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  1. Erga_Buzerga

    Upcoming T5 Ranked

    Well I guess that just for the sake of it, I'll play my Marblehead Lima with 19pt Desmo Skipper Should be great at demolishing DDs and annoying BBs :D Also very happy to see something move away from t10, so I can finally have some fun in my less played ships
  2. Erga_Buzerga

    Op Dynamo - Highest plane kills

    Best one was 56 in Sims so far, my gnevny surprised me last match though by shooting down 16 of the buggers :D
  3. Erga_Buzerga

    Pan Asian Destroyer Balance?

    But I have 85k average Dmg and over 5000pr in Jianwei so it MUST be good! (Only played 3 games so far)
  4. My take on this is that they should either rework the EXP system to reward win-oriented play more (like increasing exp for spotting, tanking, capping, maybe even give EXP for cap-contesting) OR just remove the keep a star system, people leaving "insta-loss"-battles will get pink very quickly. Maybe as a compensation make every rank 1 star easier to reach, so 4 stars for each rank after rank 5, 3 stars per rank after rank 10, etc. Also pleeeeease stahp with T10, it's not that great of a tier, especially with it being the 4th big " competitive" event in a row, enough is enough! >.<
  5. Erga_Buzerga

    Arms Race Mode

    If it stays permanently, please let us either opt out of it in randoms (like assault mode in WOT) or make it separate (just like on PTS). I'm enjoying it very much as it is, but the balancing is not what I'd call amazing, since the buffs heavily benefit gunboat DDs and light cruisers, making this a Harugumo/Khaba/Gearing/Wooster-only mode... (Mino if you're brave enough) That's (I guess) due to the nature of the upgrades and the overall very DD-heavy MM, serving this kind of ship very well - More concealment to get on par with Torpboats, Heal for better staying power and I guess the advantages of more dakka-dakka are quite obvious. Also one annoying thing are the steamrolls occuring with rather meh teams, where it kinda snowballs due to friendlies getting killed/not getting their boosts -> enemies get more kills/boosts -> even more friendlies die/ don't get any boosts (happens with both teams :P)
  6. Erga_Buzerga

    Ranked Season 10

    Only played 12 games in my Zao so far, got to R10 today :) Only amusing thing was one match where half the enemy team kept complaining about me trying to save my star, because I was being chased by a Mino at 8km range and did not want to broadside (wonder why? I had around 8k health remaining and did in fact not want to die). Lost 4 karma that match (great system, isn't it?). Also CV matches are just unpleasant, the ammount of spotting a good CV player can provide when the enemy one potatoes is plain disgusting. (Not to mention LOL onehit AP-Bombs, don't get me started on those...)
  7. Erga_Buzerga

    Anyone feel the Zao is in need of a buff

    Yeah give it russian radar pls, I don't feel effective enough against DDs
  8. Erga_Buzerga

    T-61 in shop today: Did you pull the trigger?

    I actually got an advertisement in the "post-buying-spree" banner just after getting her, I think WG is trying to make as much cash as possible with her.. It's a very nice ship, even though I only played 3 games so far (all with double carriers + mid/bottom tier, oh joy), managed to get my first 2k base game in her :)
  9. Erga_Buzerga

    Whats your favourite ship for ranked?

    For me it's gonna be Atago and Zao, love both of these and managed to get 60+ % WR last season :)
  10. Erga_Buzerga

    The most important Izumo buff

    I really like it, since I think Izumo is just a very early and very basic paper ship. My only gripe is that this would require WG to make an entirely new model, so quite a bit of work for an already existing ship. The much more efficient buff would be to make it's third turret forward-facing, thus making the ship more comfortable to play and angle.
  11. Erga_Buzerga

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Erie OP confirmed :D 1577 base XP^^ (No, I'm not sealclubbing! This is my new account on NA server :P)
  12. Erga_Buzerga

    A request to Wargaming

    What about thr British CLs and PA DDs that can fit both radar and smoke, adding an element of surprise to their playstyle (especially radar mino)? Wouldn't that take away from these ships? Other than that, I agree with your proposal, even though this thread is somewhat redundant due to many other threads allready proposing this ;)
  13. Erga_Buzerga

    the "carry harder!" thread

    Did most of my team decide to wander up the west and get slaughtered one by one by a Carrier and two cruisers, letting the Scharnhorst just demolish the other flank? Yes. Did I cry a bit out of frustration? Absolutely. I'm lost for words - how can you not kill a Nürnberg + Algérie with 3 BBs (two of those top tier) and several cruisers for support?
  14. Erga_Buzerga

    Too many T10 ships driving around

    I'd really like WG to implement a similar kind of MM template as in Wot, except it being inverted in priority and adapted to teams of 12 (so basically MM first looks for 8 bottom and 4 top tiers in a +/- 1 spread, then for 12 equal tiered ships, then for 2 top tier, 4 mid tier and 6 bottom tier ships with the current +/- 2 MM) So basically they'd just take all the tier 10s and either dump them into tier 9 games, but since not that many people play tier 9, they'd probably just fight only other tier 10s with the occasional lower tier ship.
  15. Erga_Buzerga

    Why do I suck in my Derpitz?

    It's clearly due to a ninja-nerf in the last patch! :P But seriously (since OP is asking seriously): try some more games, could have just been bad luck with meh teams and matchups. Since you seem to do quite well in your Missmarck, try to do the same thing in your Derpitz, should work out well in the long run :)