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  1. ObiWankov

    What is your most played ship....

    your record is below the average damage of a lot of people...
  2. ObiWankov

    What is your most played ship....

    cause its a sluggish gunboat with low speed judging by the low amount of games you have played so far, you most likely have no idea whatsoever how to play that thing, since its 180 deg opposite to the other dds you have there
  3. ObiWankov

    no more stat shaming? [WR < 46% = plain bad]

    the easiest solution for ending stats shaming would be to just get good
  4. probably to ease the burden of information flood for their most loyal customers in all honesty, how far do you have to be removed from your own game to even consider such a change
  5. ObiWankov

    Solumn petition to WG re: access to ranked

    why not 55% and 60%?
  6. Not really playing the game anymore, but guess I could finish some quests in minecraft next time you think something is impossible ObiWan#8891 on discord
  7. Good day to all of you I have recently switched to a ultra wide screen monitor (5120 x 1440, curved) and find my self not looking enough at the minimap in the heat of the moment. Are there any mods that would allow me to position the existing UI-elements (mainly the map, possibly others as well)? Or is this perhaps editable in some of the xml files? Kind Regards, Obi
  8. ObiWankov

    How can MM be this bad???

    how is MM supposed to split up a division of two Ise?
  9. ObiWankov

    General CV related discussions.

    a little something from a month or so ago
  10. ObiWankov

    Please return flags for achievments

    figured out an easy fix to stop running out of flags, want to know? stop playing until wg stops with the blatant cash grabs. used to play this game a lot and spent quite a lot of cash on things as well, however now I refuse to spend even 1 cent more out of principal
  11. ObiWankov

    M. Richthofen terrible suffering

    just forget about mvr and play midway in cbs if you want to
  12. ObiWankov

    beginners ( less than 8 weeks play) and matchmaking

    do everyone a favor and stay out off ranked your mistakes will matter less in randoms and you will most likely meet more players of your skill level
  13. thanks for sharing?
  14. ObiWankov

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    MMM is not a mod. Means he must be talking about forum moderators
  15. ObiWankov

    Epicentar: Love or Hate?

    caps tick too fast once uncontested, leading to games ending prematurely 4/10 would remove from map pool