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  1. Cadelanne

    How to not die in the first 5 minutes as battleship ?

    I find the rework enjoyable, but not intresting. It's fun to be deep into the action etc but it's not as instresting as it was before, micromanaging and multitasking was actually part of the game. My biggest concern is that there's a lot of time where you're just flying planes around, or back to the battlefield, and you're not doing anything. That's pretty boring. I don't hate this rework and won't stop playing CV, I just prefered how it was before. Back to the stats, these are old stats, I actually made a 2 years break and came back a few weeks ago. I guess I forgot everything :/
  2. Cadelanne

    How to not die in the first 5 minutes as battleship ?

    I play GK for now. Overextand ? Probably. I try to never get isolated, so as you say I try to push with DDs. In fact I try to support DDs into capping with hydro and guns, but despite the fact that I push with allies, I get focused by 3, 4, 5 ships like Worcester, Akizuki, Zao etc. as I'm the bigger of the pack, and I die in 3 minutes at most.
  3. Ok so I get it, BBs aren't supposed to stay 20km away from everything and wait for the game to pass. I'm trying to play BBs right now since I don't like the CV rework. I'm having troubles. So as a BB I'm supposed to help my team push the caps and kill ennemy ships from relatively close. But I can't. Anytime I try to close a cap I eat a torpedo wall and, more frustrating and unavoidalbe, HE spam, and I die litteraly less than 5 minutes into the game. My survival rate is probably around 15%. I'm trying to use islands as covers but ofc that doesn't work vs HE cruisers, so at this point I don't see what I can do to not get burnt to death before having shot 3 times, besides just reversing from the spawn and be irrellevant. Help pls.
  4. Cadelanne

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    The rework is fun but falls short. Overall I'm not having half as much fun as I had with the old system, even when I do good games. That's like controlling a faster ship that become inoperant for while after he shot. Meh. Now you're sleeping half the time. Travel times are just too boring and painful.
  5. I only use them to spot DDs and that's about it. Sometimes I can see someone who's going to get strike and I'm close enough to call in a fighter but that's about it. Really that's what I dislike the most about this rework : you can't multitask anymore.
  6. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    Thank you for this detailed post, and for all the followings. It shows how much you like this ship. And comforts me in thinking that it's clearly not a ship for me. I'm a CV main, and even if I think I prefered them before the rework I'll probably still be a CV main. What I'm looking for is a ship that is fun to play when I don't want to play my usual CVs or BBs. In fact I'm not even activly looking for this. But I have a huge pile of free XP, I thought it was a good idea to use it, especially since I don't really like skipping ships. I took a quick look at Alaska and seeing 305mm guns on a cruisers made me think that I could enjoy it. Given how huge 1M free XP is I didn't want to buy it and it looks like I was right. This is probably not a ship for someone to use from time to time just to break from his main gameplay. It looks like you need to invest time in it to understand it and make it work, especially from someone whose highest tier cruiser is the Budyonny :p Also you compare it to the Graff Spe a lot and I hated this ship, I blitzed the campain missions that required it and never ever played it again so if Alaska feels like it I'd rather fold :) I don't know what they'll be releasing as the next free XP premium but it'll probably be something that'll interest me more than the Alaska anyway.
  7. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    Well reading you I guess that Alaska isn't really worth the 1M free XP so I'll probably wait the next freemium.
  8. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    And what about the Nelson ?
  9. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    I'm finding myself with 1 100 000 free XP so I thought "let's get the Missouri". Unfortunatly it seems that the Missouri isn't for sale anymore. It's "replaced" by the Alaska. It looks like a fun ship, 305mm guns on a cruiser are no joke I suppose. However, I'm not so much of a cruiser player. Do you think it's a worth investment ? Is the Alaska a good ship in your opinion ? Is it as good at printing credits as the Missouri was ?
  10. Yeah on most ship flak is the only thing that really deplete your planes now. It also make striking groups even harder than it already was as you can dodge flak from one ship, not from 4.
  11. I like the reworks as it goes. At the same time I wish it didn't happen because I loved old CVs, I liked the multitasking, the dogfights and being at several locations at the time. But what they did gives its share of fun. You're of course much deeper into the action, and now there's something I wanted since I started to play CVs : interaction with AA. The way you play now have an influence on the AA efficiency on your planes. The stupid consumable that caused retarded dispersion doesn't do this anymore. And you can still be potent, even if I'm still quite far of the results I was having with pre-reworked CVs. Ultimatly for now the only real issues are, in my opinion : - Travel time. When you recall a squad and take an other off the travel time is just long and boring. Of course if you're well positionned it's not that long but it's still like 13km at best usually and this is really boring. - Autopilot. This is so [edited]bad. On some maps like neighbors the autopilot isn't good enough to only get you out of your spawning position. Give us a command to take manual control of our carriers to do some stuff while our planes are on flight. - Being uptiered is even worse than before. At least before you could still be a good spotter thanks to multiple squads, now you don't even have that advantage. I think CVs are by far the most MM-dependant class and need a +1/-1 only.
  12. Ok so I tried a bit more to understand how flak works but I still have some questions. Whenever I approach a ship with flak he start shooting at me with regular AA and flak. As you guys described there is a "flak wall" that I have to avoid. Problem is that I don't really understand. Sometimes it works as you described, the flak shoot with a lead on my planes and if I maneuver I can dodge it, but sometimes it repetedly shoot at the exact same place. It actually looks like the same shells are detonating several time at a .5 seconds inverval. Slowing down doesn't help and I either have to turn and mess the strike, or eat the flak wall. What does trigger this ? How to avoid it ?
  13. I'm trying it but wether I get hit or not seems to be totally random, sometimes I'll be doing this and it'll work but at some point I'll take a flak hit that'll take 5 planes done for some reason. Besides that the autopilot couldn't be worse, on some map I spawn in such a way that I can never ever move because autopilot being so bad.
  14. Flak didn't seem really dodgeable to now. No matter how frequently I turn and slow down I still get shredded. How does it works exactly ? Am I supposed to do longer turns or something ?
  15. Loads of fun right now :D