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    Would you believe, naval history?
  1. Commodore_Goodenough

    [How to:] Play around RADAR

    Just the advice I need right now, thank you for sharing your thoughts!
  2. Commodore_Goodenough

    Pan Asian Destroyer Balance?

    Much appreciated, Colonel!
  3. Commodore_Goodenough

    Pan Asian Destroyer Balance?

    What are people's thoughts on Fushun's torp upgrade? 8km of range is tempting, since it would be a more comfortable margin for stealth firing (compared with the stock torpedo range). But I don't know if I want to pay for that with a downgrade to damage, speed and reload time...
  4. Commodore_Goodenough

    Leander - a definate keeper!

    I still often take my Leander out since graduation to the Fiji. Both are very rewarding and fun to play, completely agree with their praises being sung here. Working up the RN cruiser line and stepping from the Emerald to Leander is like poking at a leafy salad until the waiter comes and garnishes it with a steak.
  5. Commodore_Goodenough


    There's light at the end of the tunnel. It's called the Leander. The Emerald always felt, to me, as miserably under-gunned as she looked. A good player can probably mitigate that to an extent with clever use of smoke, torps and magic. If, like me, you're average on a good day then it's a slog. Worth it though IMO.
  6. Commodore_Goodenough

    British Heavy Cruisers

    The existing RN cruiser line consists entirely of light cruisers (aside from the Black Swan)
  7. Commodore_Goodenough


    Fun fact: the ship's cat of HMS Duke of York slept through the entire battle in which the Scharnhorst was sunk
  8. Commodore_Goodenough

    USS Louisville CA-28

    On the basis of uniqueness, I'd favour Wichita as a premium. Louisville is perhaps noteworthy for being the ship on board which Rear Admiral Chandler was killed in action but, then again, in the Atlanta and Arizona you already have two USN premiums which took Admirals to their graves (Norman Scott and Isaac Kidd, respectively). There isn't a gaping hole between the Pensacola and Indianapolis which urgently needs filling, but WG seem to favour reworking existing ships, so never say never perhaps.
  9. Commodore_Goodenough

    German BB line !

    Likewise for Friedrich Der Grosser, which was one of the Kaiser class (and Admiral Scheer's flagship at Jutland, no less). So those Tier IX and X names confuse my brain. A minor note, however, compared to the excitement of having the new line. It's more or less as I imagined it, except I thought Bayern would be T-VII. 15-inch gunned Gneisenau will be interesting - the Kriegsmarine's ambitions for up-gunning her have been realised 75 years on!
  10. Commodore_Goodenough

    Nuernburg is a joke. Heck everything in the German tree suffers. Everything.

    Thanks, I shall persevere. The Hippers are one of my favourite warships; I'm therefore determined to make it at least that far. So it's a relief to hear that it's a good ship in the game. Wasn't sure about going any further but, from what I've now read about the Roon and Hindenburg, I definitely will. In the meantime, I'll do my best to make the Yorck goodenough (forgive the obvious pun). Incidentally, I would love it if WG released the Prinz Eugen as a premium ship.
  11. Commodore_Goodenough


    Thanks for the tip!
  12. Commodore_Goodenough

    Underwhelming. - HMS Campbeltown Commentary

    I wasn't originally interested in the Campbeltown itself - I just wanted the Jutland flag included with the Brit tag team bundle. As it turns out, though, she is good fun - limited in many ways, but you have to love a 7.5km torpedo range at Tier III
  13. Commodore_Goodenough

    Nuernburg is a joke. Heck everything in the German tree suffers. Everything.

    I've been working slogging my way through the German line since i started with WoW. I'd say my experience has been akin to the five stages of grief; I've just come to accept the paper thin armour. If you can learn to work with each of the ships' respective flaws and if you have friend to play in divisions with (preferably someone with a Japanese or US cruiser) then it's enjoyable enough. Although one of my friends did throw in the towel at the Nurnburg stage, after trying out the Aoba. I think the Nurnburg is probably one of the German cruisers I've enjoyed the most, and at least the main armament disposition permits two thirds of it to be fired while running away. Also, from the few matched I've played with her, I don't think the Yorck is going to be much fun...
  14. Commodore_Goodenough


    I enjoy the Omaha, seems to be one of my more fun and successful ships. I favour trying to stay bows-on to opponents; you have a good amount of main armament concentrated forward and present a smaller target. Of course, this does involve heading towards the enemy, so it can't be maintained indefinitely.
  15. Commodore_Goodenough


    I bought the Atlanta partly just to sit and admire her. For my money (literally, in fact), one of the prettiest warships ever built. I tend to play her for fun, rather than serious determination to top the leaderboard. The Atlanta class were never built with surface gunnery duels in mind, and paid the price accordingly when used in that role during the naval battles for the Solomon Islands. The ships suffers in-game in a similar fashion. The deficit of armour and range to other Tier VII ships is challenging to overcome, put mildly. With that firepower, though, I can readily see how she couldn't have been rated any lower. The feeling of sailinga floating machine gun is addictive, mind you.