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  1. tenacious_torps

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Free stuff? Sign me up. I want to join the lottery.
  2. tenacious_torps

    Unfair punishment caused by WG's server abillity to load a battle.

    If you can't pin it down, try restarting the game after half a dozen matches or so to significantly decrease the likelihood. You might also want to try reinstalling the Microsoft runtimes, has apparently helped some. In case you're still running a 32bit OS for whatever reason, there's a fix on the support site that helps a lot with potential memory issues. Been there myself, because of other software from the age of dinosaurs I couldn't replace and it really made things a lot more stable.
  3. tenacious_torps

    The Tashkent, I suck with it. Help?

    I've found the tashkent torps to be surprisingly useful. when you're in a kiting position (effectively more range) a lot of players seem to forget about them and they give you something to do while waiting for the spoodbeast cooldown and tash can be an amazing ambusher in the right situation. Easily my favourite ship on the RU line
  4. tenacious_torps

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    try an asashio, loyang, kidd division... ultimate pack anyway, it's easy to play asashio, it's not easy to play asashio effectively. but i don't mind her in the game, the ship teaches you how to make your spotting relevant - or not, but there's no helping people who don't learn from experience. as for the guns and general gunfighting ability, it's the same as for kagero, yugumo and shima. you can, but you cannot do it aggressively and you must avoid fighting other DDs, when they're supported. as long as we're talking 1 vs 1, you can get away with it simply by kiting away showing no angle whatsoever. if the enemy DD wants to take that fight and keep up with you, he needs to go bow in - thereby loosing most of the fire power advantage, while your two back guns effectively become your armor. seriously, look at the ships in armor viewer from behind, it's a bit of an eye opener. the french will be jelly, they're made to run i have two asashios, btw. and yes, i hate BBs that much.
  5. tenacious_torps

    Sealclubbing at T10

    moving is good, moving to the right position is better. as clearly exemplified by above video.
  6. tenacious_torps

    Gold Rush for Tirpitz - Doesn't work on Tirp B

    They were thinking that they probably earn a shitstorm for selling the same ships again under a hardly even noticable name change for what is essentially a perma camo and nothing more for anybody who already had the ships, so they tried to soften the blow by giving out a miniscule amount of doubloons, but then proceeded to screw up the wording, so it looked like you'd get those doubloons regardless of owning the original ships. Accidental, by mistake? Maybe. But I've yet to see WG make a mistake that actually plays out in favour of the customer, so there is room for doubt. Think less confined spaces, more like wide open grasslands of doubt.
  7. tenacious_torps

    Oficial thx to wows admins

    congratz, that's not bad for a first attempt at trolling, OP.
  8. tenacious_torps

    Black Friday Angbote im Shop

    Unterlasse bitte einfach die unqualifizierten Vermutungen über meine Motive. Herzlichen Dank. Im Übrigen ist es keinesfalls mein hausgemachtes Problem. Das Formular ist schlicht nicht in der Lage eine korrekte Eingabe zu verarbeiten. Was daran a) mein Problem und b) hausgemacht ist, erkläre mal. Und wenn wir dann noch beim Thema rufschädigend sind: das trifft auf deinen Beitrag zu, der voll mit persönlichen Angriffen ist. Nicht, dass es da viel zu schädigen gäbe, du reagierst dich ja nur an einem belanglosem Pseudonym ab, aber in Anbetracht deiner Anwürfe trotzdem eine erstklassige Projektionsleistung. *slow_clap*
  9. tenacious_torps

    Blacklist limit

    Does it really matter why you'd prefer never to hear a word from the buggers again tho? Either they're already known to you to missbehave in chat - why would you deal with that again, if it can be prevented? - or to be horrible shitters - why would you want to listen to their advice? - or whatevers, there are plenty of valid reasons and they differ from individual to individual. No matter what tho, it's handy to keep track, so you have at least some warning if and when the players around you are not to be trusted.
  10. tenacious_torps

    Black Friday Angbote im Shop

    Das technische Problem: das Ticket-Formular ist so dämlich programmiert, dass es nicht verarbeiten kann, wenn man die Frage nach dem Preis des Pakets per c&p aus der Bestätigungs-Mail beantwortet. Anscheinend kann es auch keine direkte Eingabe mit Dezimal-Komma ab, man muss aufrunden. Das herauszufinden hat mich weitaus mehr Lebenszeit gekostet, als man billigerweise verlangen kann. Wargamings Inkompetenz, sobald es auch nur vage um Kommunikation geht, ist absolut atemberaubend.
  11. tenacious_torps

    Black Friday Angbote im Shop

    Habe mich dann doch entschlossen die Rückabwicklung lieber sofort zu veranlassen. Regt mich schon auf, wenn ich es nur im Hafen sehe... Aber anscheinend kann man gar keine Tickets dazu erstellen, wegen angeblicher technischer Probleme. @MrConway 0 von 5 Sternen, miserable Kommunikation, unterirdischer Service, insgesamt ganz schlechter Witz. So nicht meine Herren.
  12. tenacious_torps

    Blacklist limit

    All I can tell is that it is very easily doable to put so many people on your blacklist, that even attempting to open it will reliably crash your client. I therefore can't really tell how many culprits are on it at this point, but since I picked up the habit a long while ago I wouldn't be surprised at all if I'd be into quadruple digits territory by now.
  13. tenacious_torps

    Black Friday Angbote im Shop

    @MrConway Danke, das werde ich dann auch tun, falls die Weitergabe der Anregung bis Montag ergebnislos bleibt, und mich dabei auf die zitierte Antwort berufen. Ohne die Missionen finde ich das risk/reward Verhältnis bei den Containern weitaus weniger verlockend. Der "Hauptgewinn" (also alle 4 Schiffe) ist damit ja ~40€ weniger, wenn man die Version ohne B nicht schon besitzt, was aber natürlich selbst attraktivitätsmindernd ist. Das ist eine akzeptable Lösung, auch wenn die ehrenwertere sicher gewesen wäre, den gemachten Fehler durch Umsetzen der kundenfreundlichsten Interpretation der ursprünglichen Werbeaussage zu heilen. Eigentlich doch eine gute Gelegenheit ohne tatsächliche Kosten positive PR einzufahren, sollte man meinen. ;)
  14. tenacious_torps

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    How is the detailed description not part of the content description? Are you... trying? XD
  15. tenacious_torps

    PSA: Black Friday 2,500 doubloon mission

    double post, wtf