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  1. Cadelanne

    IJN vs USA CV - worst part of this game

    Agreed with Redcap, they need to keep US flavour imo. Because yeah, what's the matter if both lines are the same ?
  2. Cadelanne

    IJN vs USA CV - worst part of this game

  3. Cadelanne

    Russian CV line

    They're releasing them after the rework
  4. Cadelanne


    Just played against a midway ... again. Face strafing kills 3 planes out of 4 every time. Infinite ammunitions. Infinite plane reserves. How people manage to lose with this ? EDIT : in fact the only way I'm able to beat a Midway is if I'm lucky and he really comits on defending his strike wing. Otherwise, if he really stays defensive I'm so fucked.
  5. Cadelanne

    Going from shokaku to Taiho.

    To me Taiho is the strongest aircraft carrier I've played. The damage spike you get from going from 2 to 3 TB squad is huge, and the new slot 3 upgrade is so powerful ... Shokaku is already a beast but Taiho is even stronger.
  6. Cadelanne


    Haven't seen it, but I suppose it's subject to shitty dive bombers RNG, with an even bigger span. What would be great is that dive bombers are very very accurate (which they were IRL for our lovers of historical accuracy) but dodgeable. Maybe just greatly lowering the size of the drop circle and increasing the times needed to drop by a lot would do it ?
  7. Cadelanne


    AP bombs would be outright stupid without an actual rework of dive bombers.
  8. Cadelanne


    Is there a hero on this forum that managed to level trough this wreckage without free XP ? Can he give me a hint on how he succeeded ?
  9. Cadelanne


    But those 2 fighter squadrons can deny all those other advantages. Besides that Midway also have better plane reserve. Idk, I'm supposed to played defensive vs Midway, like force him to bring his fighters in escort of his strike wing, but I'm not really good at this and that's why I stuggle so hard I guess.
  10. Cadelanne

    WGs Broken promisses concerning CVs.....

    Maybe I'm missing something, I don't see how it is wrong, that AS has less damage output than strike ? If this rule is broken, then AS becomes the standard and strike becomes unviable and there's not really any AS anymore. And while this rule isn't broken, the best an AS setup can hope for is status quo. El2aZeR talk about locking him out, but actually with having only 2 strike squads he locks himself out pretty hard already since it won't get trough most high tier AA anyway. And of course, you stay defending with your fighters, so he doesn't have a single plane reaching target anyway, while you're mostly hanging around, waiting and waiting again for him to leave you an opportunity, which he probably won't if he is good at what he is doing. Fun, engaging, and challenging gameplay, for sure. They should just give balanced setups only to every CV because there's not any intresting dynamic possible between AS and strike.
  11. Cadelanne

    Strafing out stunning

    Anyway this mechanic is broken. I mean, the fact that you can disengage is cool, but the fact that you're strafing while disengaging is a bit [edited] imo.
  12. Cadelanne


    Well I must admit, this stats shows ... yet I fail to see how it is possible, as if I could I'd meet no Midway at all x)
  13. Cadelanne


    Since disengage patch I have barely 40% WR vs Midways, yet more than 65% vs Hakuryus. No, I'm not kidding. Also, where is your Hakuryu ? Still looking for it.
  14. Cadelanne


    I still don't get why people want to buff midway. A good midway already easily deny an Hakuryu to crap with overwhelming fighters. There's no need to empower it even more.
  15. Cadelanne

    Blacktown clan looking for a fight !

    Hello, We're Blacktown, a young French team willing to play in 9v9 against other clans in organized matchs. Our goal is basically to improve as a team and have fun through it. We're beginners but we don't really care about fighting bigger fish. We're intrested for a match next week, but go on and tell us if you'd like to fight us later, we'll make it work. You can contact me (Cadelanne) , DamsRobocopTer or Apocalypse_winner in game if you're intrested, you can also send me a message on forum. PS : it's the first time I'm doing this, I don't know if I'm in the right forum section, if not go on and move me.