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  1. Awesome comeback. I think we can leave it at that ^^
  2. Zal anders ook even in mijn moedertaal beginnen onnozelaar. Of begrijp je der ook geen zak van? I still have a better grasp of the English language as well even though it's not my mothertongue. So who's stupid now? Go cry in a corner somewhere nitwit...
  3. Ugh can't ignore this can I. It's just too easy. You ARE not an IQ. You HAVE an IQ. If anything, your tenuous grasp of grammar proves more about your own IQ.
  4. I'm 35. If you believe that's a teenager you're beyond hope... /ignore
  5. Except for competitive games this is an indirect buff to BB's. Yet again. That being said, smoke meta is insanely boring and if they buff/nerf accordingly (I seriously doubt it) this may turn out to be the best thing in a long time.
  6. Nope Adler. It's pretty obvious you lost this one when he burned you with the mirror quip :p
  7. Kutuzov (which, sadly, I still don't own myself but I've played it on a friend's account) or Belfast. People are often bashing on the Belfast since it's kinda ridiculously strong but dammit it's also a lot of fun to play really. Keep in mind that in both these ships positioning is key and correct use of consumables is very important. Even though both are kinda op (kutuzov) or just op (belfast) they're not that easy to play to their full potential so you might want to get a bit more experience with the game first. This should also make for an easier decision since you'll get a better idea what you're looking for in a ship.
  8. Depends on the class how I deal with it. I tend to play cruisers mostly: I find myself dragging my feet usually when the team trains to one cap. If the enemy faces our team with most of their ships (both lemming to the same cap) I often go elsewhere to try and cap an objective/flank the enemy while covering our flank. If the enemy have split off or lemming to another cap then ours, I'll hang back a bit, supporting the ships in the back (slow BB's) while protecting the open flank as well as I can. At the very least I try to stop DD's from flanking our train ;) In a BB I'm pretty much doing the same. Staying at mid range from cap so I can support, while keeping an eye on the flank, and getting myself ready to push tot he adjacent cap when the train starts breaking up. Or I'm spearheading and tanking if the team trained after me. In a DD I'll either smoke the train while spotting, or in a torp dd I'll try and torp so the enemy has to show broadside to the train while they dodge them.
  9. I was talking game balance, not authenticity. No offence, but any game that punishes crossing the T while it was THE most succesful tactic in naval warfare at the time has nothing to do with authenticity. For the sake of those who are keen on it though it still depends. Germans had electrical propelled torpedoes in the second half of the war. IJN Type 93 used compressed oxygen. In both cases exhaust gases were absent making them impossible to spot from a plane and very very hard to spot from a ship at any kind of distance. ps: Funny that in game the type 93 is actually the most visible torpedo ^^ Once again, if you want authenticity, you shouldn't be playing wows :p
  10. Since the general playerbase is roughly 50% BB's it's not surprising that they would dislike CV's. It's one of the few classes they still need to fear. Doesn't mean it's a good idea to balance your game around that opinion :p
  11. @op - If your TX CA gets deleted by a T8 CV you should be hiding in shame, not whining about it on the forum for all to see. - You do not want to take hydro over def AA. CV's are more common then a few months back. On top of that hydro isn't crucial at all in a CA. You can perform your tasks just fine without it. You can't without def AA if a CV is around. In fact, as a cruiser (especially an uptiered one), it is your job to help and contain the enemy CV, not get deleted by it... German cruisers can be an exception but I find myself picking def AA on Hindy as well tbh (german cruisers should get both imo, just like radar cruisers get both their main consumables). - AP bombs are merely helping USN CV's to find the battle button. Before it was kinda hard to find since it said 'lose game'. I'm not even sure if it tips the balance enough (don't play CV's myself except for the mandatory games I did to get to know the class a bit). - You should try and play every class a bit to be able to correctly assess their strengths and weaknesses. Your opinion on CV's might change quite a bit. - The enemy team CV being more capable then your own doesn't mean certain loss. It merely forces the rest of the fleet to play accordingly. Especially a cruiser can adjust and provide help to your own CV for the air superiority war as well as the rest of the fleet to diminish the enemy CV's damage output. Yes it puts you at a serious disadvantage, but it doesn't lose you the game by default. CV's have a profound impact on the outcome of a game. But dammit man a Zao isn't exactely lacking impact either... As a cruiser main I'm usually happy when I see a CV in matchmaking.
  12. If you want to whine about bb heavy games you have to do so every friggin game. It gets old very fast ;) In fact, I only see people complain about it when mm has come up with a game where there's MORE then 5 BB's per team because those are fairly uncommon and at that point it feels justified to make a remark ^^
  13. Playstyle can make some diffirence in my experience. On the martel I managed 84k average with a 47% winrate. On st. louis I took sander's advice and shifted things around a bit. I actually have less avg damage now (82k while a tier higher) but I do have 67% in it atm. I still do the HE spam thingy early on and hope I can start kiting half the enemy team for 10 minutes. But people are catching on and are less likely to take the bait then they used to be ;) However once the game progresses I tend to play way more agressive and use the AP more. Works very well :) Still, I'm not an expert. Maybe I'm on the other side of things and just got lucky with teams =) A sample size of 30 games isn't spectacular either ;)
  14. I'm mainly surprised by the Baltimore. I had low average damage in it but managed 59% winrate by just using her excellent concealment and radar (and AA) to help my DD's. Pushed close to a cap with good cover (or smoke) the Baltimore is an insane zoning tool :/