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  1. nti9

    Critical Error 0x80004005

    hi @The_Colonel_HG sorry if that didnt help fix your problem did you tried to Reinstall the game and update it trought Game Center ?
  2. nti9

    Unable to connect to update service

    hi @GGTheDominator did you tried to install Game Center ?
  3. nti9

    Critical Error 0x80004005

    hi @The_Colonel_HG please try this if it fix your problem ( i think it may be a Directx problem ) What did i try to get this problem fixed? Solution: 1. Go to this page: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 2. Download Directx End-User Runtime Web Installer 3. Install the downloaded installer Notice that the installer installs previous versions of Directx. (nothing will happen to your latest drivers, don't worry) Installing this version of Directx, will "fix" the Direct3D problem. Always check if you already have the latest version of Directx for your system installed before you try the above steps! Good luck!
  4. nti9

    Errors on startup

    hi @_ _ _The__Destroyer did you tried to install the game thought Game Center and whats your system requirements ? also please Report this problem to Wargaming
  5. nti9

    WGGC + Aborting Download

    hi @Ouzo11 im not sure but i think try to re-install the Game Center it will unstuck the slow downloading speed but if you want to stop the auto downloading go to settings then updates and uncheck where it says auto update of installed games
  6. nti9

    game freezes during random battle

    Hi @Uriens_The_Gray I had this problem too that I did I deleted or transfer the file preferencies.xml that it is located in Local Disk > World Of Warships and I restart the game I hope this help you fix it
  7. nti9

    Error Extracting Update File

    Hi @Qestroy try to go to "Updates" folder, find this file "wows_51.128308_50.125677_client.patch" (the biggest one) and rename it like this: "wows_51.128308_50.125677_client_eu.patch" i think that its called start the game and it should start to unpack the update. if this will not work try to download the game directly with Game Center
  8. nti9

    Unexpectedly low FPS

    I had this problem too not the same but simular i solved it with re-installed the garphics drivers then i installed Driver Booster 4 and it updated my drivers this solved my problem i dont know if this will solve fully your problem but if you still have it try it
  9. nti9

    Noob question about cruisers

    i suggest to try German line Hinderburg is a good ship specialy for new players
  10. nti9

    Public Test Rewards

    now all are claimed
  11. nti9

    Missing ships

    i think when you are in Beta is something a trial version but when it ends becasuse it a trial i think they take the ships that you had in this version but they should have returned the Dubloons
  12. nti9

    Mouse not working in Carrier overview

    Hi @Andastre is your internet connection stable ? i had this problem with my mouse button it was always stucking but it was my internet it was not stable so when i was manage to send planes it was stucked iam not sure but check this
  13. nti9

    Reinstalled - login

    your previous account was Wargaming account or an other linked account ?
  14. nti9

    Fix your Servers

    maybe it was a server restart
  15. nti9


    Hi @Lady_godiva_s try to make the game exeption at your firewall also try to run wgcheck.exe to see if there are problems check it to Game Center i think now it is there located