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  1. Sanepidi

    Flooding Rework

    He is right. BB buff. All torp based ships lost on that update. Not to mention that flames burn shorter, because BB are now more eager to use R...
  2. Sanepidi

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    podsumowujac Yamka nie miala dobrego AA i nie ma go nadal. Ale przy aktualnej mechanice nawet slabe AA moze duzo szkod wyrzadzic.
  3. Sanepidi

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    I co ma ten screen dowiesc? Ze udalo Ci sie zrobic Premka 2,4 k base xp grajac na tiery 8/7? Nie mowie, ze nie da sie zrobic czasem dobrego wyniku. Ale lotniska so o wiele slabsze niz byly. Szczegolnie tier 10. Pokaz mi wynik lepiej midway albo hakuryu gdzie masz 2,5k base xp. Premki przewaznie sa mocniejsze niz odpowiedniki darmowe
  4. Sanepidi

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    Chodzi tylko o zasade. Okrety ktore nie slynna z AA sa teraz na tyle mocne, ze radza sobie w walce z lotniskiem. Yamato nie ma dobrych AA a mimo to daje rade zestrzelic dobremu graczowi tyle samolotwo solo. To nie jest normalne. Dawniej bylo CV lepiej zbalansowane. Ogolnie musisz byc bardzo dobrym graczem by zrobic jakies porzadne obrazenia i dodatkowo jest to bardzo zalezne od sczczescia, czy przeciwnicy pojda solo. Inne okrety nie maja az takich problemow, by wywrzec jakeis wplyw na rozgrywke.
  5. Sanepidi

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    Nie? gralem yamato i trafilem na midway z 120 k srednim dmg. Zmasakrowalem mu 51 samoltow a on mi zadal niecale 30k! bylem sam na pelnym morzu.
  6. Sanepidi

    CV Rework - Oficjalny temat do zbiórki opinii

    szkoda czasu na lotniska. Najslabsza klasa w grze aktualnie. Najmniejszy wplyw i najmniejszy dmg. 1. Nie spotujesz 2. Nie zadajesz duzo obrazen 3. Nie mozesz wlaczyc z duzymi grupami 4. Nie masz samolotow pod koniec bitwy = nie robisz nic Ciagle tylko nerfy do cv i boosty do AA. Zrobili ta klase niegrywalna. Lubilem stare CV, nowe byly ciekawe. Teraz nigdy nie mam zamiaru do nich wracac
  7. Sanepidi

    Flooding Rework

    Boost CV torp damage. If you make even less with floodings they need some better torps. New floodings make it alot easier to stay alive and punishes mostly CV and DD. Now it is not so dangerous to get floodings. It make game not so punishing and too easy
  8. Sanepidi

    assignment: shoot 30 planes. No CVs?

    I belive you. I saw what grozovoi can do to planes. It was sick. One Single DD and took rocket planes like they were only some paper planes. CV's get's with each patch nerf. Now it was flooding mechanic without change to DMG output of CV. They have now weak flood chance and weak dmg. Flooding ist shorter and weaker. I know that WG didn't intend to nerf planes. They didn't think about what it will cause. Now CV's are way underpowered. If i met some, they have some really weak stats. or those stats are still in part pre NERF stats. If you need vs Yamato 51 Midway planes to make hardly 25-30 k DMG:-)? That is power We need to wait for all fixes they are preparing. 1. Fix to dying planes after strike 2. Overlaping of AA I would like to see some dmg boost wehn floodings are so nerfed now
  9. Sanepidi

    When is the CV nerfing going to end ??

    So basicly they are working on some fixes. the most important one so far is to fix your losses on planes after carrying a strike. Those planes dies so quick. They promies us a fix. You are absolutly right about that flooding nerf. That was always best dmg if you managed to cause flooding. They didn't think about it, what it will cause. But i hope that they will fix it. They need to buff dmg on all aerial torps. Flooding ist now somehow almost usless. On Yamato i get what? 21s? What is that even? I will use one repair ang get it fixed in 100%:-). Before that update i saved my repair mostly for for floodings. It was always sooo long. I managed even to pull 115k DMG on planes and 51 plane kills (Midway planes) on yamato (During that battle i made 140 k dmg on other ships and killed 2).... Since when has that ship good AA? That CV had good stats and he managed to make maybe 25-30k in price of 51 planes? I was open water without AA support (7 planes shoted by my fighters, 44 by AA). CV's clearly need buff. If Yamato survives solo open water vs good Midway player. There is something wrong.
  10. Sanepidi

    Aircraft Carriers - Plans for the near future!

    that will be the most important change to do for now. It affects you badly. For now you lose almost all planes if you attack strong AA oponnents, even with 2 strikes from 4 carried.
  11. Sanepidi

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    All Players that complain about CV's and weak AA should play few times with CV and check how it really is. 2 Ships not necessery AA ships will bring your planes reserve to "0". Just test it by yourself and check how it is. Maybe we should add realistic torpedo amount at DD's? let's say 2 full salvo x 10 torps and no ammo? How it would feel to you? Or limited amount of shells for Minotaur That would be funny. All ships has unlimited ammo on board but planes are limited. Hmm strange
  12. Sanepidi

    New CVs

    Yes nerf CV's! Great idea. Are you aware that spoting in first phase wirth cv can end badly for his planes and reserves? If you hit stealth AA mino? or Worcester? CV's oppose no threat in current meta.......... In RTS Good Player's were serious competitors. Good CV could make difference. Now? DD have bigger impact. 2 Ships near each other and after few strikes you are out of planes. Dive bombers OP? Yeah let's nerf DMG. Those planes need to get above of the target. They will take losses. Good Player will try change course to avoid perfect strike. It is RNG to hit with Bomb's. CV Torpedo? weak! No real DMG. Floodings? rarely. If you make some he will use R..... Floodings will become nerf in new patch! Yes! How big is chance that you make 2 flodings on one ship with those torpedos and hit both parts of him to cause it? Yea good question by this % chance. Rocket planes? harder to aim OK, but that spread and DMG RNG. If you spot DD you need to make whole new run to hit him. Sure ok. But if you find gearing or grozovoi? I lost many planes because i found that ships and lost even more than if they were CA's there. Give better Plane Respawn or nerf AA. You can't nerf DMG, Reserves. In RTS CV's i found only few Midway's with 50 k DMG. Nowadays there is alot of them. Look at average DMG of new CV's. Even with PRE NERF STATS they are behind!
  13. Sanepidi

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    and cry for losing alot of ISK :-)?
  14. Sanepidi

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Just sum this up. That new gameplay made all worse. CV's were OP due to floodings etc. now they are too weak. It won't be ever fair with that gameplay. You don't have any real impact on the game. Let's stay to World of BATTLESHIPS. That the best ship type to dominate the game...
  15. Sanepidi

    CV Rework Discussion

    CV nowdays is crap. If i see [edited]Midway torp run i laught. hell let's take 6 torps from him. better than showing broadside to someone. In old RTS CV it was [edited]ME. He is coming for me. I need to move, better show broadside. Some comparsion. Well aimed BB salvo can take alot of your HP pool. Well aimed torp run makes hmm very little. Only AP Bombs make some real dmg. Yea just keep ur planes alive for 2-3 runs, near 2-3 ships that are shooting with AA. GJ WG i am not afarid of any CV's now:-P. They suck. Even Yamato AA can shoot some planes down! AA Moskva or Stalingrad is beast if you decide to spend some points of AA. I liked old RTS style. Now in my opinion, just delete CV's from the game.