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  1. All three? I'm only aware of two. Where is the third one used? My take on this issue is that the double standard is annoying, and so is the inconsistency. Remember how the Hiryu used to have the hinomaru on its flight deck? It was removed for some vague reasons about it being offensive and interfering with ship camouflage. And then we got the Kaga, with the hinomaru. Guess none of those reasons for removing it from Hiryu mattered after all. I guess there is still the matter of it only being used on the Hiryu for a short time, however that time included the most iconic moment of her career. I would prefer to have the proper Imperial German and Japanese naval ensigns in the game. I see no reason why the former should be offensive to anyone, and if the latter is offensive to the Chinese, so what? They have their own version of the game anyway with made up fantasy nations. I don't care so much about the swastika, since that symbol is considered pretty much universally offensive now. I could tolerate it though, just like I can tolerate the hammer and sickle. I don't have to like it though, and that flag is part of why the Russian tech tree is the only one I have never touched.
  2. Rosletyne

    Will old ship models be improved?

    They have already done this, and will probably continue doing it. Those old ship lines are no longer using their original models. If you search through old updates, you will find several upgrades.
  3. Rosletyne

    Newport scenario after changes

    I have played this operation a lot this week, and while I have no numbers to back me up, it does feel harder than I remember it being. I can think of two reasons why it might be so. First, the cruiser Romeo is less useful than the carrier Romeo was, and it can leave the repair area to do something stupid and get itself killed, while the carrier always had the sense to stay put. Second, it has been a long time since this was the scenario of the week, what with five weeks of Halloween madness, and many people may have forgotten how it works and how to play it. As for the issue of DDs in operations, I have to agree that DDs are the worst class of ship to play. And I say this despite mainly playing DDs myself, and my best game this week in this operation was in the Farragut, with 8 kills and over 2000 base experience. But on average I still get better results in cruisers. I would still not restrict the number of DDs allowed in the team, at least not any lower than two. If you play them right they can be glorious, and I don't approve of unnecessary restrictions. I did not like tier 5 ships being banned from operations either. I used to farm Torpedoman achievements with my Minekaze in Aegis and perform feats I can only dream of in tier 6 DDs. Sometimes it feels like the hatred for DDs in operations borders on excessive. I once ran into a cruiser player in Raptor Rescue who immediately quit the game after seeing three DDs on the team. Afterwards he insisted on blaming the DDs for throwing the game, all of whom did their best, while accepting no blame himself for being a quitter. DDs are more useful in some operations than in others, obviously. In fact, I think this operation is one of the better ones for DDs. Contrary to popular belief, you can score devastating torpedo strikes on enemy ships here. Since they all charge straight for the port area they are predictable, and they are not nearly as good at dodging torpedoes as in some other operations. In Raptor Rescue ships react to torpedoes long before they should be able to see them, but DDs can be invaluable at dealing with enemy DDs. In Killer Whale you could bring a British DD to hit the nose of the stationary König, but you might as well bring a Leander for that with more utility. This is in fact incorrect. That Zuiho did not count for that objective. I have no idea why not, but I know I have had five star wins where the Zuiho survived the game. Actually you can do it. In this operation the enemies are not as clairvoyant as in others. I think the trick is that the enemies may not see you when you fire the torpedoes, which is easy enough with the island cover available, and they must not see the torpedoes on the way. And of course, you have to launch them at their broadside, not their bow. One more tip I have is that all of the Japanese cruisers have the AA fire consumable, but none of the Germans do. Therefore, Japanese cruisers cannot use hydro to detect torpedoes, but the Germans might.
  4. Rosletyne

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I think I might have earned the old Major Contribution achievement with this game. Only got two stars, but that was some real heavy lifting I had to do.
  5. Rosletyne

    Server Problems

    First I could not get in because of "technical issues detected". I rebooted, restarted the game and was able to play two games before it crashed. Then I had some more technical issues, tried rebooting again, and now I'm no longer having any technical issues. What I do have is an endless loading screen, but no error messages. Looks like I won't be completing any daily missions today.
  6. Rosletyne

    screen hangs on lineup screen but still puts me in game

    Just now I got stuck on the queue screen. After waiting for about a minute for the lineup to load, I gave up and restarted, arriving in the battle about five minutes late. Fortunately I arrived just in time to sink a pair of enemy destroyers attacking me, and the game was a win, but it could easily have been ruined by this bug. This happened right after I had tried and failed to enter battle, with a message I have never seen before, saying the server was overloaded and telling me to try another battle type or to try again later. I had tried to queue for random, and it was my first battle after just starting the client. I play on Mac so I'm used to encountering crashes left and right, but this was completely unheard of.
  7. Rosletyne

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery. Thank you in advance for running this again.
  8. Rosletyne

    Look into the mind of a team killer

    Tonight I once again had the pleasure of having a team killer on my team. Both teams had a division of three players from the same clan, so the team killer took it upon himself to kill those on our team, though he only managed to kill himself. Unsatisfied, he demanded the rest of our team should kill them, for cheating. The clan players had done nothing wrong - both divisions fired at enemies and sank them. Their only questionable action was retaliating against the team killer, but under the circumstances I find it understandable. After the match was over, I had a rare conversation with the team killer. He actually responded, and tried to justify his actions. I have copied it below as accurately as I could, though I have left out both his name and the tag of the clan involved. Comments? I'll be sending the link to this topic to both the team killer, and the clan players.
  9. Rosletyne

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    Completed four different scenarios in a row trying to get a hidden achievement, only to discover that it does not work.
  10. Rosletyne

    Arsenal boxes for World of Warships collection

    Boxes for the second anniversary collection became available during the third anniversary. Most likely boxes for the third anniversary will become available during the fourth.
  11. I am writing this at 9 AM. I have not had a wink of sleep, because this is making me too angry. I have read the supposed clarification post, and I find it insulting to my intelligence. No one was buying that dramatic increase between tiers nonsense, so they made up some new excuses for decimating the carrier lines. Of course, the new excuses make no more sense than the first one did, nor do they begin to make this change acceptable. First, the matchmaker. I already noted the contradiction of expecting more CV players and having to concentrate the fewer CV players on fewer tiers. This might in fact increase waiting times, since there may not be enough low tier games available. And what is that bit about the number of balanced battles increasing supposed to mean? CV matchmaking is mirrored, and if CVs of the same tier are not balanced, reducing the number of tiers is not going to do squat to fix it. Next, the progression. This is just the same dramatic increase hogwash being repeated. Can't you see that with the same logic, you could eliminate all ships on odd tiers? Sure, you can't go increasing the number of aircraft in a strike every tier. Likewise, you could say you can't increase the number of guns a cruiser has every tier. But wait, Helena at tier VII has more guns than Cleveland at tier VIII, how can this be? Clearly you must remove Helena from the game immediately, since there are no other parameters you could possibly change to balance this. I mean, that is just obvious. Finally, the gameplay is supposed to become clearer. Somehow. I'm glad something is, because these excuses certainly are not. Evaluating carrier strength is supposed to become easier. Okay, you could argue that tier VIII is clearly higher than tier VI, but how is it any less clear that tier VII is also higher? Evaluating relative ship strength is exactly what the tiers are for. Do you seriously not trust your players to be able to count to ten? Here it gets interesting. Also horrifyingly stupid, but that is interesting, right? We're supposed to get the removed carriers back later, only instead of carriers, they will be turned into a circus of stupid gimmicks. Smoke screens? Fighting fires? Capturing objectives? Do you people even know what carriers are? Carriers are supposed to be offensive weapons, damage dealers, vehicles of death and destruction. And you are planning on reducing them to I don't even know what, naval auxiliaries? The only promise I see here is of dismal failure. I see you struggling to even differentiate between carriers of different nations, and you expect me to believe you could do the same with different branches too? Yeah, good luck with that. Finally there is the simple problem that we won't simply get our carriers back. We have to endure the grind for them again, only it will be even slower and less rewarding than the first time, with fewer ships to unlock which we will all know we have already earned. Some of that grind might not be that bad - protected tier IV matchmaking until tier VI - but the idea of having to stay at tier VIII twice as long, having to constantly deal with being uptiered and with the ridiculous oversaturation of premiums, sounds excruciatingly painful. Also, I have seen no response whatsoever to carriers being excluded from events requiring odd tier ships. Some of the operations do, too. All that said, the new gameplay might not be that bad. If it had been combined with the long awaited release of the British CV line, I might even have supported it. But if it gets paired with the removal of content, for such absurd reasons even, the rework will be tarnished beyond all hope. You can't get people hyped about the removal of content. You just can't.
  12. Wow, so my team actually had the top spot. I got the 1500 doubloons earlier today, but for all I knew we could have been tied for the 7th spot. Many of the other players near the top were also with us on different runs. I was on four runs where we got 34 kills, the times being 18:38, 17:26, 17:27 and 17:30. We kept trying for several hours, trying to beat the Russian record of 34 kills in 17:09, but we never managed that perfect run. Not for lack of trying though. Near the end I had memorized the names of all the enemy ships and where they spawned, which enabled me to tell my team which ones were left so they could get into position to kill them quickly.
  13. I can't remember ever seeing another thread where people were this unanimous in their opinion. Of course I agree, removing half the carriers from the game is preposterous. The only thing more ridiculous is that excuse they gave about a more dramatic increase in capability between successive carriers. It is frankly insulting that WG expects us to believe that bovine excrement, because there is no way in hell that is their real reason. What could their real reason be? The best case would be that they are simply clueless about how to balance their new carriers, and they can do it easier by reducing their number. In that case, we might hope to get them back some day, but even then the damage will have been done. I especially dislike the idea of tier 8 being oversaturated with premiums, making the excessively long grind even more painful. The other option is that they are intentionally creating tiers with no CVs for future events. Imagine another ranked sprint for an odd tier? So sorry you can't play a CV, because none exist for the required tier. This would be just another injury to the CV players, who have already been excluded from too many events. Then there is the very worst option. Notice how they expected the matchmaker to find games faster for CV players? But wait a minute, was the goal not to have more people playing CVs, and if so, why would they need to be concentrated on fewer tiers for the matchmaker to work? Unless... they don't actually expect more people to play CVs, and they are doing this just to keep queue times short for the few who continue to play CVs after the disaster strikes. I loved my Hiryu more than any other CV, and while I don't have her in my port any more, I was considering buying back my tier 7 CVs and training new captains for them. But now, why should I bother? I was also looking forward to completing the grind to tier 10 in my Taiho and Essex. Guess I should not have bothered to retrain my tier 8 captains for them, complete waste of time.
  14. Rosletyne

    Got quests for submarines i ALREADY own!

    Note that even if you already have the Zipper Sub and Gerfalcon, the quests for them are very much worth doing. You don't get any more subs, but you do get port slots for them, which you can presumably keep permanently.
  15. For a while I could not load the Hall of Fame at all, but now I finally found out my score. Way more than I expected it to be, but somehow I doubt I'm actually in the Superior League with those weird point requirements.