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  1. Nice one! But wait till you see what I caught them doing, your eyes will fall off, your jaw will drop to the floor and never return back and your brain will explode, I promise!
  2. Anktarktic1

    0.9.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Why on Earth did you reversed the order in which ships in teams (Tab view) are displayed? People were used to the old system for years, now when I am looking what carrier is in the battle, I cant find it, there are dds at top list and carrier is in the bottom! Why the reverse? I like that you enabled to hide nonrealistic cartoon and alien permanent camouflages including their horrible and confusing sound effects (I was used for years how secondary or AA guns sound, so I knew my ship was shooting at planes or nearby ship, even when I dont see it directly, cos I am busy aiming my guns in binocular view, but in alien space camo the sounds are different, so I know nothing what is happening) while keeping their bonuses and replace it in view by normal camo. I like that you changed ARP ships to premium.
  3. Anktarktic1

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    When Puerto Rico was first announced in devblog, it was presented as premium ship (gold ship icon with gold leaf circle around it). Lately I see its icon changed slightly (white ship symbol with gold leaf circle) and from that change it looks like it might not be premium ship at all, but just "special ship" without the credit bonus of premium ship. But with the price of multiple premium ships (saw somebody bought it today for 59 thousand doubloons). Could somebody confirm or deny what ship is it now? Premium or special or normal? I know it comes with permanent camouflage, but the camo itself doesnt make it premium ship. Another thing is the way high numbers are displayed in the directives. When there are millions and more, it becomes not very clear what the real number is, if you dont put space or dot behind three nulls. The number are displayed like this: ...for this directive you get 135000000 basic XP, while it should be like this: 135.000.000 XP or this 135 000 000 XP
  4. Anktarktic1

    Bots in coop avoiding fight

    Enemy bot ships now more and more avoid fight and instead of going towards enemy (me and my team) or cap zones, they change their course from the very start of the battle and go completely nowhere near enemy or cap zone. Sometimes they turn completely away almost 180 degrees from their spawn from start of the battle and go away to hug border. How are we suppose to fight them? How can I chase them in my battleship? Is this a bug or feature, that programmers implemented fear into bot brains like this: this player killed over 40 thousand bots, lets fear him and run away from him! Edit: Another case captured, enemy bot Alsace went straight for capture zone, but as soon as I started shooting him (after shooting at 2 dds in same area) he immedeately turn away from me (180 degrees) and run away from me right into our green dd who killed him, rather then to fight with me. So he died anyway, he didnt make his situation better. I had to chase him, but my Moustashi has 27 knots while his Alsace has 34,7 knots with boost, so how am I supposed to chase him or catch him or fight him, when he runs away from me, behind island and to another enemy, why they are avoiding me? And of course I get no fun, and little rewards for battles like that, thats bad. Replay attached. Edit2: not one, but three bots sailing at first to capture point D, when saw me, turned 180 degrees away and start running away! What is that? Why is that? Bots used to charge at points and at enemies, now they are scared and running away (or trying to ram). Edit3: enemy bot Vladivostok (me too Vladivostok) spawned at same positon as me (he sent 2 DDs at me, he knows they are exactly what I want to face with BB) and then guess what? he ran away... 20191026_130033_PJSB509-Musashi_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay 20191101_134318_PFSB109-Alsace_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay 20191103_124709_PRSB108-Vladivostok_37_Ridge.wowsreplay