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  1. Cadelanne

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    The first push worked as my hydro allowed us to kill their DD with me not taking too much damages. I did it because I knew they didn't have any HE machine gun on this side of the map and because I had hydro so I could avoid a torp salvo. Anyway that push worked quite well. It secures a cap and a kill so I don't know why I am to blame on this one. The second push when I don't stay behind the rock is not a good idea, I agree on that. Then you didn't read me because when I say I was bow on, I'm talking about the first salvo that hit me for 12k and I'm litteraly bow on. Can't be more bow on than that. Hell, I had a chat with him after the game and even him said he was shocked by the massive damage he's dealing to bow on BBs with this ship. Then the picture on your screenshot is when he hit me for 30k - 35k. I shot three salvos with front guns at his flat broadside for no more than 20k in total. That means that in a situation in which my ship is supposed to shine, against an ennemy that goes for 100% YOLO plays, it's still getting shat on. So again, tell me more about the GK being good at close quarter action when it gets punished that heavily while being totally unable to deal any heavy damage at a broadside BB 5km away.
  2. Cadelanne

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    Had an other exemple today of why this ship is the worst useless sh*t ship in the whole friggin TX. I helped pushing a cap with hydro, getting rid of a DD, then I derped a bit but the important part is when a République pushed and I wanted to brawl him. He shat on me while I was bow on, I shot at his broadside, waterline, with little effect, he pushed my side while showing a perfect flank for 2 volleys without suffering much, and punish the "omg so good OP brawler tankier battleship turtleback" with a 35k volley. Seriously, I double dare you to download and watch this replay and tell me that this ship is something else than a big floating junkyard. Bow on you lose, broadside you lose, at range you lose, you don't punish cruisers. 20190410_141520_PGSB110-Grossdeutschland_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay
  3. Cadelanne

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    I suppose that I do, however what else can I do ? Past 12km it's almost like I had no guns at all.
  4. Cadelanne

    Großer Kurfürst is worthless

    At least, it is my opinion. I always hear people telling me that it's a good ship, I've been trying really, really hard but I still don't see many things going for her. She has hydro, which is really nice, and she's very tanky, which in itself is good, but loses a lot of value since I can't pose myself as a significant threat to anything. 1 - It has bad main guns This is something most people I'm talking with agree on. Even if there are 12 of them and they reload fast, they're just too innacurate. I don't feel unlucky when I got a crap dispersion and can't hit anything, I feel lucky when I have a correct volley. So even when you get yourself in close range, in a situation where guns with fast reload usually shine, it's not that impressive. Besides that, turret angle is atrocious, and you have to give a huge amount of broadside to bring all guns to bear. This makes having 12 guns sort of irelevant in many situations. 2 - The turtleback isn't that much of an advantage anymore What I mean is that nowadays, every TX BB is hard to citadel, except Yamato. When the ship was released you could brawl side to side with an other TX BB and win the trade hands down because you'd have scored 3+ citadels while receiving only normal penetrations. That isn't true anymore. 3 - The secondaries aren't good at anything When I tell people I have troubles with this ship, they always come back saying "use the secondaries, they're devastating". They are not. I can admit that everything else is probably related to me not being good at the ship, but people needs to stop saying that secondaries on this ship are good. They don't deal damages. I often have games with 150+ secondary hits, which acounts in the end for less than 30k damages, including fires. This makes the GK absolutly incapable of dealing with angled battleships, which is really an issue for a ship notoriously made for pushing and brawling. So I don't know what I am missing, I don't know how people who are having good games in GK manage to do it, but the more it goes the least intresting this ship is becoming to me.
  5. I do, but how is this an argument of any sort ? It may be called "random" battles, that doesn't necessary mean that it has to be complete anarchy. It could aswell be a game mode where ships are matched from T1 to T10 in teams of 2 to 35 players. I guess no protest of any sort could be legit as it's "random battle" heh ? My elitism ? How is it elitism to want people to play with players of their level ?
  6. It's not that it's uncarriable or that you can't play, it's that it doesn't make any sense to have very good player, playing against 40% W/R player. Don't get me wrong, WoWs is a game and anyone who enjoys it should be allowed to play it in good conditions, even bad as [edited]players. But players should play with and against people being a match for them. It's a nonsense that 43% W/R casual players just being there for the ships and gunnery sounds can be matched vs a KotS winner division. That's as if a top NBA team was playing against your districts' senior basketball club.
  7. I find the rework enjoyable, but not intresting. It's fun to be deep into the action etc but it's not as instresting as it was before, micromanaging and multitasking was actually part of the game. My biggest concern is that there's a lot of time where you're just flying planes around, or back to the battlefield, and you're not doing anything. That's pretty boring. I don't hate this rework and won't stop playing CV, I just prefered how it was before. Back to the stats, these are old stats, I actually made a 2 years break and came back a few weeks ago. I guess I forgot everything :/
  8. I play GK for now. Overextand ? Probably. I try to never get isolated, so as you say I try to push with DDs. In fact I try to support DDs into capping with hydro and guns, but despite the fact that I push with allies, I get focused by 3, 4, 5 ships like Worcester, Akizuki, Zao etc. as I'm the bigger of the pack, and I die in 3 minutes at most.
  9. Ok so I get it, BBs aren't supposed to stay 20km away from everything and wait for the game to pass. I'm trying to play BBs right now since I don't like the CV rework. I'm having troubles. So as a BB I'm supposed to help my team push the caps and kill ennemy ships from relatively close. But I can't. Anytime I try to close a cap I eat a torpedo wall and, more frustrating and unavoidalbe, HE spam, and I die litteraly less than 5 minutes into the game. My survival rate is probably around 15%. I'm trying to use islands as covers but ofc that doesn't work vs HE cruisers, so at this point I don't see what I can do to not get burnt to death before having shot 3 times, besides just reversing from the spawn and be irrellevant. Help pls.
  10. Cadelanne

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    The rework is fun but falls short. Overall I'm not having half as much fun as I had with the old system, even when I do good games. That's like controlling a faster ship that become inoperant for while after he shot. Meh. Now you're sleeping half the time. Travel times are just too boring and painful.
  11. I only use them to spot DDs and that's about it. Sometimes I can see someone who's going to get strike and I'm close enough to call in a fighter but that's about it. Really that's what I dislike the most about this rework : you can't multitask anymore.
  12. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    Thank you for this detailed post, and for all the followings. It shows how much you like this ship. And comforts me in thinking that it's clearly not a ship for me. I'm a CV main, and even if I think I prefered them before the rework I'll probably still be a CV main. What I'm looking for is a ship that is fun to play when I don't want to play my usual CVs or BBs. In fact I'm not even activly looking for this. But I have a huge pile of free XP, I thought it was a good idea to use it, especially since I don't really like skipping ships. I took a quick look at Alaska and seeing 305mm guns on a cruisers made me think that I could enjoy it. Given how huge 1M free XP is I didn't want to buy it and it looks like I was right. This is probably not a ship for someone to use from time to time just to break from his main gameplay. It looks like you need to invest time in it to understand it and make it work, especially from someone whose highest tier cruiser is the Budyonny :p Also you compare it to the Graff Spe a lot and I hated this ship, I blitzed the campain missions that required it and never ever played it again so if Alaska feels like it I'd rather fold :) I don't know what they'll be releasing as the next free XP premium but it'll probably be something that'll interest me more than the Alaska anyway.
  13. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    Well reading you I guess that Alaska isn't really worth the 1M free XP so I'll probably wait the next freemium.
  14. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    And what about the Nelson ?
  15. Cadelanne

    How good is the Alaska

    I'm finding myself with 1 100 000 free XP so I thought "let's get the Missouri". Unfortunatly it seems that the Missouri isn't for sale anymore. It's "replaced" by the Alaska. It looks like a fun ship, 305mm guns on a cruiser are no joke I suppose. However, I'm not so much of a cruiser player. Do you think it's a worth investment ? Is the Alaska a good ship in your opinion ? Is it as good at printing credits as the Missouri was ?