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  1. the "carry harder!" thread

    Did most of my team decide to wander up the west and get slaughtered one by one by a Carrier and two cruisers, letting the Scharnhorst just demolish the other flank? Yes. Did I cry a bit out of frustration? Absolutely. I'm lost for words - how can you not kill a Nürnberg + Algérie with 3 BBs (two of those top tier) and several cruisers for support?
  2. Too many T10 ships driving around

    I'd really like WG to implement a similar kind of MM template as in Wot, except it being inverted in priority and adapted to teams of 12 (so basically MM first looks for 8 bottom and 4 top tiers in a +/- 1 spread, then for 12 equal tiered ships, then for 2 top tier, 4 mid tier and 6 bottom tier ships with the current +/- 2 MM) So basically they'd just take all the tier 10s and either dump them into tier 9 games, but since not that many people play tier 9, they'd probably just fight only other tier 10s with the occasional lower tier ship.
  3. Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    It's clearly due to a ninja-nerf in the last patch! :P But seriously (since OP is asking seriously): try some more games, could have just been bad luck with meh teams and matchups. Since you seem to do quite well in your Missmarck, try to do the same thing in your Derpitz, should work out well in the long run :)
  4. Thoughts and speculations on Italian cruisers

    I'd absolutely prefer that to some new gimmick-fest, maybe the penetration damage could be like 50% of max shell damage? Very interesting idea, as it would also add more variety to ammunition types :)
  5. Hold up - are you implying that WG actually learns from mistakes and listens to customer complaints? :O But I have to agree, Kronshtadt is just another BB, probably they don't declare it a BB since there is no russian BB silver tree (yet). I would prefer it much more if they finally put in real free-XP cruisers at tier 9, would be an insta-buy for me.
  6. So what about Missouri? That thing has a radar too, as far as I know Or maybe I don't remember the outrage, could be possible as well.
  7. Well Krohnstadt is a cruiser by name
  8. Match settings defaulting to CoOp for no reason

    Did you play in a training room? After leaving a training room, the Game mode Co-Op is automatically selected... (At least that's what happens when I do that :)
  9. Fire quick grab the hose!!

    So it seems to me that you are a dedicated BB player. In BBs, I'd absolutely recommend a tank build, which means take fire prevention + basics of survivability (also Concealment Expert if you've got the points), also use the fire reduction flag + module + Premium Damacon, you'll reduce fire damage to the extreme. But even this build won't help you if you always extinguish the first fire, rule of thumb (in a BB) would be to extinguish two fires, since it's damage you can heal anyway. If you're getting spammed to death, try to disengage before you damacon ;) Good luck out there!
  10. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    4.5 secs? How did you get there? Or is that with BoS and the "tanky" module? When I calculated it, I got "only" 9 secs of extinguishing time (30*0.3 =9), which can of course be further enhanced with the module/skill.
  11. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    Well i see it as an opportunity to go full tank build in Hindy (what's that, like 10 secs fire extinguishing time?), basically turning it into a kleiner Kurfürst :) But I agree with you as far as max-range Dakka dakka Hindys go, maybe they could tune down the rudder shift buff to like 10%. Maybe also increase it's dispersion, to make it less efficient at range. Invisi-Zao was indeed a pretty "meh" design, I don't think the stealth fire removal was that much of a nerf for the ship anyways.
  12. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    Well you will have to trade Concealment for that module, not to sure I want to sail around in a Cruiser that gets outspotted by basically everything with a full concealment build.
  13. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    I'm not to sure about the Zao module, you're trading 1.3km of range for better rudder shift (which is of little to no use due to the turning circle being a problem, not the rudder shift time) and a bit better accuracy (never had any problems with Zao dispersion) I'd rather have them replace the dispersion buff by a reload buff, so you could go with a cross-over build between range and reload module builds.
  14. Torpedo dud

    Well there are these so-called WASD-hax ;) Also RNG affects the spread of your torpedoes, sometimes creating beautiful ship-sized gaps!
  15. The Reason why people dont play CV

    I played exactly 2 games in CV (Hosho, without Alt-attacks though) and i didn't really enjoy those. That is of course my own, very subjective, opinion; and as much as I appreciate people playing CVs for their teams, I despise playing them myself. The problem is as simple that, by their very nature, CVs are completely different from the other classes and you need to worry about totally different things than as a DD. My suggestion for the CV situation would be to nerf AA on most BBs to jap. BB levels (no not like Kii, more like Amagi: decent, benefits from AA perks etc., but won't wipe out your squads in seconds.) At the same time, make AA more resistent against HE spam (especially large-calliber one from our dear RN friends) - I've had situations in supposedly strong AA ships (Des Memes f.e.) in which after taking three HE salvoes, i was unable to shoot down several planes from a t8 carrier with DFAA active. That would at least make life more predictable as a CV (i guess), while nerfing BBs that don't participate in team play. Tl,dr: CVs are by nature totally different from other ship classes and will therefore never be as attractive to many players, but everything else can be balanced to make them less hard to play correctly.