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  1. prozon668

    [HEATH] are recruiting - Average Skill level

    Gained a few new members, but still got room for more! :)
  2. prozon668

    Thirteenth Ranked Sprint

    Has it started? I can't select the mode yet?
  3. prozon668

    Post spamming etiquette

    Thumbs up from me too. Having recruiters spam threads is waste of anyone's time and you should contact recruits by PM. We have another spam thread for posting how great our clans is.
  4. prozon668

    Question for the english speaking Clans

    I think it is a big misunderstanding of what tactics are to think that hiding your stats will give you an advantage.
  5. prozon668

    HHOTN recruiting

    We're recruiting. Not interested? Bugger off. Dramaqueen/king? Bugger off. Pleb? Bugger off. Still reading? Poor soul... Easiest way to get in the mist is to join our Discord and type "@recruiter I want to join!" in the #lobby. There is normally less than 12 hours waiting time, all depending on the mood of the recruiters. // PRO
  6. prozon668

    Abusive or insulting players

    Karma is useless. Tears is priceless.
  7. prozon668

    Getting single battle results from API

    I am doing it that way too, but it's consuming my CPU and WG cpu more than needed. Hopefully someone notices this thread and help us. :)
  8. prozon668

    Getting single battle results from API

    Hi, We're currently doing this Supply Line contest and I see there is a listing of single battles on the bottom. Suppose this is exposed through the API, but I've searched through the API looking for something like this but not been able to find it, so would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
  9. prozon668

    [ENG] seeking Mature Clan with Discord...

    Best of luck Sark.
  10. prozon668

    Looking for a casual clan

    PM sent
  11. prozon668

    Looking for UK based clan with comms

    PM sent
  12. prozon668

    Looking for casual clan

    PM sent
  13. prozon668

    Looking for a casual clan

    We don't use TeamSpeak, but rather Discord. If that is OK, you might fit in our clan.
  14. prozon668

    [HHOTN] Recruiting players

    We still got room for more players. You have a secret dark fantasy of playing Clan Battles? Or maybe you just want someone to play division with? Our clan need members and you might be just what it needs... Clan members are mature, in all ages up to 70 I think, some has been in the same clan for a very long time. We do play casually, but we do prefer to win. Casual isn't equal to not caring about winning. :) Interested? Join our Discord and have a nice talk to any one of us, and please do apply in-game. https://discord.gg/4sChc8c