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  1. CarlosMarques

    Game Faults Survey

    actualy im having some crashes in daily bases now, no mods here and my pc is far more then enough to run this game, already talked with people in chat with same problem, so for the people who dont have a problem...good continuoe in that way, but dont came here claim no one can say YES are problems with the game because the game going look bad, actualy i realy like the game and YES im having problems!
  2. CarlosMarques

    [Operation] Raptor Rescue

    Already got my 5 stars at long time, now is more to train my cleveland capt (still 14 pts), but to train my capt i need wins and that is rare now, teams full of emeralds (no armour, no dpm, brings nothing to scenarios), nurnbergs (good rate of fire but that`s all, lack in all other aspects) and..2 dd`s per battle, dd`s (if is not a competent dd capt they add nothing) oh well, they dont help with smoke (98% of them), got one today who died for the first wawe with...23 damage done (mmmm ok), and this post is more to say to this people...use the brain, try choose one ship who add something to the battle (DPM, AA, ok armor) not just one more, if you are new to the game and only have T5 ships avoid at all cost choose one dd to play, ask tips in chat and stay with the group, but for all...MORE IMPORTANT dont get sunk in the first wawe and start with shity talk about how the team is bad, dont start yelling at some one in the beginning of battle about the Tier of ships they are using(can be annoying i know but that not going help no one in there) and to finish i advise if you dont know what the TEAM word means...google it. Have fun Capts.
  3. CarlosMarques


    hello. Im realy confused whit the role of potencial damage in the next patch, let`s see... "Decreased reward for potential damage by 75% for carriers, by 50% for battleships and destroyers, and by 25% for cruisers" after... "Each ship type gets more rewards for engaging in their priority activities:" " Battleships: Potential damage" oh well first i think this is a nonsense second i cant see how this going improve the meta, at least for me this only going make the bb`s stay more in the back, for me they should get rewarded by going in front and tank for the team but with 50% decrease in reward?? im a PvE player, and in PvE with the low profit we have this going another cut, i dont play ramdom at long months but by what i can read here the camping is a big issue there, since Scenarios came ingame we have a huge wawe of "new" PvE players and the issue are being transfer to here too, but oh well that is what we have now and nothing i can do so i try play my game and that`s all. The big question for me is how this going improve the meta we have in this moment, i can see getting worst but im a noob so can someone help me here and explain how this going make the bb`s (actualy all types are getting a cut) go more in front and not camping? Ps: was thinking in comeback in ramdom and try this again, i played like 12k PvE battles since my last ramdom one, but one my problems is aiming at long range and PvE is not great for improve that since we pass 95% of the time in close/medium range, more in close, angling or awareness it`s ok, but if this patch means more camping...dunno what i can do, stay in PvE or just quit for a few months we see.
  4. CarlosMarques

    [Operation] Killer Whale

    Exist one post from Darth Glorious in the topic "PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?", page 8 who answer that, before make my first attempt i was searching for information and got this one who helped a lot, TY Darth Glorious. Or we can even pay attencion when they spawn, we got the warning and they happear for a few sec´s, so we can see where and who.
  5. CarlosMarques


    Hello Capts, quick question... Last 3/4 days the game lags a lot, long periods whit lag, anyone more?
  6. CarlosMarques

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

    NO point in play ramdom Aegis today, is just unbeliavable how after one week whit this misson the people still dont have one clue about what they are doing, WORST some people dont make one clue about what they ships do, the number of dd`s who dies for first wawe is huge (saw 2 good dd`s in like 20 capts), bb`s sailing directly to north and getting blasted when second wawe spawns, cruisers sailing south and remaining there almost all battle (and i mean south, where they cant even shoot escort ships or whatever), cv`s hunting dd`s instead of the bb`s, last battle 2 bb`s + 3 cruisers just decided sail directly for south, so instead of being killing the first wawe they was behind the island south of where schorrs going pass, completly out of position for second wawe AND first, when some of them started shoot in first wawe... second already was in battle, when second wawe spawned 3 ships from first sunk...UNBELIAVALE!!!!
  7. CarlosMarques

    [Operation] Aegis

    2 times in Aegis untill now, ramdom teams, first 4 stars, second 5 stars, it seems im the lucky guy here whit ramdom teams, leander and cleveland used, GL Capts.
  8. CarlosMarques

    New PVE Operations

    Got 5 stars today in one battle which at first look (ramdom, only 2 guys in division) i was thinking maybe another defeat, 2x T5 ships...mursmank/konig, rest T6, mutsu, new mexico, cleveland, budyonny and my Leander, one bunch of defeats and one bunch of 3 stars win untill now, what i saw in this one is the most important part of the team is the human part, this team was one TEAM, if the people have a clue how to use islands and when needed brawl this mission is doable for 5 stars (im a PvE player so mostly my experience in battle is at close range, think that helps even if im not even near one good player), had teams with CV`s but....had teams whit CV`s+ dd´s but...always was missing something, mostly in my opinion (i can be wrong lol) because the players are used to play at long range, dont look in minimap and think how they can use cover and flank the bots maintaining always one route to escape if needed, people dont focus fire, people dont comunicate in chat and some not even look at it, and some (lots) of players dont have a clue how to play in team. Not many people talk about the Leander for this mission but in my opinion he is so important as the cleveland (DPM+AA) or the CV, if you can get in the flank of the bots and is doable (not always) the AP melts down dd`s+cruisers, if you see one team mate in troubles you can smoke that ship, AA is not great but oh well we cant say is useful, the repair party is realy nice to have, torps, hydroacoustic not a german one but still nice to have, and this is the ship who can go and escort the CV with the suport of one bb, we can smoke the CV, we have torps to use against mogami+hipper. With Leander is true if we got them bowing in you we struggle a lot with this ship, that`s why i use this ship always like a flanker ship, always in movement, always looking in minimap and moving for better positions to shoot, actually this mission have some nice and short islands to use in our benefit. This worth what this worth as is only my opinion so....GL captains and have fun :-)
  9. CarlosMarques

    Technical Test Announcement

    Im a coop player, so im realy happy whit this and tank you WG by puting some attencion in this, but one question remains for me by what i read about this, at one point says we only can play whit minimum 4 players in division, so this means only at least 4 human players or... realy only 4 players in same division? because 99,9% of the times i play solo and this can change the way i look for this new feature, for people who belongs to one clan no problem but for solo players...
  10. CarlosMarques

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    same here
  11. CarlosMarques

    Anyone else having login problems

    same here
  12. CarlosMarques

    How to solve teamkilling

    This system about team killer sucks, for example today i throw some torps at distance for one BB, i checked before send them and no one going in that direction, only one guy near who parked the ship behind one island, well the guy decided put engines on and turn direction after this and even in this case he had to sail a bit for right in front of my torps, he stole one kill from me and is stupidity make me gain the team killer status, for not end in another fight i fired at one ship, was one friendly ship near going in front but not in line of fire, in the end he was almost dead and decided ramming the other ship in last moment and changed direction, with the dispersion ( i was in one N. Carolina firing at 16 kms) i made 678 points damage but...sunk the guy and then KILLER TEAM STATUS for all day, so the way how we are being awarded whit that status SUCKS!! so the people who are asking about bans or demoting captains...NO COMMENTS (they not going be nice).
  13. CarlosMarques

    Score panel bonkers || Win=Defeat null?

    Same problem here victory turned in defeat-null. in my case i got 0 from this battle after sink 3 ships, cap 1 base, hits in other ships and lost my 100% in process. No mod here.
  14. CarlosMarques

    Something is strange today..

    Definitely something wrong today, i have done my first random battle of the day, my team won, i have done a good result but....i was not able to see the result panel too, if i put only the cursor above "I" this says WIN, if i click to see the result of the battle says DEFEAT - NULL, and i got 0 points (sink 3 ships, cap one base, and some more hits in other ships)from this battle and lost my 100% , so better do not play more today??
  15. CarlosMarques

    Profit after battle

    Hello. im going start this brief ( i think lol) comment saying i was trying buy some doubloons at some days ago, dunno why every thing ok with my card and info i gave the server dont accepted and said for me contact support, i was untill now... With the new way to see the info after battle i realised and i think this is NEW now we gain nothing, or even worst we lost money (even with premium is not that many)after one battle where i made 66102 damage, sunk 3 ships ( full colorado, helped in one atlanta and one omaha, all times i fired my cannons i got hits, not 100% but that is impossible), got 50.100 damage because i lost my ship too and...RECEIVED : 50435 Spent: 70100 PROFIT: -19665....REALLY??? Now to finish i was saying i WAS to contact suport because not anymore, in less then one year this going be the most expensive game to play in world by the way the patches are coming out with more ways to get money, and another point i like play agressive, always in front line but now if i dont want spend ( and i dont) all my paycheck in this game i need start camping far away to avoid damage....and that is not the game i was liking. Good luck and fair seas capts.