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  1. Maybe it's to provide those who haven't completed the normal Twilight missions some competition. I had finished for myself 4 days ago and wouldn't otherwise have played Twilight again.
  2. Even if I had 3 monitors I wouldn't watch a stream. I've no intention to make an Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever account just for this. I'm here to play. And sometimes a few minutes on the forum.
  3. They forget that we 'oldies' normally got more loot to spend.
  4. The free time I have I rather play myself. Hesp read what I wrote. Not with myself :) but I rather play the game then waste my time watching someone else play.
  5. I haven't got a Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Imgur or whatever account and certainly no Twich account. Too bad that they try to shove these things down our throats.
  6. Euro_Nitwit

    duplicate ships

    Maybe it can be fixed in the next update. I love the "Hide unsuitable ships" function and clan battles should honour that function.
  7. Euro_Nitwit

    duplicate ships

    Can't recollect receiving duplicate ships. I was going to play Coop-battle. How do you explain that clan Gearing? I couldn't play with the 'clan' Gearing but the ship was still visible with "Hide unsuitable ships" activated.
  8. Euro_Nitwit

    duplicate ships

    update 0.7.11 Suddenly I've got Gearing twice. Even with "Hide unsuitable ships" activated.
  9. Euro_Nitwit

    mark news as read

    The mark as read button on news isn't working. Even as you've read the news the button still gives news as on-read.
  10. Euro_Nitwit

    Bug Reports

    I 've all the same issues.
  11. Euro_Nitwit

    Bug Reports

    The game stutters sometimes. ----------------------------- Around 00:10h Monday 5 March Waiting time at the start of a coop battle is more than 30 sec. When the coop game finally started for me already 1 team mate was killed?