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  1. Let spread the News. In the German Community a Clan leader posted a Screenshot showing he is useing a "nono" . The thread telling this in the english Forum side been deleted . SO WG TELL US WHAT YOU GONNA DO TO PREVENT FURTHER ABUSE OF SUCH "nonos". Also in CW .
  2. Ich denke auch der hatte es einfach übersehen und will oder kann sich seinen Fehler nicht eingestehen . Das nennt man Dunning und Kruger Effekt. Wurde auch schon von Tx DDs beschimpft ich würde cheaten . Mein Radar wäre zu lang von der Dauer her ( vom z 52 der hat doch Hydro und kein Radar tja das wissen manche halt nicht ). Es passiert auch in ner Desmo wen du die Spezial Upgrade Module benutzt 56 Sekunden statt 40 .
  3. No the map is fine as it is (Wg would probaly say so ) .We all have to "git gud "and play it like the creator of this map had in mind . The Camping is a problem you cant solve . Cause for solving it you must Change the natural behavior of players . And most of our Player base ,dont get me wrong . Are just lttle afraid chickens thrieving on the fact they can shoot you but you cant shoot them .Or why do you think Ozean is hated cause there are no hiding spots .Only water and ther you must show if you know where to put your ship in pos and how to shot while they shot you .
  4. Ist grad fertig . Mit Salz ,Zucker und/oder Butter ect. Bestellungen werden aufgenommen . Letzen 7 tage Solo Curts 62% WR Avg dmg 40 k 67 Runden . Ist doch ok was meckerst du den ? Bei mir letzen 7 Tage 62% Avg dmg 68k 74 Matches . Das sind die Solo stats bei Stats and numbers .
  5. Menschen ? Intelligent ? LOL
  6. And of Course my first kraken attempt get snacked by a 3k hp left fuso but then i get thier kraken Player a one volley shot .
  7. Hi Skycat ,Blogis and Corvi . At least when i see you in matches it is o7 and +1 Karma from me ,for you guys .But i also know the feeling getting reported while you got 2k something base exp 3 - 5 ships killed at the end you got 3-5 Karma less . Damm i had times my Karma been up to 140 but now .... well i can still Report 11 times . Even got reported cause i asked a yammy today if i should sink him or if he want his dread Achievment (match already won no need to kill him but i could so i asked ) .Calling me cocky ect. (in my Khaba and yes i sunk him ) .
  8. Deckeru_Maiku. If Terrys Formular is right .Holy Sh... how do they know how to breath . Probaly even a cucumber has more IQ compared to the crowd then . (do it like A.E.)
  9. Famous movie line "one humans is clever " " alot of humans are sheeps ". We ve been at stories . Shooting range P stands 20m away from target . He´s been drilled since 7 days how to handle a 9mm H&K Pistole. He loads it all fine . He arms it . Removes the safety. Aims .. So far no Problem . Iam a little proud Drill Ins. All of a sudden he pulls the gun in a 30 degrees angle behind his head and squees the trigger . The 29 guys behind him waiting are all on ground faces in the dirt .Gun knocks that idiot out . He is flat on his face on the ground. Result a weekend of lots of pain for him .And i had to drill him again .
  10. How about instead of complaining about how bad they are and they ruin your Stats ect !? How about show them how to play proper !. And always remember where it could end when you start "we dont allow a certain kind of people because " insert reason" . We had this not so long ago . It always starts small and in most eyes harmless and Ends in terrible things done . Dont ask Wg to do something .Go and do something yourself teach people how to play . Talk to them after the match tell them where they can find Infos how to play correct ect. Dont point your fingers at them just cause you think you got the right to do so . If you want them to change then you must change them .
  11. Mate dont tell me. Tell them how to code it in code . Oh and Show them the code aswell so they dont put bugs in it like double pens from ap Shells ect.
  12. Till the day the Aliens hit our waters emp fry all the fancy hightech ships .Then they cry for the old Analog Battle harden Monsters .Oh crap we already had a movie about it . You dont sink a Battleship....
  13. Baron good idea. And now pleas tell the WG staff how to "code" it.
  14. Your right Dfens but then they mostly are not on Nr1 place . Not kills get you there it is the % dmg done to other ships ect. Congratz for the 7 Kill in a Fiji nice one .