love getting some nice low tier premiums to sail them from time to time.
  13. _Anilitac_

    Ships what you want to game?

    More low tier cruisers, battlecruisers and battleships from WWI would be great, they look so much better than the WWII ones imo... ship builders still had a sense of beauty mixed with utility... Look at the Hood for example and compare it to the Nelson, huge aesthetical difference (I still like the Warspite but...)
  14. _Anilitac_

    Ships what you want to game?

    If you had done some research you would have seen that they will soon add the mighty navy of Nicaragua + the russian Carrier fleet. More than enough to make me happy
  15. _Anilitac_


    Ok merci, désolé je l'avais pas trouvée bizarrement!