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  1. tappo01

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    exactly, pretty much no reason to play hindenburg over zao. the only cruisers worth playing are dm/worcester for dpm and zao for kiting and long range harassment not to mention that it also has devastating ap alpha.
  2. Just had a game where the enemy team had 2 Harugumos and 2 Worcesters against our 2 Shimas and other non-worcester cruisers no divisions by the way. Guess which team won? That was a complete waste of time as it was obvious the game was lost from the MM screen... not that it lasted very long as we barely made it to 10 minutes mark thankfully. Ships that have the greatest influence on the outcome of a battle (read: OVERPOWERED) just like CVs need to be matched in order to give both teams a fair chance to win.
  3. tappo01

    Special upgrade missions all got reset

    Restarting the game fixed it, typical Wargaming. Ill leave it up in case anyone else has the same issue
  4. What the hell??? All of my special upgrade missions got reset to 0... i was on the final stage of the zao upgrade and now im back to square one? Anyone else?
  5. tappo01

    Improving weekend experience

    Just a quick suggestion that in my opinion would greatly improve the game experience on weekends. Make it that only players with +50% winrate from monday to friday can play pvp/ranked/whatever during weekend, all the others with -49% can only play pve. This would not only ensure that you get half decent team mates on weekends but would also encourage and motivate people to play better during the rest of the week as well.
  6. I really dont understand, it makes sense that you try to push the cap that you spawned close to yet many times I see the team spawns at A/B and they all head C. Or even worse people starting A go C and people starting C go A... Why in the hell?
  7. tappo01

    New Japan tier 10 cruiser

    I dont see why anyone would pick zao over hindenburg, hinden is just better at everything except concealment
  8. tappo01

    New Japan tier 10 cruiser

    Zao used to be a strong and feared ship back then, nowadays it has been nerfed a thousand times both direct nerfs such as stealth fire removal, demo expert nerf and buff to other classes such as fire prevention. It still has 40k dp which is ridiculous, stupidly long reload, terrible turret traverse, AA is mediocre at best and no radar. It is time for Zao to be moved back to tier 9 maybe with concealment nerf and reduced HE alpha and have a new tier 10 cruiser that can hold its own in this BB dominated meta. Discuss.
  9. Beacause point and click easy mode shouldnt be rewarded the same as playing other ships. A ship a 5 years old could probably get good results in needs to suffer heavy credit loss at every game to discourage abuse of said ship.
  10. tappo01

    Game integrity check is impossibly SLOW

    BUMP Still stupidly slow, the problem is on YOUR end - fix it!
  11. What the hell is wrong? Its currently downloading at 27 kb/s even though my connection can go up to 4 mb/s. This is ridiculous, not only your update broke my game your tool to fix it doesnt even work, I have 8 GB left to download at this rate its going to take me a month... so much for your 1 day premium compensation
  12. tappo01

    Games have become too one sided

    I started playing this game one year ago and sure as hell I recall having way more fun back then than I do now. Basically after two minutes you can already tell whether your team is going to steam roll the enemy or the opposite, there is no room for comebacks (maybe 1 in 30 games) and the battle is often over within 10 minutes with the winning team having 9-10 ships still alive. Pretty much as soon as you can tell your team is going to be completely obliterated you can just quit to the port and roll the dice again. Also smoke has become way too prevalent, theres smoke everywhere and gameplay has become ships in one smoke clouds shooting other ships in another smoke clouds, no one pushes because no one spots, BBs camp behind islands the whole game and and cruisers camp even further in the back because they get one shotted. It used to be fun, now I just log in play a couple games, get frustrated and quit. Maybe its just me but it seems to me the overall players during prime time have decreased compared to 2-3 months ago.
  13. tappo01

    0.6.3 micropatch issues 31st March

    This is terrible even by Wargaming standards
  14. tappo01

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My highest attack using Zao a little disappointed with the reward, only 2300 base xp but it was very fun http://i.imgur.com/P6NVN5y.jpg