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  1. szsteve_2

    Targeting Specific Aircraft

    Thanks for the update...... not a good move imho but guess there is some reason behind it....
  2. szsteve_2

    Targeting Specific Aircraft

    Hi guys, Been away from WOW for quite a while due to circumstance beyond my control. I remember before that if there was a group of aircraft you wanted to target you would CTRL+LMB on them to concentrate AA fire on them. Now I am back I have just been trying to do the same (due to a massive surge in carrier use!) but it doesn't appear to do anything. Went into the online help and as far as I can see I am doing the right thing, it just isn't working. I have tried searching the forums but guess I am using the wrong keywords, so any help is gratefully received! Good to be back though :) Thanks in advance Steve C.
  3. szsteve_2

    Santas wanted

    Why would I Iie? I got 9 "gifts" of camoflauge and 1 x tier 5 russian destroyer (I'm crap at destroyers so don't play them). Believe it or don't, couldn't give a hoot what you "doubt"! Seems like many others are experiencing the same thing and that they screwed up early on and changed the chances. They made it sound like a random draw that you had the chance of winning any of the prizes when quite clearly you didn't!
  4. szsteve_2

    Santas wanted

    Had some people wanting to get me something for Xmas and not needing anything really I directed them towards the Santa Wanted offers, and was subsquently given 2 x lots of 5 sets of the 5 Euro gifts. Out of the 10 x 5 Euro packages given, I receieved NINE (9) camouflages!!!!! Seeing as how for this package they say the prizes are "Doubloons, Camouflages, 180 Days of Premium Account,Ishizuchi, Atago or Prinz Eugen" by the laws of averages this isn't correct. Would have been better just taking the money and buying either the Atago or Prinz Eugen (which are the 2 items I really want from the game currently) than just being scammed on camouflage which they were clearly looking to push onto most people. Did anyone actuallly get anything decent from this what I can only describe as a scam??? Ishizuchi Atago Prinz Eugen Ishizuchi Atago Prinz Eugen
  5. szsteve_2

    Premium Specials

    Why are the premium "specials" so "unspecial"? The discounts they give is only worth having if you buy the "ulimate" package, but if you just want the ship (no flags, no slot, no dabloons etc etc etc) then it seems the best offer they do is 9%, which to me is not so "special". Also, it is usually the same boring deals just left there for an eternity! There are 2 ships that I would buy (one or the other, not both) but not at the price they are asking!
  6. szsteve_2

    CV discount action this weekend

    I've been watching out to buy one as I have no CV's since I relocated and had to switch to the EU server, so have grabbed the Saipan. Certainly will NOT however be playing any ranked or even random games until I am more than back up to speed with them though, do not want to drag a team down! Just got to get home now though (4 weeks to go and counting) so can start playing again (the internet link offshore is way to slow to play on-board)
  7. szsteve_2

    Premium Ships - BORING SPECIALS!

    Just had a look to see what they have done today. They've shuffled them around.... must think we are daft enough to not realise that they're the same but just in a different order!!!
  8. szsteve_2

    Premium Ships - BORING SPECIALS!

    I must be missing something as the only Specials I see are "Indianapolis", "Campbeltown/Warspite" and the regurgitated "Molotov" and "Texas"
  9. Was watching the premium ship "specials" as fancied picking one up (I had some carriers when I was on the Asian server and now I am over on the Eu have built up again but not the carrier side, so would have like to have got one for the occasions I fancy a carrier run-out), so was waiting patiently for the Molotov and Texas specials to end earlier today. They ended and were cleared from the screen, and I waited to see if they would put up any new specials to replace them...... They did! The Molotov and Texas back up for another 6 days! Is this normal on the EU server that they replace a special with the same special? They were up so long surely anyone that wanted them had already had them! Is there any thread that can be read to see about possible upcoming specials? Surely if they want to encourage people to buy the ships by offering specials, they should at least refresh them to keep the interest / cash coming in?
  10. szsteve_2

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    I have found this topic very interesting, particularly as I am a relatively new player compared to many here, regarding what is or isn't cheating, who is to blame if its a package of mods, white/black list of mod packages etc etc etc. Whilst some people just don't seem to mind, others are violently against it and others are complaining as they believe they have been unfairly affected. Just a thought, and I apologise if it has been brought up before so please keep the responses to a reasonable manner as my discussion is intended to be, but if some people want to cheat then why not just let them? You have a server for different regions etc, so why not have a single dedicated server where all cheats, mods etc are allowed??? Even for a short period allow as a one-off migration between servers (TO that one server)..... That way all other servers can be a NO cheats / mods / assists or anything......... and those that want to cheat can! At least there is no "grey area" or upset people......
  11. szsteve_2

    If it is stupid but it works

    Got to 5:30 and still not sure what you mean by stupid but works.... just seems a normal battle......nothing special.... when does the interesting part take place so can FF to that part?
  12. Not today, as I am away working away from home since the 10th May, but just before and one I was proud of....
  13. szsteve_2

    ARP Haruna

    DOH! Selected the Japanese port and there she was! Thanks anyhow
  14. szsteve_2

    ARP Haruna

    Hi Guys Newb question.... I just got awarded the ARP Haruna for completing the "Sisters of Fog". I had something similar once before and never worked it out (nor kept a screengrab) but this time I paid more attention. WHat exactly is this...???? It says I have been awarded that vessel but it is not (as far as I can see) in my ship list...... Have I been physically awarded a vessel and if so how do I access it? Stupid question I am sure but I just a simple old dude trying his best Thanks for any help in advance.