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    I can't connect

    I downloaded the WG checking to see if there was any problems with my client. The curropt files that needs to be downloaded are 18000+MB So I'd rather redownload the entire game
  2. admiral_radi

    I can't connect

    I did what you said, seems I have some curropt file or something. I'll reinstall the game after my exams Hope it will work this time
  3. admiral_radi

    I can't connect

  4. admiral_radi

    I can't connect

    I did turned it off still the same
  5. admiral_radi

    I can't connect

    I downloaded the game game last night and when I try to log in nothing happens . The screen goes to the loading state then the loading mark just disappear. I click on connect again same thing happens .Same thing happened to me with the older versions of the game.I wasn't able to log to the game not even once since I downloaded it. It notifies me if my account was incorrect or if I didn't have any connection at all . (Usually I have a very slow Internet speed ) Can someone help me please I really want to play this awesome game☺ I wasn't sure where to post it so sorry if this wasn't the correct place