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  1. JBJ7

    Insignia & Emblems

    Don't the emblems take our old matches? !@·# I unlocked all the russian tree and I wont play with them much more, I'm unlocking another trees. But I won't have my russian emblems!
  2. Estoy interesado en ingresar en NKK3. Envío la solicitud. Gracias.
  3. JBJ7

    My ideas for World of Warship

    The fire system has all available data on action and protection of the fire. Except the fire chance of dive bombers. I would like see all available data on action and protection of the flooding. For example: - Juliet Whiskey Unaone signal have +15% chance of causing flooding. Is this a lot or a little?
  4. JBJ7

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Matchmaking

    There are too many campers everytime and everywhere. UK cruisers, smoke and coward players are a boring game.
  5. JBJ7

    My ideas for World of Warship

    1. Why dont we can play with 2 CV in the same division?I think because it can to be very hard for the enemy team.I think the same with 3 BB and 3 DD. Wargaming should check the statistics if this is true.2. Are you a camper?This is a team game. What you do affects other people. I strive to play well, and I lose the match because others do not. The campers do the game boring and annoying. Most people play to have fun. Whether it's killing or dying, what's important is that you get adrenaline and have action.3. I love my anime myokos and my dragon myoko. But, What is wrong with my proposal? In World of Warship, there arent faction ships repeated. However, each one has several camouflages. Why dont do this with anime and dragon ships?
  6. JBJ7

    My ideas for World of Warship

    -Ships size, port indicator. -Fire chance of dive bombers, port indicator. -Flooding chance of torpedoes, port indicator. -Remark the boat that shoots your plans when you are CV. -Independent displacements for all turrets and torpedo tubes. All ships. -Change weekend promotion to Friday, Saturday and Sunday instead of Saturday, Sunday and Monday. -No 3 BB or DD in division. -Further penalize to campers. -No more anime ships the same. Anime camouflage is best. I do not like to have too many anime myokos, every ship are the same. To have a ship called 'special', 'amine' or similar that he has several anime camouflages is best. Thanks you and bye
  7. JBJ7

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionThe image was stopped when I used Torpedo Bomber. 2. Reproduction stepsI was playing with my CV. I selected torpedo bombers, I used ALT key above enemy ship. When the torpedoes are to be launched the image stopped. 3. ResultI can listen the music, see the ribbons and use keyboard to give orders to my planes I waited and pressed all the keys. It did not work.Except the ESC key. I left the game and left my boat inside.On another occasion I closed the game from Windows and when I entered again, I could continue playing normally.Never before has this happened to me before the update. 4. Expected resultTorpedo Bomber launch the torpedoes and the game keep running. 5. Technical detailsI played 5 matches today. I have that bug 3 times. One time between 17:13 and 17:14 CET. I played with Essex.
  8. JBJ7

    Absurde w/l ratio

    I'm very angry.I wrote about this other times, but is a #&x-@!. I lost 5 matches in a row with my CV two days agoI lost yersterday some matches, 5 approximately, in a row with my CV and win one, i dont have images.I lost 5 matches in a row with my CV today, i dont have images because the game crased. I did a good job in all matches, but I had teams with too many noob, camper and afk players everytime. There isnt a balance. How is posible? I lost 14/15 matches aproximatly, 93% of matches lost with my CV in three days.There is a 0.05% chance of that happening if a match has 50% of chance of win/lose.How many times do you threw a coin and it went out more than 5 times in a row? It isnt posible. I think that the balace is very bad. There isnt a 50% of probability of win/lost one match. I think that Wargming do something so that when you win many matches in a row then you lose many matches in a row.And thus maintaining an overall probability of 50% Now very guys are telling me: That is normal. That's the game streakCome on to play a game of chance! Look at my captainHe is angrier than me
  9. JBJ7

    BB division limit please

    The new updates did the destroyers a crap, and the cruisers are of paper everytime. The game are overpopulated of battleships, even more now, with the best antifire skills and worst fire skills. And the new trend is to go three BB in a division doing lemming train. Also two BB and one DD but this isn't a problem. The carriers are limited to one for division because two friend carriers in a match would be hell for the enemy. I think that the BB and DD must be limited to 2 for division. I played a good few matches with this BB divisions and them team win almost always because all players shoot the same enemy. Sorry my english and thanks you for read me.
  10. JBJ7

    Balance Changes

    Oh guy! I think we didn't understand each other. I didn't realize that the rudder module was added for DDs yesterday. Sorry. However, I think you hate the Khabarovsk
  11. JBJ7

    Balance Changes

    See these ships and their configurations: Khabarovsk: Firing range (13,5km) - Shoot detectability (13,8km) = Firing hidden range (-0,3km) Rudder shift time = 4,9s Zao: Firing range (18,8km) - Shoot detectability (16,8km) = Firing hidden range (2km) Rudder shift time = 3,7s The cruiser may shoot hidden and turns quickly, however the destroyer may not shoot hidden and turns more slowly. Is this logical? A destroyer is smaller and more maneuverable than a cruiser.
  12. JBJ7

    Balance Changes

    Seriously?-Some cruisers may rotate faster than some destroyers.-Zao may shoot hidden and not Khabarovsk.
  13. JBJ7

    DD killing CV

    They travel a great distance.When they kill the CV the game is half or nearly over. I think that they better do their job spotting, capturing, fight with the enemies DD and fight with CA and BB after. I love to play with DD, and I do this, I support my team, to do otherwise is cowardly and novices. But It is just my opinion. This would prevent, for example, if the range of the secondary weapon CV is increased.
  14. JBJ7

    DD killing CV

    Guys. I'm not saying that we should do something against the destroyers that they kill cvs. Most of them do well, they take advantage of the gaps in the battle and immobile aircraft carrier. I am against the destroyers that they surround the map only and dont support their team, they try kill CV only. Nab DD player: Good DD player: