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    I was thinking the same thing actually For me, the problem so far is ships sailing away aswell
  2. Fully agree. All in all they are making an effort to improve for the future which is awesome. Imagine what great things might come of this in later years. I cant w8 to see what the next event will be like. Keeping my fingers crossed it wont be too long
  3. I personally liked the event. It had clear rewards from the beginning and a choice. You could choose to go for all or play casual. I didnt feel forced and the missions progressed over my normal gameplay. Now the ship rewards here are more for collectors than for actual competitive play, although the Katori is quite a good ship. And the vast amount of camos that can be won and the premium time are quite nice too. Overall I am quite pleased even though the 12 mil reward will probably not be that big
  4. Guys chill we will get the reward. WOWS fix their mistakes + extra 10 GNB camos are always welcome in my book. And imagine if we reach the 15 mil mark which is highly unlikely but still That would be so funny.
  5. ebel500

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Tier IV Russian Destroyer Izyaslav - Winner: McLeod I had 14 hits wtf ??? My post is on this page. With all do respect to the awesome game displayed. And as NyronGT posted above I cant see this replay anywhere.
  6. ebel500

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Wow solid game !!! GJ !!!
  7. ebel500

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Ah if thats the case Carry on !!!
  8. You forgot to say "If there was realism those shells would most likely miss the DD"
  9. ebel500

    AA & CV's..This has gotta stop WG

    Sometimes i wonder if discussions like this are even needed. WG can do whatever they want basically and it doesn't have to be logical if they don't want it to be. This is a F2P game after all, so you are basically landing a service from them and they still hold the right to change it in any way they see fit. That's something i learned from WoT and War Thunder. And about the statistics there is the thing that when a certain ship or line of ships is played primarily by experienced players, than its stats will rise. When that occurs people start to complain and WG looks at their stats and says : Yes they are probably right this is OP and a nerf follows. While if a ship is really OP, but a lot of players play it, its stats will be down and the above mentioned will not happen. Wargaming do make changes later so i would w8 some time and maybe some of the things in this patch will be revorked to some extent.
  10. ebel500

    WoWReplays May Contests

    Izyaslav 14 torpedo hits. Forgot to add the pictures to the replay so they are below http://wowreplays.com/Replay/7437 My youtube name is Niketsa.
  11. Hi. If i won in the competition last week can i still join the dd duel or no ?
  12. ebel500

    [GNBAerroon] Week 2: Guide Contest + Replay Contest

    Point taken Aerroon. I will do my research better. Thank you for the prize
  13. ebel500

    [GNB iEarlGrey] Week 1&2: Spectacular Gif Contest!

    May 8 Coral Sea - Japanese invasion convoy turned back by US carrier aircraft