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  1. Captain_RoflStomp

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    Thanks for the update! Autospy lite big contour icons are gone again though? Any chance to get those back please? Thanks.
  2. Captain_RoflStomp

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    Seems that colored kill messages with ship names stops me being able to enter a battle and it just hangs on the loading screen. Was using a few mods from your pack Aslain and by removing them one at a time it worked again after removing that mod.
  3. Captain_RoflStomp

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    Any chance we can get the 'Autospy lite big' contour icons back please? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the update There seems to be one file from the director folder missing though which results in a part of the ship still being red. After some trial and error I have fixed the missing file and have attached a copy here for you to add to future updates JD509_Director_Type_91_Arpeggio_a.zip
  5. Captain_RoflStomp

    Skin problem

  6. Thanks for this. These skins are really nice. Any chance of getting one added to the pack for the ARP Haguro? Thanks.
  7. Captain_RoflStomp

    Skin problem

    I can try that thanks. Is it possible to just disable the camo for the yamato though and keep it for all other ships?
  8. Captain_RoflStomp

    Skin problem

    I downloaded a skin for my Yamato from here but when I try to use it, it only works properly when I don't use any camo, which is obviously kinda useless. I have tried editing camouflages.xml to remove the various instances of the ship from the camo types but it seemed to just default to some other kind of camo so I couldn't get that to work either. Any idea how to get this to work properly while still being able to use the 22.5k type 5 camo?
  9. This. Saw the new weekly 100k mission, maybe getting those last 20 for the sea lion flag is possible after all even after being screwed over with the week 5 missions. Starts to play some rounds, gets upto 10k/100k, checks the site and now its disappeared. WG stop trolling us. How many times are you going to dangle this sh1t under my nose before snatching it away again?
  10. Captain_RoflStomp

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #02 (10-12-2018)

    I have the same issue. Everything else seems fine though.
  11. Well thanks for NOT telling us that there would be no week 5 missions and leading us to believe that we had a week more than we actually had to complete the 1000 diamond goal and pretty much having me farm for FOUR FU<KING WEEKS for NOTHING. You could have told us this at the start and I would have made sure I wasn't a measly 20 diamonds short of my own personal goal of 900 for the sea lion flag when you decided to rob us of the last weeks worth of missions.
  12. If thats the case then either everyone should get the week 5 missions and the diamonds from any they have completed, or nobody gets them. Its hardly fair that some people get the diamonds from the week 5 missions and others don't. Some pi55 poor organisation here thats for sure..
  13. There is no week 5 missions on the page. Just the completed week 4 ones. I have already done the 100k mission as well. Been waiting for the week 5 missions to get the last 20 diamonds I needed...
  14. 4 weeks of farming diamonds with the aim of getting the sea lion flag and they pull the plug when I need 20 which I would have undoubtedly got from the week 5 missions. What a fu<king farce...