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  1. Despite Zao being my favourite ship in terms of playstyle, I have had to give it up due to the constant nerfs it's had over the time and with the continuous introduction of new better equipped ships. It is supposed to be a heavy cruiser and yet it struggles even with light cruisers like the Worcester or Minotaur. When WOWS developers came up with this ship (and made up it is, as it does not reflect IJN philosophy of the time), it was built with one trick in mind - Inivisifire. Since then every advantage it had has been wiped out by many means. The only useful play now left for the Zao is distance firelighting and the occasional lucky break with a dd. I don't think the ZAO needs a buff. It needs a rethink as they have made the current one obsolete. Looking forward to all the wise guys coming in with their "your stats" or "noob" or other cracking comments. Not interested in that. I would be interested in sensible comments about how other players do find Zao these days.
  2. satoca1

    Bots, Cheating, Poor play

    It was not my intention to turn this thread into one about radars. My point was that irrespective of the reason why those two dds chose to do what they did, it greatly influenced the outcome of the game. The reporting function appears to be meaningless and unsporting behaviour goes unpunished. This was not a case of a mistake being made, but rather intentional play by both not to engage. My question is, should there be a process or mechanism for WOWS to investigate instances like this. If there is one I am not aware of it. If I contact customer support their default response is "post in on the forum". Posting on the forum does not make on bit of difference as it does not change anything.
  3. satoca1

    Bots, Cheating, Poor play

    I'm glad you pointed that out as it did cross my mind but chose not to mention it here in case we're told we're whingeing about radars again. Wows developers listening? I think not.
  4. satoca1

    Bots, Cheating, Poor play

    Just been in a t10 game where 2 out of our 3 dds were either bots or refused to play properly. One just reversed all the way back to the edge of the map from the start, the other made a few turns by one of the caps and then turned back to the same spot on the edge of the map. Needless to say we lost the game very quickly, not least because the rest of our bb squad decided to lemming train to a cap without dds. Obvious thing to do was to report them as AFK and ask others including enemy team to report them. A comment made by one of the other players was "what's the use, they will turn pink and that's it". Does anything happen when we report or is it just a placebo? I wish I could have a record of the game because it was quite unbelievable but still don't know what else, if anything, would come out of it. It also drives a sense of the WOWS developers not really giving much notice to feedback and frustrations on this game. I did manage to get a screenshot of the team score showing both Shima's at the bottom. Not even sure why/how they earned XP! *edited*
  5. satoca1

    Radars ruining game

    Just been on a game where the opposing team had three radars (2 worcestors and 1 pay to win krohnstadt) against none on our team. Needless to say we got hammered and none of our dds able to get anywhere near a cap. To add to the misery I was in a tier 8 dd against tier 10 cruisers, battleships and dds (they had an asashio t8). Is it me or does matchmaking in Wows have a long way to go. Worst of all, should the balancing of certain cruisers be worked out better as the radar equipped ones are just running away with the games and anyone else who did not grind british or american is just being constantly nerfed. Does anyone from WOWS developers actually take any notice to these comments?
  6. satoca1

    Suggestions thread

    The current meta of Wows is too random. Apart from the frustration of seeing the Zao and Hindenburg effectively nerfed everytime something else is introduced (radar ships, smoke on cruisers, better armour), the game feels like you're playing pinball. Too many variables and having little control over whether I will have a good game or a bad game, or dare I say win the game! It's just making it too random and frustrating. How about introducing Random games with 7 players on each team. A bit like ranked bit without the aggression or anger of players if you lose. Not like clan battles as I can only play when I can and not on set times. Either way, Zao needs a buff. It just doesn;t make sense historically that IJN had the best ships in terms of quality but in the game the Worcestors, Minotaurs and Desmoines are starting to dominate. Needless to say many of these ships were considered failures as they sacrificed a lot of the surface capabilities for the sake of anti-air. Again, not reflected in the game as their insane ROF's (not to mention smoke and radar) make them nigh on impossible to play against. Options for Zao should include better torpedo arcs, improved armour similar to moskva recent change, better torps. The new torps are too slow to load and too slow speed.
  7. satoca1

    Cruisers dead

    I agree with the first comment completely. Might as well start calling it World of Battleships the way it's going. Now that we are also facing the RN bbs it is even worse. You wait until there will be as many Conquerors as there are Yamatos or Kurfurst's now. The Nelson (tier 7) is more difficult to play against than an Izumo (tier 9). Front facing stationary battleship with same tanking capabilities, better heal and better ROF! No chance being a cruiser particularly when you are facing multiple bbs and have very little hoping of angling because you are either exposing your broadside to another bb or simply because in many situations they don't even need to broadside you. I play cruisers and dds and the only viable cruisers are T10, just and if you make no mistakes you might survive to the end, or some (not all) dds. I might just as well stick to my Fletcher and torp from distance. I have some suggestions for WOWS, if anyone bothers listening: 1. History has shown battleships to be slow cumbersome boats. Their ROF and manouverability in the game are not realistic and OP. Double time on ROF and double the stopping time for a ship to get to stop and reverse or move forward. It is totally unreal how such huge ships can avoid torps from a standing start. 2. Battleships used to be called Capital Ships for a reason - they were the most valuable ships as they were the most expensive to build and run. Double the cost of running a battleship and more importantly limit the number of battleships per game to 2, like cvs. It does not make sense that battleships outnumber cruisers and dds. It just never happened in history as countries built a lot of inexpensive ships and very very few of the big battleships. 3. If you really want to stick to the current game play and allow bbs to run riot, then make the cruiser and dd play more rewarding. This can be done if the amount of XP earned by cruiser and dds is doubled up. Currently I could be in a tier 8 cruiser facing a tier 10 bb, with the battleship carrying all the gun/armour advantages and to top it all they get more damage and XP by doing less work (tank and fire as your dispersion will annihilate the cruiser any which way the bb shoots). Cruiser and DD play is more risky and it should be rewarded better otherwise it stands to reason that everyone will go for the biggest meanest safest boat - common denominator - ie everyone in battleships. 4. Limit tiers. Stop the three tier difference games. As much as people moan about gameplay in Ranked, the best part it is that it is only one tier. Last season (7) Ranked was also dominated by bbs but at least there was not a single boat overwhelming the game. 5. Stop sending stupid questionnaires or asking how "satisfied" I was at the end particular games.
  8. satoca1

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    170 games later, after reaching rank 2 and now dropping like a lead balloon down to rank 5, i have to say I am as disappointed as always with ranked. I play dd's only in ranked and the level of abuse from other players is incredible. Unlike last season, I managed to climb the ranks a lot quicker. I adjusted my play style significantly where my dd (farragut) is pretty much only supporting bb's. Not fun game play but for the good of the team - keep out of range, spot and smoke and occasionally take on another dd in a knuckle fight - no hope of stealth torping or firing as everyone hides in your smoke. The result is that between ranks 10 to 5, I sailed through them but pretty much always at the bottom of damage/xp earned. Very rarely do I lose a game and not lose a star, simply because I am too busy smoking for others while they play their own game. At the later stages, the game play has now become harder. The same few players beating each other as rng mixes us up as it pleases and everyone getting frustrated. The only ones enjoying it are WOWS developers as they are making us play more games and in turn use more consumables, flags, camo's and doubloons - Kaching! In the meantime, players getting upset with each other and calling each other names - all for a game. Everyone seems to think they are the good players when they win, and the rest of the team bad when they lose. I still think this game has gone too heavily in favour of bbs - not just in terms of ability to annihilate - but in terms of reward/effort balance. I can understand why dd players ignore their teams in random - it just is not worth it winning the game by giving up on your stats and damage for the sake of others. And if they die - they have a go at you!
  9. satoca1

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - Matchmaking

    I completely agree with Thracen's comment. Played a couple of games with cv involved where one totally outplayed the other and our team won/lost the game without being able to do much about it.
  10. satoca1

    Ranked Battles Season 7 - General Feedback

    I think this season's ranked is better in terms of ship balance i.e. no belfasts. Saying that I am a dd and a cruiser player and there isn't a single ship that allows you to have a good game. DD game play is nowadays totally ruined as there is little chance of torping from stealth and bb's seem to have the manouverability of a speed boat. The only game play left for a dd is just to smoke for your bb's, who then get annoyed if somehow it is not in the place or time they expect it. The only other option is to play selfish and just smoke yourself but that's not really good for the game. Either way, not sufficient to be able to have an impact on the game It is an even worse situation for cruisers. I have tried all of them - some moderate success with a cleveland as long as I hide and hide and hide. Other than that they are just fodder for the first Fuso or New Mexico that spots you. No doubt there will be a lot of comments about not being a good player and so on, but you only have to look at what is happening in the game. 3 to 4 bb's pretty much in every game. I wonder what will happen at ranks 5 upwards where the game play is really tough and some good cv players in the mix as well. Wows - please take note. Stop favouring bb play. History has shown us that bbs became obsolete to be replaced by smaller, nimbler and more adaptable ships. Wows is going the opposite way - making bbs OP relative to other ships.
  11. satoca1

    Ranked Season 6 Hardest Rank Up's

    I got to rank 2, with 2 stars and then started free-falling. Now in rank 5, soon to be 6 at this rate. It has wiped out all fun from this game and the only reason I stuck to it is coz I stupidly believe that somehow I will get to rank 1. The rewards after all are not even worth the bother. WOWS/WG you are getting greedy and it will just turn people off.