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  1. The balance of this one ship is important to the balance of the game in general. The point we're trying to make is that to balance the game in general, something needs to be able to take care of BB's when they make a mistake. I tend to agree that AP bomb one-shotting from one premium ship is far from ideal, but as far as I'm concerned, anything that keeps BB's in check is a move in the right direction. The ship sacrifices pretty much everything in order to do this (no longer effective against DD's, crappy fighters, ...). This means that BB's have to depend on their own team (cruisers for AA, their own CV since it probably has better fighters, general positioning of the BB in the fleet etc...) for protection and it has been way too long since BB's had to depend on anyone but themselves. So while I agree the ship is in a bad state, I think in the grand scale of things it might actually not be that bad which is why I included balance between other classes in this discussion. Let me say again however that yes you are right that fixing bad balance with gimicky and poorly balanced ships isn't good at all, but at least it's a fix of some sort... Only defense is hiding or staying at range. Both are opposing the idea that cruisers should counter DD's since actually trying to do so will earn you a quick ticket back to port. If I see any T8 cruiser at -12km of my T8 BB then YES I will delete it or hurt it hard enough to chase it off and no there is 0 defense from that. As you said, another discussion for another day :) Weird. I'm subbed on both his twitch and youtube channels and haven't seen this. If the Hipper did not def AA he is a poor player, didn't do his class' job and made a teammate suffer for it. That doesn't mean teamplay mechanics shouldn't be encouraged. What you're saying is that no player should ever have to rely on another player to be safe and that's a poor base for any game. If a pyro lights up a scrake in KF2 they're not gonna change the pyro class or the scrake monster. I'm just gonna scold the pyro player... Bad players exist but should not dictate balance. If he DID def AA then this discussion is over and yes, nerfs are very much needed. Agreed. You've shown yourself the bigger man in your post after my rather offensive post and I do believe apologies are in order on my account. So erm, yeh, sorry :( Again true. But mechanics are often tested on premium before propagating to other ships/lines. I'm not so much discussing the GZ as I'm discussing these very powerful bombs and their effect on the game. In fact, I believe that the GZ shouldn't have been able to hit the Tirpitz that hard when 3 bubbles are there (again, I have to see this to assess the situation, if all were low they probably had their AA severely reduced etc... I don't know the context of this situation). I just believe that something SHOULD be able to hit BB's that hard if they play poorly. So maybe keep the bombs, but make the planes more squishy ^^ In fact, let them work against cruisers too. That way they're useful against all but DD's (they can still spot them and their torps) but the planes are easily shot down meaning cruisers CAN defend themselves with def AA as well as defend BB's in the same manner. BB's in turn will be able to group up and mostly mitigate the GZ effectiveness but by grouping up won't be able to crossfire and allow cruisers to roam a bit more. It might be good for the game's dynamics that way. Aight so you got me convinced. Good arguments all over your post. That being said, I don't think the bombs' potential is the issue. The issue is the possibility to deliver these bombs to only one target in pretty much any circumstance. So the ship needs adjusting, but I like the idea of bombs that hit BB's very very hard if they make mistakes and refuse to rely on team cover.
  2. You don't get what he was trying to say. He said that cruisers can easily get deleted by BB's without being able to defend themselves against that. You (erroneously) pointed out that cruisers can do a lot more to prevent that then BB's. He pointed out a scenario that clearly proves you wrong. You twist that into "counter to RN stealth". Are you daft? (just a question, really, but I'm starting to wonder). The thing is, you can easily defend yourself against this by sticking to other BB's with good AA and/or cruisers with def AA. Yes that limits your movement options but not nearly as much as you favorite class limits cruisers movement. We have to stick to islands not to get deleted. You have to stick to other ships not to get deleted. DD's have to stay far away from anything radar/hydro not to get deleted. It's only fair, if all other classes deal with options of being deleted when they make mistaked, that BB's should suffer the same. And really, it's ONE premium who can do this while the other classes have to fear an entire class that can do this to them. So please, stop crying. Don't make mistakes, and you won't get deleted. That's what you BB drivers have been telling us for over a year now. Glad I can return the favor just for once (on a premium in testing, so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet).
  3. Not necessary. I'm not saying it didn't happen. Just saying it was lucky and you can't consistently repeat the event. I would appreciate a replay though cause maybe your method is somewhat consistent?
  4. Sorry but math suggests you're... exaggerating :p Except for the odd very lucky cit through the deck at long range a hindy needs to be within 1.8km (if I'm not mistaken) from an Iowa to pen the cit armor.
  5. Lol we can go on!!! If everybody can afford it it's even more balanced!!! ;) But ye I do get your point and I do believe p2w advantages shouldn't be in the game. However those that ARE around I'm just trying to get my slice ;)
  6. True but it isnt so they might as well make it available to people who dont want the other crap too :p
  7. Sierra mike since double strikes are tricky ;)
  8. True, I do tend to forget that sometimes ;) Funny thing is, these same people would be even worse off in an actual simulator. Got a fun experience with that tbh that I don't mind sharing =) For shits and giggles I played a 1v1 il2 game against a guy that was preaching for more realism on the warthunder forum. Watched the replay cause his ME109 seemed to bleed way more energy then it should, giving me the time of my life (I just boom and zoomed all day long and he didn't touch me). He was playing the entire combat with the default settings for propeller shift and fuel mixture (default = cruising, not combat). Blamed his joystick for getting his a$$ handed to him ;)
  9. Why is it that in order to buy 20 signal flags I want I have to literally buy hundreds of flags I don't need/want? Net result is €0 for WG unless they allow me to actually buy only the signals I need. Food for thought WG...
  10. They also forget that in a realistic game, one carrier can easily wreck your entire fleet if you can't find him quickly enough. Lots of BB players are shouting how their class deserves to be strongest cause "authenticity" but then conveniently forget the god awful accuracy of BB's during the depicted time period, the fact that CV's should be ruling the seas with little to no opposition and the fact that BB's hardly saw any combat in this time period to begin with. This game isn't about realism or authenticity (try crossing the T, one of the most proven tactics in naval warfare, and see how that ends for you). Anyone trying to use that as an argument in ANY discussion about this game is pretty much retarded tbh.
  11. Took some getting used to after Martel but it's a great ship :)
  12. If you want radar as it is IRL then it's also permanently active. You ok with that?
  13. This is the main issue innit. Without balance and exciting gameplay people will stop loving the game and no longer give a damn if it goes down. Even though there is some stuff that I would like to have in port and I have more then enough money to buy anything I want ingame I am purposely NOT buying anything because I don't want to sponsor a firm that uses my money to make my favorite game WORSE. I'd rather they roll back 20 or so updates then give them money for another 20 that will ruin the game. That is the main frustration atm. New features are nice. But if they make the game worse, the novelty quickly wears off...
  14. Kutuzov is a tier higher. On top of that Kutuzov is hands down the best T8 cruiser and has better results then any other. Would you agree that's hardly a fair comparison?
  15. +credits as well. Moskva, DM, Hindy I'd like all TX cruisers and Charles Martel but I refuse to buy anything off wargaming (my premium should run out soon) until I get some clear answers on the direction of the game.