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  1. event

    Leider nicht. Nur das gute Gefühl es geschafft zu haben.
  2. I am not telling all the secrets. btw i think the replay should be on YouTube already .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=877cVzNYe3o&t=314s. THX to BSH Clan Leader to put it on YouTube.
  3. Sort of . But it was funny as hell.
  4. We saved Parks . A 7 ship Division from the Clan Balck Sea Hawks escorted the Goliath Parks ( ship driving into the minefield) to Dover
  5. We blocked him with 4 ships and afterwards one of our DDs escorted him. He tried 4 times to drive into the big mine field.
  6. No only the good feeling we did it
  7. event

    Wir haben Parks nach Dover gebracht und 5 Sterne bekommen.
  8. As in the title a Division of the Clan Black Sea Hawks managed to save the Goliath from driving in the mine field and he made it to Dover (+5Stars )
  9. KGV T7 = BYE WoWS sail away to new shores. For me and my Money . Tic tac WG tic tac .
  10. So wie es jetzt aussieht nerfen sie das game tot . Man versucht (krampfhaft ) alle zufrieden zustellen. Wie ich auch schon im Englischen Forum schrieb. Sollte Wg sich aber die Leute die da meckern mal aus einem Wirtschaftlichen Standpunkt anschauen . Ist es zahlende Kundschaft die da meckert oder sind es Leute die auf ein Jahr gerechnet monatlich nicht mal 10 Euro einbringen. Den darum geht es hier . Ich weiß es wird Leuten nicht schmecken . Aber WG sollte nicht auf Leute eingehen die nicht zahlen .Schließlich will WG Geld verdienen nur bekommt man das nicht wenn man die Walfische und Highroller vergrault. Manch so ein "Walfisch" wiegt 100-300 "normal zahlende" .Ich selber kenne Leute die stecken hier Monatlich 200 Euros rein (auf ein Jahr im Schnitt ) Der nerf der "deutschen 2nds" naja .Was wurde den wirklich generft man hat die 105 den Alpha schaden um 100 reduziert und 4% Brandchance weggenommen (ist aber bei allen die 105mm haben ). GK bekam einen erheblichen Buff. 128mm auf 11.6 km mit 2.7 Sekunden Nachladezeit ? Pack da mal noch IFHE dazu und ich will den sehen der dem Stahlgewitter entgegentritt. Sollte das mit dem Nebel so kommen tja was soll man da sagen dummgelaufen Wg mal sehen wie eure Gewinnbilanz am Ende des Jahres aussieht (bei WoWS).
  11. Cause all are talking about the caliber Scharnhorst got 283 mm . With those it is not difficult to do a 10k+ hit on a Bismarck . So the 356mm from the KGV should do enough dmg. Just a hint who hitted the Bismrack 3 times and dmged her badly ? And i bet if the Guns of the PoW wouldnt have jammed they could have done even more dmg to the Bismarck (and this ship was a beast armor wise ). As said before KGV (maybe even with that 14-15 Option ) not on T8 it is BYE BYE WG and no more money from my side . And to put a cherry on top (i know some People will be pissed of now ) i strongly advise check who is stating his opinion and how much Money did those People spend for your game. Your a firm that wants Profit after all. SO it is a very good idea to chase away those that pay right . Coca Cola tried the same with a "new taste Coke" and what happen ?
  12. IF KGV will be T7 it is bye bye WG games for me . I have seen King Georg at t8 on my side and enemy side . Dunno what should be wrong . But i can only guess your listening to a bunch of ST that are not giving objective thoughts. I think they are way more the opposite of it . I meet ST in a TX RN BB getting Manual torped by a t8 cv and sunk ( cause he been alone ) and blaming the Manual drop System saying he is not the only St thinking this way . Seems you got some St s having thier own Needs in mind more then testing a product. Thats why you should never listen to "not payed Supertesters ". ANY WAY King Georg not T8 i will for sure say GOODBYE to WoWs .
  13. So if Wg thinks like oh there is a t6 at your Team . Then i think it is time to drive to the companys site .Steal half thier cars and tell them "hey the other half of your employees still got cars use them" . Must i bring more up . Hmm lets see half of you are now considered useless .But we are golden we got the other half still . SO WG MANAGMENT fire HALF OF YOUR WORKERS you dont NEED THEM YOU GOT THE OTHER HALF . This reminds me of a Ahole that stole my bicycle with the words hey you still got your Chopper . Well i hitted his teeth out (4 of them) hey he still got the rest right no harm done .
  14. As written in the title this must stop . It is a totaly unfair Situation for a t5 cv to come in a double cv match with a t6 or like happend today(got a Screen ) with a t7 cv. A forced Auto drop Cv should not be in a match with a Manual drop cv (and i am not talking about the skill of the Players ) . I dont play Cv s so i couldnt care less but this is just unfair sportsmanship. Would you go up in ring with "insert famous boxer Name here" while one of your Hands is bound behind your back ? . Is this the balanced Matchmaking Wg displays. If yes guys your in for a lot of questions once i am at the Gamescon .
  15. FRITZ ! FRITZ ! FRITZ!!! not the cat btw. GF without FRITZ is not a GF .