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  1. Isalani

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    What will cruisers do when DD's can permaspot them without having to fear radar? BB's will have a field day till the cruisers are gone at which point DD's will have a field day wrecking BB's. Sounds like a great dynamic... if you're in a dd :p
  2. Isalani

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    The entire concept is wrong in the first place. Ranked isn't an actual ladder where you gain/lose spots as the season continues and you need to try and end the season at first place (only one person can be rank 1!). Instead it's a pointless grind for rewards and nothing else. As the season continues the average level goes down since all the actual good players 'ranked out'. It's one of the most boring parts of the game but you kinda want to do it since steel buys op ships (probably the only incentive for people to play ranked in the first place). If you look at other games with actual ranking systems you'll find more of a league system and at the end of the season the first 10 (just an example) get reward x, the next 100 get reward Y, etc... Average players get stuck in their rank with no real chance of climbing up without improving their play (since the good players don't just disappear after ranking out). THAT is ranked play. Crossing your fingers for a decent team every time just so you can get some rewards in the end is hardly compelling and pretty much everyone who plays this game hates it... Also, if the system doesn't change, at least change the "'first player keeps star". Either remove it (so people actually play to win rather than to try and make sure they keep their star and, god willing, get an extra one) or change the requirements so multiple people can get it if they performed well (fe. more than 1k base XP on losing team, keep your star...). Bad players keep stars by playing safe till the end of the game while good players are taking risks to try and actually win the game. That's how a large part of them get to higher ranks with poor winrates in the first place...
  3. Isalani

    Mighty Mo, only half way there, what to do?

    Well the sample size on your Missouri is still small (11 games) but while average damage is 3k lower then Izumo your avg XP, AVG Kills en especially winrate are much higher. For me personally avg damage is slightly higher in Mo but not a lot (so ye, as far as damage goes Izumo performs pretty much the same as Mo for both of us) but once again my winrate is 20% higher in Mo and all other stats (xp, kills, etc...) are all much higher in Missouri. It IS a much better ship tbh... Also Izumo is ridiculously vulnerable to HE even if its AP protection admittedly feels stronger. Not sure man, but in general Mo feels a lot more versatile and just better than Izumo although I'll happily agree that Izumo is underrated.
  4. Isalani

    AP Bombs Are OP

    Do you also complain when a few stray shells from your BB pretty much rape a cruiser or DD? Or do you believe only BB's should be immune to taking huge chunks?
  5. Isalani

    To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    The main problem is the disparity in game impact and carry potential between CV's and the other classes. If the enemy has an extra BB and your team compensates with an extra DD or CA you're still fine. I've seen many games where a team with a single DD loses against a team with no DD (well, many relative to the amount of games where you get a single DD for 2 teams in the first place ;)) Basically, if people more or less know what they're doing trading a ship from one class for a ship of another class is no big deal. It is if that ship is a CV. If the enemy has a CV and you don't, you pretty much lost the game right there and then. In fact, if the enemy has a well played CV and you have a poorly played one, you're still fighting a very uphill battle. It is wrong and extremely poorly balanced if in a 12v12 game 2 players are playing a 1v1, the outcome of which can easily decide the outcome of the game. If the enemy CV has air superiority your DD's become useless, unable to land torps, unable to cap unspotted, etc... Your other ships have to clump up and generally play more campy and less pushy so as to maintain the AA bubble. etc... etc... CV's have too much game impact. ideally having a CV on the enemy team and, say, an extra cruiser on your own team should balance out. If that can't be made to happen, skill disparity between 2 players will always have a bigger impact on the game than it should have in a 12v12 game. I don't get why people are defending this situation, unless they want to keep dominating in CV's...
  6. Isalani

    Missouri credit nerf?

    800K with only zulu in a less then 2k base xp game Seems pretty normal
  7. Isalani

    Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    - Priority Target (info given by it is so much more useful than preventive maintenance if you know how to properly interpret it) - AR (nobrainer) - Superintendent (more smokez and healz) - Concealment expert (non-negotiable. Lets you move around the map easier without giving away your position, lets you set ambushes easier, lets you disengage easier, and basically just makes life in a cruiser slightly more comfortable) After that there's some personal stuff that is optional and you can adjust to your own taste. 1 of the below skills for 2pts: - Expert Marksman ('s what I use since I like faster turrets so I can turn around and get my full firepower back somewhat sooner) - Larget smokefields (I personally don't like this. It's somewhat useful on Fiji but on later tiers radar becomes your worst enemy and bigger smokefields won't help against that) - Jack of All Trades (only if you use Jack Dunkirk, and even then it's debatable imo) 1 of the below skills for 3pts: - Vigilance (stacks with hydro for some insane torp detection range) - BFT (if you feel like you need the AA) 4pts: - AFT is the only one really worth it after you got CE as far as Fiji goes BUT OR you could forgo a second 3pt skill and get an extra 2pt skill + preventive maintenance. If you don't come across many CV's you could also forgo AFT and get every 2pt skill mentioned. But the first 4 skills really are must-haves on Fiji.
  8. Isalani

    Fun and engaging gameplay

    Detonations are annoying but whatever. They should be removed from ranked though. Yesterday I hit a dd with a single shell. The guy was full HP and then 0 ;) This was pretty near the start of the game. It's just not fair that rng can decide that you'll now play 6v7 cause reasons...
  9. Isalani

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    - CV drops ordnance with panicked planes = XP bonus for the person panicking those planes (only when CV actually drops though). If possible restrict this bonus to drops on teammates only but with alt attacks this might be difficult since you're never quite sure what the intended target is/was. - Allies decap a DD that is only visible through your radar/hydro = decap xp for both the guy hitting him AND you. - Increase spotting XP - Everyone who has hit a target inside a cap within 1 minute of its capture gets some cap assist XP (if the capper was in there on his own he should still get solocap xp). - BB's should get more XP for tanking. This combined with the former point would entice them to close in more. - Decrease damage XP so that the numbers stay fairly the same. That'd be a good start and is perfectly possible in a few simple algorhythms.
  10. Isalani

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    You should've read the entire topic m8. Guy was pointing out that getting XP for radar is silly since it's as easy as hiding behind an island an hitting a button. This logic also makes it easy to shoot down planes or get a cap. In the end, both getting a cap, providing air cover and good radars are depending on map awareness, positioning, and just general skill to predict what a good position will be and how to get there/stay there without getting blapped. It is the same for all these things. Hence my downplaying capping (which, in essence is just sailing inside a circle ;)) etc... to disprove his logic with sarcasm.
  11. Isalani

    Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    Nope, but providing XP for panicked drops would, no matter how much of the ordnance ends up hitting. Good thing there's way more skill involved in shooting down planes (oh wait, it happens automatically if they get close), taking a cap (sail inside circle, hardest thing to do), ... In fact I daresay that a cruiser who closes the distance to get a good offensive position where he can support his team without getting blapped DOES require more skill (in the form of map awareness) than spamming HE over an island at some backpedalling BB and profit.
  12. Isalani

    Missouri as a Credit Earner/XP- Is it Worth It

    Missouri gets 50% increased credit gain out of the box. Other premiums mainly do 20-30% Even a bad game with no flags will easily net you 500K. It is hands down the best credits printer in the game.
  13. Yes but you want to give your players incentive to keep playing after they return. I feel cheated cause the rewards I've been given for playing are peanuts compared to the rewards given to returning players. That should be the other way around. I understand you want to give incentive to players to return, and give them some stuff so they can start having fun again. But you want to give the same rewards (and more!) to players who have supported your game for the last year and actually made it possible to reward returning players in the first place. I get a mission for the vampire but people who didn't bother now get 2 TVI premiums that I happen not to have. That is bad marketing...
  14. Tastes a bit sour that I could get better rewards from WG for NOT playing than I get for playing (vampire...). Do your loyal players who consistently pay for premium time also get a de grasse and cesare? The rest of the rewards don't interest me quite as much ;)
  15. Isalani

    single sign on

    Since the new forum I'm having some issues. The SSO no longer works. I used to log in on the website and then I was automatically logged into the forum as well. This no longer seems to be working. I also keep losing my session so I have to log in after even pretty short idle time. I seem to remember that I could stay logged in for a long time even if I was idle. Not sure what forum this belongs in. It has nothing to do with gameplay but hey...