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  1. ObiWankov

    Turkish ship

    looks to me as if turkey didnt have a single ship to claim their own all those ships should be added to their nation of origin and not turkey
  2. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    this afternoon is like rolling a dice
  3. ObiWankov

    CB Season 11 : Feedback & Discussions topic.

    7vs7 feels a bit wrong with cv+bb, should have made it 8vs8 imo.
  4. ObiWankov

    General CV related discussions.

    fdr is a worse version of a midway for randoms, change my mind
  5. ObiWankov

    A community to save clan battles

    Now please tell me, if you were a sane business man would you: A) listen to the vocal 5%, that already have everything in the game and don't really spend much anymore B) keep track of the paying 95% and how happy they are with the game (obvious KPI being cash flow amongst other things)
  6. ObiWankov

    A community to save clan battles

    cringe man yikes
  7. ObiWankov


    @der_Tiefseetaucher möchte dir Coop nahelegen. Da wirst du vermutlich auch weniger beschossen :)
  8. getting 25k+ rocket salvos with the mvr is really satisfying ngl
  9. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Lately it has been really bad, agreed. Maybe i’m getting majorly screwed by MM but at least half the players on each side are deep red. Got nothing to prove it with, but it feels way worse than in August.
  10. ObiWankov

    very low cruisers presence in random battles

    What extras?
  11. ObiWankov

    MvR in ranked

    @Excavatus I feel insulted by him writing people in quotes. Does he think I am not a human being?
  12. ObiWankov

    MvR in ranked

    Keeping the skies nice and friendly
  13. ObiWankov

    MvR in ranked

    Only played 7 battles so far but already got to expierence some hilarious moments
  14. ObiWankov

    Battles to tier X ratio

    61% of battles in T10. Rushed for the Yamato followed by Hinden and Gearing It's hard learning on T10, probs even harder today than it was back then.