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  1. JackNastyface

    coop battles

    Co-op is good place to learn game for newbies like me. Watching bots react and play can be more helpful than watching clueless players. Trying to learn the game in random battles is a joke half team is oblivious to minimap or tactics all I learn in there is different ways to get sunk. I thought I noticed the bots got better all of a sudden when the April fool patch came out? Suddenly they were much more aggressive with better aim and were more likely to rush cap as a team. Although I dont have a whole lot of experience before that.
  2. JackNastyface

    How is everyone speaking only english in chat?

    Noooooo............They only dress it like that to suck you in and make you feel all warm and cozy in your world peace blanket. For the control freaks It's not about world peace that's just a grabber. It is about TOTAL control, about the super rich milking the labour of ALL humans on this planet. If you buy into this crap.....Enjoy your slavery.
  3. JackNastyface

    How is everyone speaking only english in chat?

    Everyone has to speak English. One Language - One Government - One Law. It makes a centralised system of complete control much easier to implement. So comply slaves...Or the New World Order will take your children/income/home. Agenda 21 is coming.
  4. JackNastyface

    Cleveland Role

    Really would help to have more in game info on ship roles and team tactics. The current tips at the bottom of the loading page are just not enough. Pop up messages during battle to remind you of your role and basic tactics and strategy promoting team work should be compulsory for first few battles in new ships at low tiers. It certainly would have helped me and saved many expletives from team in chat
  5. JackNastyface

    Disconnection issue

    I was getting the same disconnects perhaps twice daily. Although I would say mine were probably happening more during the first half of battle sometimes right off the start. Usually followed by a refusal to reconnect for 3 or 4 attempts. Haven't had any problems since last patch. But haven't installed any mods since then either.
  6. JackNastyface

    what can i do when bad player barking?

    You better watch yourself bud. You can give YOURSELF a nasty terminal illness getting angry and worked up like that about nothing.
  7. JackNastyface

    How to get Karma 200+ ;)

    I always appreciate players who try to get some tactics going in game. Battles are a complete nightmare if your team haven't got a clue. I wish more of the competent player base would take a leaf out of dad's book. It's clear to me that is what he is trying to achieve in these posts Wear your karma with pride dad. You earned it
  8. JackNastyface

    Co-op Bots stuck suggestion

    I think the bots do try and unbeach themselves they're just too slow Do the bots in Co-op mode improve with player ability? They seem to play better than they did a month ago. I'd like to think I do too I don't think it needs to be more difficult. As it stands it is a nice place to learn the game without taking too much abuse and useful to grind low tiers rather than waiting ages to get in to a random battle just to get pumped out first. I also find it useful to restore some of my battered ego after a row of heavy random battle beatings
  9. JackNastyface

    Bell and horn sound ...

    Its just the ekkies man
  10. JackNastyface


    More often than not I'm getting slaughtered by focus fire while attempting getting close enough to gun in my DD's too. So in a bid to improve my contribution I'm employing "Dad's" shooting from the hip tactic to allow me to dodge the incoming by sight rather than relying on luck. Basically once you are locked on a target you click and hold rmb which gives you the zoomed out view while you continue to shoot away with your aim locked on the enemy target. This allows you to follow incoming shell trajectories and make avoiding maneuvers (well I'm hoping). See the clip in his post here. http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/25998-teamwork-supporting-newbies-firing-from-the-hip-increasing-your-winrate/page__pid__462623#entry462623
  11. JackNastyface

    Please make Smoke more distinguishable!

    Agreed, it's hard to tell. I want my smoke a bit thicker that way it might also last a few sec longer. I used that mod for a few days and noticed at specific points on some maps similar circles were constantly visible throughout every battle. I guessed these where spots where you were more or less completely concealed by the surrounding islets although some of these circles appeared more on the land than the sea so maybe they were just random anomalies?
  12. JackNastyface


    I thought this was going to be about shootable cliffs falling on to ships with next update
  13. Thanks lots of great tips.....Wish you were my dad
  14. JackNastyface

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

    Surely they would have to have holed your bow first?
  15. JackNastyface

    [SOLVED] Error connecting server - Unknown error

    Same here. Perhaps someone has royally fecked up