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  1. Well the sample size on your Missouri is still small (11 games) but while average damage is 3k lower then Izumo your avg XP, AVG Kills en especially winrate are much higher. For me personally avg damage is slightly higher in Mo but not a lot (so ye, as far as damage goes Izumo performs pretty much the same as Mo for both of us) but once again my winrate is 20% higher in Mo and all other stats (xp, kills, etc...) are all much higher in Missouri. It IS a much better ship tbh... Also Izumo is ridiculously vulnerable to HE even if its AP protection admittedly feels stronger. Not sure man, but in general Mo feels a lot more versatile and just better than Izumo although I'll happily agree that Izumo is underrated.
  2. AP Bombs Are OP

    Do you also complain when a few stray shells from your BB pretty much rape a cruiser or DD? Or do you believe only BB's should be immune to taking huge chunks?
  3. To overhaul CV, must discard mirrored MM

    The main problem is the disparity in game impact and carry potential between CV's and the other classes. If the enemy has an extra BB and your team compensates with an extra DD or CA you're still fine. I've seen many games where a team with a single DD loses against a team with no DD (well, many relative to the amount of games where you get a single DD for 2 teams in the first place ;)) Basically, if people more or less know what they're doing trading a ship from one class for a ship of another class is no big deal. It is if that ship is a CV. If the enemy has a CV and you don't, you pretty much lost the game right there and then. In fact, if the enemy has a well played CV and you have a poorly played one, you're still fighting a very uphill battle. It is wrong and extremely poorly balanced if in a 12v12 game 2 players are playing a 1v1, the outcome of which can easily decide the outcome of the game. If the enemy CV has air superiority your DD's become useless, unable to land torps, unable to cap unspotted, etc... Your other ships have to clump up and generally play more campy and less pushy so as to maintain the AA bubble. etc... etc... CV's have too much game impact. ideally having a CV on the enemy team and, say, an extra cruiser on your own team should balance out. If that can't be made to happen, skill disparity between 2 players will always have a bigger impact on the game than it should have in a 12v12 game. I don't get why people are defending this situation, unless they want to keep dominating in CV's...
  4. Missouri credit nerf?

    800K with only zulu in a less then 2k base xp game Seems pretty normal
  5. Fiji, my new favorite ship.

    - Priority Target (info given by it is so much more useful than preventive maintenance if you know how to properly interpret it) - AR (nobrainer) - Superintendent (more smokez and healz) - Concealment expert (non-negotiable. Lets you move around the map easier without giving away your position, lets you set ambushes easier, lets you disengage easier, and basically just makes life in a cruiser slightly more comfortable) After that there's some personal stuff that is optional and you can adjust to your own taste. 1 of the below skills for 2pts: - Expert Marksman ('s what I use since I like faster turrets so I can turn around and get my full firepower back somewhat sooner) - Larget smokefields (I personally don't like this. It's somewhat useful on Fiji but on later tiers radar becomes your worst enemy and bigger smokefields won't help against that) - Jack of All Trades (only if you use Jack Dunkirk, and even then it's debatable imo) 1 of the below skills for 3pts: - Vigilance (stacks with hydro for some insane torp detection range) - BFT (if you feel like you need the AA) 4pts: - AFT is the only one really worth it after you got CE as far as Fiji goes BUT OR you could forgo a second 3pt skill and get an extra 2pt skill + preventive maintenance. If you don't come across many CV's you could also forgo AFT and get every 2pt skill mentioned. But the first 4 skills really are must-haves on Fiji.
  6. Fun and engaging gameplay

    Detonations are annoying but whatever. They should be removed from ranked though. Yesterday I hit a dd with a single shell. The guy was full HP and then 0 ;) This was pretty near the start of the game. It's just not fair that rng can decide that you'll now play 6v7 cause reasons...
  7. Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    - CV drops ordnance with panicked planes = XP bonus for the person panicking those planes (only when CV actually drops though). If possible restrict this bonus to drops on teammates only but with alt attacks this might be difficult since you're never quite sure what the intended target is/was. - Allies decap a DD that is only visible through your radar/hydro = decap xp for both the guy hitting him AND you. - Increase spotting XP - Everyone who has hit a target inside a cap within 1 minute of its capture gets some cap assist XP (if the capper was in there on his own he should still get solocap xp). - BB's should get more XP for tanking. This combined with the former point would entice them to close in more. - Decrease damage XP so that the numbers stay fairly the same. That'd be a good start and is perfectly possible in a few simple algorhythms.
  8. Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    You should've read the entire topic m8. Guy was pointing out that getting XP for radar is silly since it's as easy as hiding behind an island an hitting a button. This logic also makes it easy to shoot down planes or get a cap. In the end, both getting a cap, providing air cover and good radars are depending on map awareness, positioning, and just general skill to predict what a good position will be and how to get there/stay there without getting blapped. It is the same for all these things. Hence my downplaying capping (which, in essence is just sailing inside a circle ;)) etc... to disprove his logic with sarcasm.
  9. Please reward teamplay not only DMG

    Nope, but providing XP for panicked drops would, no matter how much of the ordnance ends up hitting. Good thing there's way more skill involved in shooting down planes (oh wait, it happens automatically if they get close), taking a cap (sail inside circle, hardest thing to do), ... In fact I daresay that a cruiser who closes the distance to get a good offensive position where he can support his team without getting blapped DOES require more skill (in the form of map awareness) than spamming HE over an island at some backpedalling BB and profit.
  10. Missouri gets 50% increased credit gain out of the box. Other premiums mainly do 20-30% Even a bad game with no flags will easily net you 500K. It is hands down the best credits printer in the game.
  11. Yes but you want to give your players incentive to keep playing after they return. I feel cheated cause the rewards I've been given for playing are peanuts compared to the rewards given to returning players. That should be the other way around. I understand you want to give incentive to players to return, and give them some stuff so they can start having fun again. But you want to give the same rewards (and more!) to players who have supported your game for the last year and actually made it possible to reward returning players in the first place. I get a mission for the vampire but people who didn't bother now get 2 TVI premiums that I happen not to have. That is bad marketing...
  12. Tastes a bit sour that I could get better rewards from WG for NOT playing than I get for playing (vampire...). Do your loyal players who consistently pay for premium time also get a de grasse and cesare? The rest of the rewards don't interest me quite as much ;)
  13. single sign on

    Since the new forum I'm having some issues. The SSO no longer works. I used to log in on the website and then I was automatically logged into the forum as well. This no longer seems to be working. I also keep losing my session so I have to log in after even pretty short idle time. I seem to remember that I could stay logged in for a long time even if I was idle. Not sure what forum this belongs in. It has nothing to do with gameplay but hey...
  14. Can we expect a World of Tanks miracle again?

    - As pointed out, even Battlefield forces more teamplay (no engineers? tanks will rape you, etc...). You want a sniper overwatching a cap, assaults moving in, while engi's worry about vehicles. Unlike wows however, you HAVE to do this. A team with 5BB, 5DD and 2CA in the teamplay envorinment of BF would easily be owned by a team with a better balance in classes. Having loads of the same class in your team is in fact a downside, whereas in wows it's a plus given it's the right class. - Killing floor 2 Hell On Earth runs require high single target dps classes (gunslinger, sharpshooter) to kill scrakes and fleshpounds while high aoe classes kill the thrash cause the single target classes get swamped. The dynamic is that the aoe classes protect the single target classes without enraging the big guys so the single target guys can reliably CC them. You also have utility classes that help out a ton (healer, support guy). It's also, on average a tad more friendly. If a pyro (aoe) lights up a scrake (they enrage when on fire, making it nearly impossible to headshot them for the single target guys) people will usually point out his mistake in a pretty friendly matter, even if he just whiped the team. Obviously if it keeps happening... - If you've ever been on a raid in an mmorpg you wouldn't even been asking that question... - Try installing LoL. It's arguably the biggest esport out there atm with literally millions of dollars in prices every season and millions of players. It forces a good blend of champions working together or you'll get owned. People don't complain that an AP carry can oneshot there AD carry. They expect this and tanks/bruisers protect the AD carry and peel for him. If you don't do this, you'll lose no matter what. In wows it seems like every new ship is built to be self-sufficient, completely killing the dependency on teammates in order to succeed. Bit of thinking about wows in this aspect: - risking yourself close to a cap with a cruiser to radar it earns you nothing at all. No ribbons, no xp, no credits. Even if that radar may well be the very reason why your team wins the cap contest in the first place. - you get xp for planekills which is a start, but how about giving ribbons/xp when your def AA panics planes that drop. Bombs miss due to your def aa or torps get dropped with the weird panicked pattern, you get nothing for it, even if you probably just saved a teammate from taking the full power of that strike. Combine these 2 points. If I risk myself close to a cap, hide behind an island, provide air cover for BB's pushing in while providing radar cover on the cap. That earns me nothing if I'm not actually shooting stuff. Even though I'm probably the most important factor in winning that cap contest. That is NOT encouraging teamplay. As far as rewards go I'm better off staying at range and burning BB's from behind an island. - A DD who doesn't use torps to try and kill stuff but denies areas with them, forcing enemies into certain directions (away from the cap?) earns you nothing. It's better to land a single torp on a single enemy then keeping half the enemy fleet from pushing in due to the threat of your torps. Area deniel earns you nothing. - BB's get nothing out of tanking. Can you blame them for sniping? If they live they may do more damage and maybe even cap/cap assist near the end of the battle, netting them more rewards than actually tanking for the team and pushing enemies out of a cap. I mean c'mon man, how can you NOT see the flaws in this design... I love this game. I have 90% of the ships unlocked (including premiums) and play it a lot. It hits the sweet spot for me, but there's major flaws which are very very visible and that chases new players away. You've GOT to be blind not to see that...
  15. Can we expect a World of Tanks miracle again?

    Some of these points have already been pointed out but hey... I have some friends who started playing but quit pretty soon, or never started at all. I can list the reasons tbh. 1. Progress is slow without premium time. Not everyone wants to pay monthly fees. I have at least 2 friends who would happily play if they could just buy lifetime premium for something like €50 or so but the investment for a game that is, tbh, nothing particularly impressive chases players away. For half the price it takes for a year of premium in this game you can get any AAA title that is probably at least as good as this game if you don't want to play this in particular. €40 for a virtual item is also quite offputting. Even with premium time there is a lot of grinding credits/xp involves which offputs many players. Go check the MMO scene how well received hardcore grinders are. 2. Low tier gameplay can be frustrating. A friend of mine wanted to play BB's. Started with the USN line and quit the game at Wyoming due to the sucky accuracy and dependence on rng. Which leads me to the next point. 3. Too hard for casuals, too easy for pro's. The game is RNG dependant which pretty much kills any chance of a pro scene. On the other hand there is a pretty steep learning curve to have some fun due to sealclubbers mostly. Even CV's, which some people claim are "hard" to play are in fact fairly easy in a pro scene. I dare any of the top 1% CV players in this game to even get as far as being a, say, top 5% (dare I say 10%?) starcraft II player. Then tell me again how "hard" CV play is. I'm no pro, which people will gladly point out, but I'm still confident this argument holds up. It's a souped down RTS style gameplay that never measures up to true pro scene RTS games. On top of that balance has serious issues that are ongoing for years now and no real fix is obviously incoming. I mean, I think we can all agree that in the current state this game has no chance of developing into an esport, but as pointed out, at the same time, it has a fairly high threshold. 4. Gameplay is slow which is a pro for me but a con for the majority of gamers. I have a friend who took one look and made up his mind ("boring"). 5. Historical accuracy is off alianating players who are mainly here for the ships themselves. 6. The game should be a teamgame, but isn't. This causes all kinds of issues with balance and whatnot. Either make it a more FFA style gameplay (I'd hate that personally), or force players into teamplay. There's tons of games that force players to work together to obtain objectives, and are doing great. I feel like WG thinks enforcing teamplay, or counting on it to balance stuff, is a bad move to make. It's not :p 7. The community isn't the most friendly. Many new players who come and ask questions get references to their stats and told "git gud". That doesn't help anyone. Makes me feel like a lot of basement players compensate lack of real life accomplishment with arrogant remarks in the game they're good in. Even if it means nought cause nobody in the gaming world even remotely cares about wows in the first place. 8. I'm stuck at the moment but i might come up with more later :p Long story short, there's tons of reasons why this game is niche, and will always be so in its current itteration.