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  1. matalanfighter

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Undodgable black clouds - not sure what you meant? In 0.8.0 you could dodge them without any damage...
  2. matalanfighter

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    This is still BS in the hotfix: "If the ship has no 25 mm AA guns, medium-range AA defenses start at 1 km. These ships’ AA configuration will now be emphasized if you can’t shoot planes inside of a 1km range." 40mm should have at least a small chance to work (and even 88, 105, 127) at close range, just the dps should decrease. Ask a WW2 pilot hit by a 40mm at 100m range how it worked. If the idea of sector switch to mimic AA gun turn time, what is the reason to punish 40mm and above further?
  3. matalanfighter

    0.7.1 game client shop question

    Hm, that would mean they would remove majority of ships from the shop (Tachibana, Mikasa, Oleg, Emden, Kaga, Mutsu, Musashi etc)? That would be strange decision. I am particularly interested in Missouri - they said they remove it in 0.7.2 not in 0.7.1 - this statement is really confusing, especially that it doesn't list Musahsi. I still believe they refer to the web shop, effectively removing Dunkerque from the list. If they really refer to the tech tree that would be awkward - how would you get Musashi?
  4. matalanfighter

    0.7.1 game client shop question

    I don't understand this statement about 0.7.1. I assume this refers to web shop, not the ships you can by for dubloons in the tech tree? What is the game client in this context? Starting from Update 0.7.1 only the ships listed below can be purchased in the game client: Alabama Tirpitz Perth Kii Duca d'Aosta Lo Yang Leningrad Atago de Grasse Hood Yubari Sims Molotov Admiral Graf Spee Blyskawica
  5. I see an interesting bug - all DD got DWT if i select a PA DD in main screen then i go to tech tree and select any DD (US, RU, GER). I had a heart attack first:)
  6. matalanfighter

    AKIZUKI Never Again!

    Just unlocked her yesterday and i have an 8pt captain only at my disposal. When i shot BBs all HE shell just shattered - out of 100 shells only 2 penetrated anything. So what advice you can give at this point - should i trust Demolition Expert on BBs and AP on DDs? Then add IFHE later? Thanks in advance.
  7. matalanfighter

    Give Myogi Type 91 AP/APC on C hull

    1. Dispersion should be reduced. No point having a better shell if you can't hit anything >8km away 2. Other option could be buffing the secondaries 5km range. That would be hilarious, 3. With Orion on the scene, fire chance can be also adjusted to 30%. Current 25% is pretty low. However, i still wouldn't use HE too often, her AP is pretty damn good (when it hits)
  8. matalanfighter

    campbeltown buff needed

    Hehe. I actually started liking it with a 10pt captain. My problem was - with a 3-5pt captain it is difficult to get high DPM as you dont have torp acceleration but you can't rely on guns. Even Wakatake and Isokaze has better guns... - without concealment expert, you are spotted pretty quickly. Speed is very good, but i hate running! - guns are non-existent - so you have to run... With a 10pt captain it is more fun. You can play aggressively against BBs, because you can position yourselves, then use your speed to attack, quick turn to use the other side of torps. All i complained about is firepower. The topic should have been "Campbeltown gun buff needed". I don't like that i can't fight back effectively. You can't do "flood then burn" tactics either because you can barely lit BBs. This is why i said "more luck than skill" that was slightly misinterpreted. My wording was not really good. ; From shipcomrade review PROs Powerful torpedoes with 11,967 alpha. AGREE Torpedoes are very long ranged for tier III at 7.5km. AGREE Fast for a low tier destroyer at 35.0 knots. ABSOLUTELY Decent agility with a 520m turning circle and 2.7s rudder shift. ABSOLUTELY Low tier Destroyer, so only sees a maximum of tier 4 opponents. FINE CONs Horrible gun compliment with a maximum broadside of 2 guns. AGREE. No rear mounted gun, creating a blind spot to her rear. THIS IS WHAT I ASKED FOR. Worst gun DPM of all of the tier 2 through 4 destroyers. AGREE Torpedoes have a very long reload of 63s. DONT CARE. STILL OK. Layout of launchers is frustrating to use. NOT REALLY ONCE YOU CAN DANCE Large surface detection range for a low-tier destroyer. AS I SAID, OK WITH 10PT CAPTAIN Rides higher in the water than a Wickes-class. DONT CARE. STILL OK No bonus to ramming damage. This seemed like such an obvious thing to include.DONT CARE. STILL OK
  9. matalanfighter

    campbeltown buff needed

    Easy to judge my skills of course. I do it every day. I am average and i try improving. I played her quite a lot of course, you don't have to see the stats. Torp angles are good and easy to use. My point was completely different but it seems the message didn't go through - i talked about guns buff, not torps. I also ask you to objective if possible, instead subjective on player. I think all of you agree that you never sank any ships with your guns and never won against a Wickes or Clemson. Did i ask about a huge buff? No. All I said, that firepower is really bad. Hope it is clearer. Thanks.
  10. matalanfighter

    campbeltown buff needed

    multiple accounts...
  11. matalanfighter

    campbeltown buff needed

    We all know that Campbeltown is pretty awful and needs more luck than skill. It should be buffed - at least make the 76mm as secondary too with reasonable 5km range and 10+ % fire chance? Ideally it should have one more 105mm but it won't happen, so having at least a secondary that is useful would be better than nothing. Also a 30+ second torpedo reload maybe the other good option.
  12. I feel the recent smoke change,DD nerfs are all failed solutions to 2 problems in WGs and players mind that should be solved: - people sitting in smoke - BBs camp Both can be fixed with incentives instead: - every second sitting in smoke will decrease credit and XP (eg 1000 credit/s and 100XP/s). So using smoke to save your live will cost some XP. - every second further than 10km from cap point or enemy base decrease credit and XP for BBs (also for CL and DD but proportionally less) No need for mechanics changes. Money talks. What do you think?
  13. Smoke is ESSENTIAL FEATURE. Period. LIVE WITH it. Stop reducing smoke, that is the only defense for DDs and some CLs. PROBLEM: people sits in smoke SOLUTION: radar on every ships and it sees through island. RESULT:lower tier still sits in smoke. SOLUTION: f*ck up the whole smoke mechanics RESULT: community reaction SUGGESTION: fix the cruiser lines so BBs OVERPEN all of them. So they live longer, and chase DDs out of smoke. Why is so difficult to see this very simple thing???
  14. matalanfighter

    Shiratsuyu consumable slots after 0.6.8?

    I am maybe an exception, but i don't really care - TrB is fun itself. With radar, smoke has no use t7 and above anyway, all experienced DD player can agree now. BBs and CVs will dominate the game, but I also play BBs, and if i am hit by a torpedo wall all i can blame is myself when i just focus on something and completely ignore minimap for a minute...I think this is all natural that everybody wants to have distinct advantage to secure a win - and only a few realized that is not the goal of the game. If you would have a guaranteed win (even Belfast can't guarantee that) what would be the point?? So i will learn to lose in new ways in my Shiratsuyu:) All I think she would need is 1knt extra speed then it would be much more comfortable anyway.
  15. matalanfighter

    Shiratsuyu consumable slots after 0.6.8?

    That is bit harsh...even considering that other T7 ships have only 3. The Shiratsuyu is way too slow so some kind of extra buff (eg 1knt speed increase) would be nice...However, i already play Kagero without smoke and i rarely use it on Shiratsuyu too. The only case when you need smoke when you are cornered and you try running away with 34knts...