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  1. williepie310, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    This Ranked is great, so you can no longer blame teammates or other things. Just the pure PVP mode i like that. But on the other hand it is great you can grind the directives, and than i find out that it is only possible for the XP grind and not for the secondary missions or sinking ships. Not able to complete the missions/directives in a single gamemode makes me crazy, why? Wargaming why? This makes me verry sad and angry that everything is behind a pay/grindwall. Also the rewards are very very very crap, its more like a slap in the face like: "here some more crap, HAHA, stupid player". Please Wargaming fix your stupidnes, this will drive the players crazy, havent you learnd from the past? But yeah, Wargaming what does it matter anyway, they can't or will not listen to players. That will make the game dead, its that simple. thanks
  2. williepie310

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    Nice meme! Still nothing about the directives how rediculous hard they are and still not a post that after the event the Puerto Rico it stopped building. Also not good explenation about the doubloons you spend on the booster, when you spend them the ship istn finished yet, the rest you have to buy. That is misleading information and not fair to the community. Also that the same amount of grinding, you can earn 2 Tier X ships with the research bureau and on the sideline some T9 premiums and not mentioning the coal ships.
  3. williepie310

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    I dont understand Wargaming with this, if you want to make money dont scare people away by posting ridiculaus things. People in my clan dont want to spend any amount of money just because they dont like the NY event to obtain PR. People screeming this from the roofs so others dont spend any amount of money either. IF WG want to offer this to the hardcore players than it is just rude to offer not hardcore players for money. Also it is way too expensive for doubloons (59000 = almost 200 euro), when you convert the tokens (2400) for credits (7500 per token) if you want to get the same amount of credits for doubloons its only 12000 doubloons, so in my opinion its a ripoff. And no one wants a crap Tier VII Gorizia, its crap and not interesting when you can get a Tier X too. And WG, dont you dare to say that you can get a Gorizia if you dont want a Puerto Rico. It was not advertised like that. Just make people mad and when they get mad saying that its not your fault and shouldnt be mad, thats not a solution, and we also dont want apologies but only a solution! Wargaming dont know what people want, i am still thinking that they dont even play the game. We dont want that token event stuff wen you need to complete it in several days. Just make it Campain like Yamamoto, its way more chill and time invested when you want it. Make it fun and a happy event, just make it that we have to fish tokens from the see when playing or ram an island or somewhat, just think outside the box.
  4. williepie310

    Shipyard & Puerto Rico

    Its almost Christmas right? Not April foolsday?... Im just curious how many people from Wargaming themselfes will complete the directives. I am just play the game for fun and it doesnt need to feel it like work, just looking at the task for the directives make me to get the day off. It is looks so bad that i am almost thinking that someone who created the tasks put some zero's wrong. It could also that someone at WG put it together who doesnt even remotely play the game, that is how stupid this is. And no! im not giving any money for this, even when it screems to me i wont do it. Im jus asking why it isnt a Campain just like we get Yamamoto or Halsey, its way more chill/fun and you can complete it at your own pace permanently. Pleas WG fix the stupid and give back the FUN!! Thanks
  5. williepie310

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    Im sad that i have to say it but i think that WG is pushing players to buy premium containers. Because the biggest reward is behind a paywall and other rewards are not worth your time and afford because they suck. I'm not buying premium anymore (and other players with me) or premium ships (because they are not interesting or stupid). I have the feeling that WG is screwing with its players, everything is so grinding and need to buy, that it is not even fun. But i will ask again: will the Frence commander be available in other ways?
  6. williepie310

    French Destroyers: Part 2

    Is there no other way to earn more tokens? It seems that the Frech commander in not easy to get, only for very good players who are in the top 10%. I,m considering myself not a verry good player, i will never get it. That is sad and not fair to tease with it and never get it. I really dont like the 'directive missions' its a grind what you need to end before the next patch with the little time i have. I'v rather have the Campain version like we got Yamamoto. Everyone have that captain by now or close to. Campain missions are more challenging and rewarding than the token missions now. And you can complete those campains at your own pace, so even the players with not thát much time would have a fair chanche to get it. Please Wargaming dont put everything behind a grinding paywall. Im not goin to buy containers that contains tokens and nothing else interesting. And the lootchanche doesnt work, nobody is falling for that. Compensate players with extra tokens or give another fair method to get the captain. Im looking forward to it!! O, and I was really looking forward to it to get the captian, seems fun. But i will never have it...:(
  7. williepie310

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    currently on patch days there is no Clan Battles. Please make that better announched or something. Its really hard to form a team and we can not play. thats sad and not fun for us.
  8. williepie310

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Where is the free retraining captian skills?? There is no CV so no AA setup is vailble in this season so why not? or is it coming...
  9. williepie310

    Clan Brawl

    Im sorry but the reward isnt there for the efford you put into the "brawl". No steel at Tier 8? And no one is going to play that. In my opinion there is no interest in playing it by the limited time you get. Im saying its not worth it for even gather a team for that.
  10. williepie310

    Naval Battle: Clans Competition

    Why??.. I played the whole day and i am sure that i switched it to 'enable' at the start of the competition. At the end of the day i want to check but it was suddenly 'disabled'! So our Clan is losing because the game cant remember what you switched? Or is it a bug? i dont know but im sad now and so are my clanmates. I think that this competition sucks and so is clanbattles at the moment with no variëty of gamplay, maps, ships, tiers etc. So Wargaming focus more on fixing and keep the game in a good state than throw premium ships at us, we dont want that. My suggestion is that they should focus on a smooth and understandable UI and keep the peolple interested.
  11. Oh, and will my Gascone (worst premium ever in my opinion) get buffed so it is now obsolete with the arrivel of a T9premium(the best premium ship ever you can buy at this moment) of the same nation?
  12. williepie310

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    this is almost the worst premium release, buy this shipT9 for €65(high in comparison of T8 ships) but thats not worst. People stockpiling coal/freexp(doublouns to convert freexp) and all the other T9 premius are equally priced (Misouri, Mushasi, Krohnstad) and this T9 is overpriced for coal in my opinion. So they make you attemped to buy the ship before losing that much coal. Please give some hint in the future so we can addapt and expect things and not some thunderlitghtning at clear skies.
  13. This is stupid, selling T9 to new players for a *edited* cheap price in the shop 750000xp is around 90 euro or with the xp discount for around 72 euro. When you want this ship you HAVE to buy it or grind for a stupid amound of coal. I dont know whats wrong with Wargaming these days, their word means nothing when they break all the promisses about not selling T9 or T10 ships. Whats next? selling T10? they will!
  14. williepie310

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Im verry dissapointing with this update, the horrible halloween port, RN containers are removed from the missions so you can only buy them for unlocking missions for the ships (you never get anyway), so you NEED to buy the containers now. You can Not complete missions in Scenarios (T3 only) and missions for a premium ship. Again A lot of new content and no UI fixes or anyting related to that. And you have to wait for weeks to play the other scenarios. This update is not soloplayer friendly and for people who do not have all the time in the world to play the game
  15. williepie310

    File System and Installation Feedback

    Exacly the same problem for me after 5x reïnstalling the problem stays. "game client integrity check failed".