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    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    At least, it is my opinion. I always hear people telling me that it's a good ship, I've been trying really, really hard but I still don't see many things going for her. She has hydro, which is really nice, and she's very tanky, which in itself is good, but loses a lot of value since I can't pose myself as a significant threat to anything. 1 - It has bad main guns This is something most people I'm talking with agree on. Even if there are 12 of them and they reload fast, they're just too innacurate. I don't feel unlucky when I got a crap dispersion and can't hit anything, I feel lucky when I have a correct volley. So even when you get yourself in close range, in a situation where guns with fast reload usually shine, it's not that impressive. Besides that, turret angle is atrocious, and you have to give a huge amount of broadside to bring all guns to bear. This makes having 12 guns sort of irelevant in many situations. 2 - The turtleback isn't that much of an advantage anymore What I mean is that nowadays, every TX BB is hard to citadel, except Yamato. When the ship was released you could brawl side to side with an other TX BB and win the trade hands down because you'd have scored 3+ citadels while receiving only normal penetrations. That isn't true anymore. 3 - The secondaries aren't good at anything When I tell people I have troubles with this ship, they always come back saying "use the secondaries, they're devastating". They are not. I can admit that everything else is probably related to me not being good at the ship, but people needs to stop saying that secondaries on this ship are good. They don't deal damages. I often have games with 150+ secondary hits, which acounts in the end for less than 30k damages, including fires. This makes the GK absolutly incapable of dealing with angled battleships, which is really an issue for a ship notoriously made for pushing and brawling. So I don't know what I am missing, I don't know how people who are having good games in GK manage to do it, but the more it goes the least intresting this ship is becoming to me.