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  1. I am clearly not ommitting nothing. You asked where you stated it (which you should have known in the first place) and I posted you link to the whole page, where you stated it, it is all there. I copied the sentence where you say, that you will put submarines in live server first in a separate mode, which you did not do, you did put them in Coop and Ranked and now you are putting them in Random. I copied this sentence, so it is easier to find in the whole text. It absolutely does not matter if that separate mode, which you did not implement them in first, was meant to be a test, supertest, megatest, live finished product or anything else and that you put them in normal game modes after that. Because you did not do this test in a separate mode on live server at all. You just did not do what you said you would do. You said you will put submarines on live server first in a separate mode. You did not do that. You have put them in Coop and Ranked first on the live server. No, it does not look like that, it is that. You did not put submarines first on live server as a separate mode like you said you would do. Nothing in your reply disproves what I said. Actually you just repeated that sentence (with some irrelevant text before and after that) which I copied in the first place. That sentence, where you say, that you will add submarines into the live client as a separate battle type, which you obviously did not do.
  2. Here: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-announcement/ We’ll add submarines into the live client as a separate battle type, similar to Arms Race, Savage Battle, or Space Battle. This is exactly something you stated about their general introduction to the game live server.
  3. 96% of players do not want submarines, but according to WG, we are just a vocal minority... Their own words: "A crucial consideration is that submarines are a very unusual class, and we do not expect their popularity will be high. Roughly speaking, we're aiming at a 4-8% popularity at Tier X." So if 96% is a minority for WG, what is majority according to them? Looks like a huge miscommunication is happening in their mathematics department... And what happened to the official WG statement, that submarines will be in a separate mode? Was that another lie? One millionth seventy third one? Should we believe what you say, or is it all lies what comes out of you?
  4. Anktarktic1

    Co-op bot AI mess...

    Yes, I can also confirm that new bots are even worse than before. I play only coop and I know every bot personally, every rivet, every bolt, every move they make. In addition to mentioned old "bugs" they added new ones, including that one, when bots stop in the middle of ocean for no reason. No island, no ship, no torps infront of them or anywhere near them, they just randomly stop or slow down or reverse. And they still run away from fight from the very beginning of battle, eventhough I mentioned and described in detail this bug years ago. Soon it will be decades ago, then century, then milllenium and it still will not be fixed, they will just add more errors and bugs and reworks nobody asked for.
  5. Anktarktic1

    Public Test of Update 0.10.7: Round 2

    So we now have two contradicting statements about submarines from Wargaming (not even mentioning the third one of submarines never being in the game): 1) submarines will be first deployed in a SEPARATE mode 2) submarines will be first deployed in ranked and coop mode both can not be true, so which one is it? if any of them is true at all? how can we even trust anything that WG says? And on the test server there is another hillarious thing: if you play battleship (I tried Fridrich Grosse and Kurfurst) you get the message, that if submarine appears, you should use antisubmarine thingy like depth charge or bombers, but these ships I played have no such thing! But the game tells you to use it! To use something, that doesn't exist on these ships! And another thing: the change of secondaries skill, which would boost the accuracy after 40 seconds or something like that, is much worse than before. Because in coop (which is the only mode people could play, if they want have fun and not suffer, WG basically forces people to play coop only with their decisions to constantly and repeatedly decrease the quality of PvP modes - see millions of complains added every second on that matter in forums) the game is so fast, targets die so fast, that you never achieve that long time to shoot on one target. Battles often last 2-3 minutes there. So if you use this commander skill, you have even worse accuracy than before, because you never reach the maximum time when accuracy is biggest from that skill. The change, that worsens the ability to ctrl+click on ship is being discussed now on Czech forum, so there is a slight chance, that it will be brought back to pre-broken state. But with all these things now active, the quality of gameplay is massively decreasing.
  6. Anktarktic1

    Otázky a odpovědi

    Neval, 90% toho je v coopu, na lidi už nemám nervy, ale roboty miluju
  7. Anktarktic1

    Otázky pro WG

    Mám nastaveno: Alternative interface mode: Full Mám to tak nastaveno již několik let, a nikdy jsem neměl problém s vybráním prioritního cíle pro sekundárky, ani před commander skill reworkem. Takže zatím to vypadá, že bylo opraveno něco, co nikdy nebylo rozbito a naopak teď to brání snadnému vybrání prioritního cíle pro sekundárky a klikání na cíl obecně. Ale jak čtu tady pode mnou, tak to klikání dělá i jiným lidem problémy, při výběru cíle a dávání povelů k soustředění palby.
  8. Anktarktic1

    Otázky pro WG

    Ahoj, chci se zeptat, jestli zhoršená klikatelnost na loď při výběru cíle pro sekundárky je chyba (která se bude opravovat) nebo úmyslná a trvalá změna? Všiml jsem si této změny již na Public test serveru k současné verzi 0.10.6. Dříve byla oblast klikatelnosti větší, nemuselo se kliknout přímo na loď nebo jméno nad ní, ale třeba mezi její jméno a loď nebo někde v blízkosti, což bylo daleko lepší, protože v boji je potřeba tohle kliknutí udělat co nejrychleji. Teď se musí kliknout přesně na loď nebo její jméno, jinak se cíl nevybere. Již mnoho zásahů bylo touto změnou negativně ovlivněno, neboť cíl pro sekundárky nemohl být co nejrychleji vybrán rychlým klikem do oblasti cíle, neboť klik byl třeba půl milimetru od cíle, který jsem chtěl vybrat a tudíž se nevybral a cenné vteřiny bez zásahů sekundárek utíkaly. Předchozí systém fungoval bez problémů spoustu let, nezaznamenal jsem, že by si na něj někdo stěžoval, proč tedy měnit k horšímu něco, co funguje bez problémů a nahradit to něčím, co problémy přidělává?
  9. Anktarktic1

    Regarding Co-op

    I agree with the original post. I also play only Co-op (as everybody will be, when submarines hit the fan...and dutch CV/cruiser hybrids and Ise/CV hybrid and Tone/CV hybrid etc...) and when friendly team is filled with bots, it is usually very bad filling. I mostly play BB, and guess what evil robot decides to give me in the battle, when I am the only human player in there? It is 3-4 DDs! and some other ships, which are ok in any numbers for me. Who thought it would be a good idea to put 4 destroyers against single human battleship? It is the worst possible ship BB can fight against, because of battleship slow reload, slow turret traverse, massive dispersion, ineffective secondaries, mostly no radar or hydro, huge spotting range, big fat slow and poorly maneuvreable ship. Friendly bots are usually worse players than enemy bots, so we cannot rely on them, basically have to do all the work alone. Which is extremely bad if matchmaking gives player inappropriate ships to fight. No BB player asked to fight 4 DDs, so why are these bots there if only 1 human player is in the battle? 3 DD bots in Co-op are really too much, especially when only human player is in battleship.
  10. Anktarktic1

    Submarine Testing

    There will be no submarines in World of warships. Never.
  11. Anktarktic1

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.3

    No they are not, I am very sorry, but they are not working. I didnt recieve the newest container nor the mission nor 125 tokens, nor any of the italian missions or regular twitch containers, although I have claimed them in Twich, but in game they didnt arrive. None of them. They are still not working.
  12. Anktarktic1

    Twitch Drops in 0.10.3

    Are you aware that Twitch drops for Wows are not working, right? For many months now.
  13. Anktarktic1

    King of the Sea XII—$30,000 in Prizes

    It is not the best idea to distribute Kots containers via Twitch drops, when they are currently not working (for months now), they are not dropping Twitch containers nor the missions even after claimed. This current drops error makes Kots containers impossible to obtain.
  14. How can you be sure nobody is cheating? Pretty easy: play Co-op! That is all, case closed.
  15. Anktarktic1

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I dont want to brag too much, but I am better than 99,99% of all players in the world (in the number of battles played)! From now on, you must call me: Your highness, King of the sea, Mighty warrior and President of the Earth! I keeed (but I am still better than most of you ), you can see your (poor) stats when you log in and click red button "my records" in the Five years of victories article.