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  1. Babis_GR

    Smoke is not an earplug !

    If someones spots something, this is visible... It's the game... Not debating that. That is no bug, it is the gameplay they wanted... I doubt however they meant to mute planes over your head, if no one spots them...
  2. Babis_GR

    Smoke is not an earplug !

    @Culiacan also unrealistic, but maybe difficult to implement. But this ! FFS! It's smoke , not gelly.
  3. Babis_GR

    Smoke is not an earplug !

    4 enemy strike squadrons closing to my DD. Sitting in smoke... Complete silence.... What kind of smoke is this vanishing the sound of planes? Getting out of smoke... Bzzzzzz Broum... 4 squadrons still there above my head ! Didn't sink me, but you get the point... FIX IT WG ! It is totally unrealistic!
  4. Babis_GR

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Nothing against the DD nerf I can adapt. BUT I had ships with AFT and BFT at captains abilities, which now I find of no use. Are you going to give doubloons to fix captains or NOT? We are talking about more than 3000 needed to re-distribute the abilities "torpedo-wise" again.
  5. Babis_GR

    Locking turrets in neutral position

    No, but I second that in case it is a request. It would be very useful at certain situations...
  6. Babis_GR

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    It finds my game installation folder, perfectly and alone, but when I press next , it pops Any solution? (Run the installer both inside WoW folder and from where I download it originally)
  7. Babis_GR

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    In my New Mexico (what laser guns she has, oh god) , seen a New Orleans at 13km full broadside, I wrote on text, "I will shoot you NO"... So I take the shot and boom , what a nice kill with 3 cits from 3/4 health... I just wrote then "I shot" , like i "told you so", ... no reply ... hehe
  8. Babis_GR

    German Tier X

    If you have the flag on stock AND DO NOT USE IT, (ie keep it for xxx DD that detonates more easily) I think the odds are increasing you get detonated on any other ship you use...
  9. Babis_GR

    Gneisenau wider beam then Scharnhorst?

    Looks the same to me to tell you the truth...
  10. Babis_GR

    Adressing Great Naval Battles Event Feedback

    First time I write in the forum, and I am furious ! I have collected 980 diamonds during the event . Today I saw the weekly recurring mission for 100K HP giving the last 20 VERY WANTED diamonds to get the battle camo x 100 ! And already was at ~ 35K hp collected in a few hours ! And you removed it??? Very VERY disappointed by that. Feeling .. violated...