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    correct forget it to write it, but in small numbers
  2. shadowrun_hit


    i would like to see airplanes (sea planes basically) in WoWs 5 from each side? Why don't u think it over there in WG and don't push it a little?
  3. shadowrun_hit

    Economy changes in game

    1) Why don't u have the premium account for one year in 40 euros and have it at 80? ( its very expensive). 2) Why u cant play easily from tier 8 and above without to be minus in the game, (even with premium) if u win, and be enjoyable the game as in lower tiers without be minus? Should u thing again ur economic policy, so u (we) can have a game 100% playable in all tiers and a standar players base and leave the micro-economy, while it covers a big part of the game? ex. change captain's skills, transfer captain to another ship and have to pay again for his progress (who idiot though it that?) etc. I have give somewhere 50-60 euros (yes u deserve it, ok) but for the next years(1,2,3 etc) u wont see me to spent even one sent, as i did in WT and play the classic tier were it's more intersting and gives one good profit, and will do the same with u. Thank u
  4. shadowrun_hit

    One big help from wargaming or modders

    In mails was his name, i had contact with him, where is the strange? If u don't know someone personally and what his doing just no need to write, u just expose simply. And Mr Martin Walk would thaks and who else help me.
  5. shadowrun_hit

    One big help from wargaming or modders

    Many thank to Mr Iza Nowa from Wargaming, everything solved and got the dooblons i've payed. Thank u again
  6. shadowrun_hit

    Far away...

    bigger maps for tier 3-5 and wrote the positives, use ur brain and not only google translate
  7. shadowrun_hit

    Far away...

    much better to play tier 3-5 in bigger maps(maps for tier 6-7), where just played, -you can use the captain's skills, -strategy, -enjoyable the game and not only starts the game and lets finish the battle + that u can add airplanes (world of warplane is failure and don't disagree) and the game will take off - one that u should thing, is to increase the battle time 5-7min - solomon island is a map for tier 1 and 2 not even for tier 3 - give space to play the game and don't create so many limits (that's for tier 3-5 ) at least expand the existed maps for tier 3-5, 30-50% ? ( the map i played was fult line, to understand how much bigger to be) Thank u
  8. shadowrun_hit

    One ship I would like to see

    Hello, i would like to make one suggestion, i would like to see from the side of my country, Greece, the ship Averof https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_cruiser_Georgios_Averof (and the link) i don't know if it's possible to have it in your plans, but u could have some ships from smallest countries as premium ships or in a tree -i don't know- Thank u
  9. shadowrun_hit

    One big help from wargaming or modders

    Thank u find it and did it, will see now
  10. shadowrun_hit

    One big help from wargaming or modders

    I payed via mobile phone 2 times 7.31€(2-3 hours ago) but i didnt reseave my doublons. What i can do now? Thank u