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  1. ObiWankov

    ...the end is nigh?...

    With everyone and their mother playing smokeless DD (Halland, Smalland, Marceau...) even the "weaker" DD get stronger again and more fun to play. I suggest you give the Z-52 a try.
  2. ObiWankov

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    What keeps me playing is the possibility of improving myself. If subs get introduced without additional slots, i.e. 15vs15, it’s going to be very hard to keep your average damage values up. Not sure what to do if they don’t reset the stats like they did with CV rework...
  3. ObiWankov

    Matchmaking in der Kritik

    Da wurde aber eine schöne Tomate im CoOp-Gewächshaus aufgezogen, meine Güte... Würde für solche Spieler ein eigenes MM bevorzugen. Sagen wir alle mit weniger als 500-800 PR in einer eingenen Kategorie, rest egal. Sollen die doch mit den Bots fahren wie die neuen Spieler bis und mit T4...
  4. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    But I like winning more than 50%, and I bet most people would like winning more than 50% if they could
  5. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    While it does not provide to the conversation about MM I'd still like to get back to you. Also, I do not like to be called unrepresentative, my opinion matters just as much as yours. I started playing in 2016 and probably put in like 3000 games solo before ever divisioning up properly (got tired of playing solo and joined an actually active clan). Ever since then I have been playing solo rarely, simply don't enjoy the game anymore if there is nobody to talk to. Has become more of a social thing tbh, playing divisions together and having a laugh really. I find myself a lot in sticky situations as well when playing solo, since I'm so used to have back up lol. First records show me having 49% WR and 1K PR, pretty sure that was some time after I started playing the game. So for someone that started playing a year after release, going through all the stages of the game, turning from a bad player to a better player, would my opinion not be representative?
  6. ObiWankov

    [POLL] How was your "Ranked Sprint 11" experience?

    Only played this sprint because you could div up with a friend. Think we both enjoyed it since it was different. Although I'm glad I ranked out after playing for a couple of hours, more would not have been too much fun imo. Arms race with the healing and what not gets old real fast and just starts to piss you off.
  7. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's called Clan Battles. Let Randoms be just that, random.
  8. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    @ACe_1983 if you don't like being up-tiered I suggest you go and spend some money to get T10 asap. Alternatively Georgia or Friesland is a nice ship.
  9. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    But you can. 150 Games should be a decent enough sample size to get some value out of. Solo is an entirely different story, but with 3-man divs you can influence the match greatly. Not meaning to show off or anything, just trying to provide some facts. WR would have been higher even, but then I played some games with @Excavatus EDIT: @BLUB__BLUB You said "I'm plenty good enough", however it would seem you are not. Not trying to attack you or anything, but if you wan't to base the discussion of a system affecting everyone on your own expierence, please take into account "your place" in said system. I suggest you adjust your expectations according to your own level, you will have much more fun, trust me. Hunting wins and PR only gets frustrating if you can't achieve what you aim for, afterall... it's only a game, why you heff to be mad? (and yes I do realize the irony of me saying that, for those that know me )
  10. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    The amount of self-delusion in this topic is awesome, thanks for this goldmine Exca. I thought the match maker was flawed before reading this topic, however now I think it's working almost perfectly fine. Here is my little guide to improve your winrate, which seems to be the main concern of many (to be taken with a grain of salt): Be patient and wait for your chance. You are of no use to anyone dead within 5 minutes of the game. Be active and not too passive. Invest your HP into kills/dmg or caps. You gain nothing from surviving a battle with 90% HP and getting a defeat. You can block caps as a DD without getting instantly killed (pro tip turn your AA off initially). Play "impact-ships". You are more likley to win a game playing a DD or radar cruiser than playing a BB in most cases. Sitting in the back and farming 200k+ of fire damage on GKs with a Yoshino will likely not lead to a big impact on victory. Play in divisions. Join a clan that can help you improve and listen to feedback you might get. 3 Ships working as a team can influence the battle greatly. Make sure you have synergies in your division line-up (like BB+CA+DD). Learn the basics. Look up videos or material that will help you improve your gameplay. Accept the match maker as it is and make up for the flaws in your team