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  1. So basically you want to club lower tiers and can't do that at T8. Go play TVII then, loads of TV and VI to club. You'll be happy there. May I advise you get a Belfast? It is by far the best clubber at TVII. It'll suit you very well if you can make it work.
  2. Tell him tro try and reset the tcp stack. Might be timing out due to socket errors. Open command prompt with admin privileges netsh winsock reset then reboot the computer. Might fix the issue. Launcher works fine on my PC. Never had any issues with it. Edit: you might also want to point out that Lanfear is a female character from wheel of time so slightly weird for a guy ^^
  3. Hi, I'm still looking for a clan and you guys seem to fit the bill. I mainly play during late hours due to job/kid/wife and am mostly here to find some friends to play with. However if you need a more competitive player I can negotiate some clanwar time with me wife =) I play a mixture of ships/classes but emphasize cruisers. As far as TX goes I have all ships but Z52, Shima and Grozovoi in port. Profile is public if it matters :) lemme know if you're interested =)
  4. Heya :) Guess what!!!! I'm looking for a clan ;) As far as stats go you can check my profile. Unlocks I'm missing shima, grozovoi and Z52 (I am on yugumo, udaloi and Z23 respectively) and CV's (don't play them) but have every other line unlocked and every TX in port. Out of the lines I'm still leveling I must admit I'm hugely enjoying the KM DD's :) I'm 35, can take banter just fine (though I'll be dissing it out as well obviously :p) but do have a wife, kid and a fairly demanding job. Hence I tend to play mostly late at night (past 23.00 at GMT+1) though I could negotiate with my wife in order to pick up some clanwars earlier in the evening :) Competitive play seems like fun but it's not that important to me. I'm mostly looking for people to have fun with and learn some stuff from and some nighthawks obviously. Everything else is just a bonus :) Your clan(s) seems to tick the boxes. Lemme know :)
  5. Except german BB HE also has cal/4 pen :p
  6. Thanks. Much needed perspective. i chuckled =)
  7. Seems like more and more often I see people complaining in chat about "noob this noob that" and basically everyone else losing the game but them (ofcourse, at this point they sunk or they wouldn't have time to bother with the chat). Ofcourse their death is some1 else's fault (how could it ever not be right?). There's often profanity involved as well. This seems to be fairly new :/ Just yesterday a fletcher dropped smoke in front of my GK and went to hide behind an island (he actually got killed before he made it...). I was on my own, a Tashkent and Mogami within 10km and a Roon at 12km + a FDG and Montana. All pushing. I was obviously retreating. I lost vision of all those ships except the FDG who was at 19km and angled. So I pushed through the smoke and deleted the mogami rather then sit in it waiting for 26 torps to arrive while dealing chip damage to the FDG. The fletcher went in a tantrum and called me the worst kind of noob (I could've easily stopped the push from inside the smoke...) and all kinds of profanity which I won't repeat here or I'd get banned. I'm used to this kind of toxicity in games like LoL but in WoWS I was under the impression that there was a fairly adult playerbase. Did I just get unlucky lately or is the playerbase getting more and more toxic? Anyway, pointless topic but I needed to rant so yeh... nvm me ;)
  8. No it's not your fault. Orion is blatently OP and currently there is no real counterplay in a 1v1 situation with anything but a DD. That being said, you should check some info on fire management cause there are some things you could've done better (nevermind the toxic people on the forum btw. Lots of people seem to forget they used to make mistakes as well (and probably still make them from time to time ;)))
  9. TBH you should consider Russian destroyers. They're the ultimate "zip around the map and daka daka to your heart's content" line. They don't have radar or sonar or plane which you don't use anyway and they DO have smoke which you would appreciate :) Apart from that stick to the french. Sure T6 and 7 feel a bit weaker but the T8 is SO much fun and very strong as well as the T9. The TX is a bit less impressive imo but still a very good ship in its own right. They all lack some real game impact though, instead focusing on harass and damage farm. The Algerie ain't bad either tbh, it has 203's instead of the 152's onthe Emile making the AP a lot more potent and the line really starts to come on its own at T7. The T8 is where the sweet spot for the line is imo.
  10. Moskva and DM for obvious reasons with the occasional Hindenburg flanker. Mino is countered hard by both Moskva and DM so no place for that one. Henry is just fast but Moskva can still hit it pretty easily and if it comes too close DpM (excuse the very weak pun) will be a serious issue. Zao is kinda meh really. It could be an ok-ish flanker but Hindy will do that job better imo.
  11. Can you please hire someone who has a clue about nginx? The persistent 502's on a nearly daily base are getting kind of annoying and unlike the subject, NO, reverse proxies are NOT hard. So pretty please? :p
  12. Negativv not too long ago in a Montana. Was in Udaloi myself and got scolded for not spotting a Shima even though I was clearing the island as fast as possible (with spood beest on!!). Not very nice of you Negativv ;)) Granted, once the Shima had shot I did smoke up but in my defence I was very low :p
  13. Looking at averages both are very close. GK has about 1% more winrate, yammie has about 1k more damage on average. One isn't really stronget than the other, just diffirent. They play very diffirent and have other roles imo. Yammie you want to stay at medium range at least. It's a terrible brawler due to being easily citadelled (it has a very annoying octagonal citadel making it very hard to angle correctly against players who are aware of this) and very slow turret traverse. The guns are godlike against BB's but I really dislike them against cruisers due to lots of overpens and less shell volume (even if the accuracy is leaps and bounds ahead of GK's). So you're a medium-long range damage dealer that doesn't really care about the target's angling too much and has to be careful not only to not show broadside but to also hide that annoying diagonal (octagonal, don't know how to explain it, view armor model) part (it can be reached through the bow armor so you need to be really careful about that). AA is poor but torp belt is great. Agility sucks. GK is a brawly tank that can take a TON of damage and can't be consistently citadelled from any angle or just not at all at close-mid range. It deletes cruisers easily if they show broadside due to less overpens and better shell volume. You want to get closer and really get in the action. It's more an opportunist where you shoot broadsides rather than a specific target you want to kill and it acts as a huge area denial tool. IMO it's easier to really make a diffirence in a game which is reflected by its higher average winrate but its harder to get big salvos which is reflected by its lower average damage. AA is a bit better but torp belt is a disaster so you need to be really careful not to get torped and play careful when CV is around. I prefer the GK but that's mainly because I like to play agressive and I really dislike the Yamato's octagonal citadel.
  14. Solo hell on earth achievement on my swat in Killing Floor 2 :p
  15. I wonder what CV players are so bummed about. I mean, it's not like this mode is in any way to be taken serious. 1. Poor balance forces them to exclude or severely limit ship classes. This will in fact further skewer balance and change the complete setup of teams and how they play the game. This clanwars mode has nothing to do with how wows is usually played. On top of that WG prioritizes extra content over balancing existing content. Every game that has an eSport status (Starcraft, CS, LoL etc...) all prio balance over anything else. 2. Balance is done for the lowest common denominator. If a ship has huge potential but it's very hard to play WG will probably buff it / make it noob friendlier rather then add a warning that only experienced players should use it. Games like LOL have a difficulty meter for champions. If a noob picks a high difficulty champ he'll likely do bad, but they won't change the champ, they'll just say "well we warned you..." If you want a competitive game you need balance in the top regions. Doesn't matter if some ship seems op in randoms because there is no teamplay to counter it (just an example). If there are counters for the ship in high skilled play then it's fine tbh (there's a myriad of examples of champs that are considered OP in low skilled moba's while they are actually considered UP in high skilled play). 3. No unranked gaming mode that mimicks competitive modes. You can't take 7 people of your clan and go into a 7v7 mode that does not count towards ranks to practice tactics. You can't take a certain ship into 7v7 with limited BB and no CV to test diffirent builds etc... The only way to check if your ship/build would work in 7v7 1bb no CV mode is by theorycrafting or by playing actually ranked games. They created a new meta for clanwars, but you can't play it unless "it's for real". That's just pathetic... 4. Just not enough competitive stuff going on. There's way too much downtime between ranked seasons. There is no real ladder. Everyone can get to rank 1 if you wait long enough for the real rank1 players to have reached it. Getting to rank 1 is a grind, and it doesn't really prove anything. On top of that standard ranked play is disabled while clanwars are active. NO, JUST NO! Have both going at the same time with little downtime and actual ladders so there is actual competition, not just some rewards for grinding to a certain level. 5. Map balance isn't really what it should be. You're also not forced to play the same map on both sides and the maps are not symmetrical. It's fairly easy to solve the lack of symmetry by forcing teams to play each side of the map once and average scores to determine the winner (much like CS does it). 6. Skill floor is too low. Even high tier CV's which are considered very hard to play are a breeze to play compared to the skill level required for high end Starcraft for example. I could go on but that's enough right there to make this not viable as a competitive setting. So CV's don't be bummed. Be happy that wargaming pushes your competitive aspirations to games worth spending your time on with that goal in mind! There's lots of games with great competitive scenes. Go check them out! This is a casual game, and nothing points towards WG being at all interested in changing that. This competitive mode is a farce...