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  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, Here at The Royal Navy Elite Fleet we are currently looking for more players to extend our current clan, the rules for applying are very simple: You have to be 18+ Have a vgood sense of humor (this is a must) Be of good English speaking We use a private rented TeamSpeak server (not only for Clan Battles etc.) where most of our members hang out to play Warships together again, a sense of humour is a must !!!! Lol Be prepared to undertake Clan Battles Be part of the clan, We dont just want you sitting there doing nothing on your own We are a multi range clan from all walks of life and ages (most of our members are mid age), we all play Warships but also play a range of many other game titles. Either reply to our thread for more info or apply through the Clan Search function in-game. We hope to see you in TeamSpeak / Game soon Captains !!
  2. Hey Guys, We are currently recruiting for our clan [RYLNV] The Royal Navy Elite Fleet. We are a British speaking clan of 9 strong, We are a mature bunch of guys (no kids) who love to play and most importantly have a laugh at the same time. We have a paid TeamSpeak channel, so if you wish to join the Clan and want to join in on the fun then please ask us for details of the server details. Thanks, Ice_Marine - Commander Royal___Navy - Deputy Commander SHUG_Sco - Deputy Commander