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  1. Fix your Servers

    maybe it was a server restart

    Hi @Lady_godiva_s try to make the game exeption at your firewall also try to run wgcheck.exe to see if there are problems check it to Game Center i think now it is there located
  3. I believe that Wargaming sould post what mods are allowed clearly mentioning thease mods due to avoid account banning if they allow mods they should say exactly what mods are for use
  4. i think better is Hinderburg and it is more easy to play it
  5. the problem is the mod that you have installled it shows your hidden ships but because it is a mod the mod is not connected with the official Wargaming and Wargaming now shows official some new ships in the game Before you buy a ship you have to look if it is officilly in the game not from the mod also you can buy every ship from Prenium Shop in official Wargaming game site
  6. Kii needs a buff - petition?

    i think it needs more Armor more strong Citadel protection
  7. i took 50x Gamescom Camo 50 Dragon Flags
  8. Hi @LykkeSabine93 try to download an old installer to install the game maybe Game Center has a problem downloading the game otherwise try to redownload the latest Game Center again
  9. Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Congratulations to all winners and thanks to @lup3s and to everyone who donates the gifts @lup3s happy to see you are better take care yourself health is the most important thing in the world
  10. Bonus Code on German facebook

    The code worked thanks a lot for sharing this with us @T0byJug
  11. try to play both tier cv ships you will see and understand what i say and you will gain experience with both cv lines also you will find which CV LINE is best to you i think IJN are weaker until tier vi from tier vii are stronger thn USN I tried the same i had both cv lines but at the end i liked more the USN line Make a try and see in which tier line you are best you will undreastand what i say Maybe some youtube videos about cv tips will help you further you made the best choice that you take the +1 plane perk it helps a little
  12. Also Welcome to our Community i saw that you are new here
  13. yes they have 1 squad 4 +4 fighers i think not sure now USN is better than the old cv because the old cv Bogue has 2 types the 1 type had 2 squads of fighers you can treat them by taking their figher near to allied ships or whwn you are with the other cv help each other with fighers
  14. tier vi ships have high AA defense but better do not attack when there are many ships together bacause they all together have high AA defense also USN cv have more powerfull fighers and bombers but they have only 1 than IJN cv that they have 2 squadrons try to treat other USN players with your fighers and bombers ( try only attack to other fighers when you are near in friendly ships all together have strong AA defense )
  15. Manual attacks are available after Tier VI that is the reason that the game dont let you use manual attacks the buttons