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  1. Rosletyne

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My team lost most of the map right off the bat. It took us forever to get our first cap, and by then the enemy team had over 800 points. Thankfully we had defeated the enemy on our flank, and were able to rush through the center and take the enemy caps, but even that was close. The enemy reached 960 points, and they had a Vladivostok and other ships chasing our Leander - had he died, the enemy team would have reached 1000 points. But the Vladivostok died before the Leander. Then their New Mexico died before our Amagi. Finally I sank the enemy carrier, which gave us 1000 points. By then, the enemy team had been one kill away from victory for 5 minutes, but they just could not reach that finish line. This game might actually be good enough to send to Jingles. I have seen victories snatched from the jaws of defeat before, but not like this, and I have not been the one doing the snatching.
  2. Rosletyne

    What was your worst mistake of the day?

    Played Jervis in Narai. I thought I would get into a flanking position close to the Emile Bertin and Emerald, and torpedo the Missouri after they were dead. They detect me? No problem, I have smoke. Yeah... and I forgot my detection range while firing guns in smoke. They just deleted me.
  3. I almost added "other" as an option on the poll, but did not really want any Sauerkrauts or other joke names. But I am open to other ideas, and one just came to mind: field marshal Radetzky. He served in the Austrian army, but this is no problem for the time the ship would have been made, and we already have Prinz Eugen as precedent. He is also a contemporary of Scharnhorst and Gneisenau, and though the name had been used by the Austro-Hungarian Navy, it was available after World War I.
  4. I'm afraid this is also too recent. The German Navy would not have named a ship after a living person, which rules out all generals and admirals of World War II.
  5. The name apparently had several spellings depending on the local dialect, including Wotan in Old High German. However, due to Wagner's influence, Wotan became the prevalent modern spelling, which is relevant for the time period of this game.
  6. This thing: Tier VIII, 3x3x305mm, don't know. It is supposedly a tier VIII Scharnhorst class, so it comes with torpedoes. Announced at Gamescom this week. It was also an excuse for why the German-born dentist went along with the crazy plan to free her. I think he even explained a bit of the story to Django in the movie.
  7. Some time ago, we had a poll on whether to change Italian cruiser names, which resulted in Torino, Milano and Verona being renamed to Amalfi, Brindisi and Venezia. Which is an improvement, for those of you who can't tell. Personally, I like some of the fancy names of existing Italian premiums, and I would have loved a name like Leone di San Marco, which is by far the most recognizable symbol of Italian naval history. But I digress, and I don't have a particular interest in the Regia Marina. I have a different axe to grind. The Nibelungenlied is the German national epic, and references to it pop up in unlikely places. Remember Broomhilda von Shaft from the film Django Unchained? She was named after Brunhild, a character from said epic. Siegfried is another such character, and the planned name for a premium German cruiser, which I have no problem with, nor have I heard any other complaints about it. Odin does not appear in the original epic itself, but is a central figure in Wagner's opera series Der Ring des Nibelungen, which combines the epic with Norse sagas. Except, Odin does not appear in the operas. Not by that name, anyway. He appears as Wotan, based on the old German name of the same god. As you may or may not know, Wagner's operas have had a lasting impact, to the extent that his interpretations of the characters have become their modern definitions. They were of course also used to build German nationalism, and Hitler is known to have been an admirer of Wagner's music. I can therefore easily imagine German ships being named after characters from the operas. But, the Germans would definitely have used the German name Wotan, rather than the Norse name Odin. And in fact, they did. My vote obviously goes to Wotan. Any other opinions?
  8. Rosletyne

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    Your test only proves reworked Enterprise could kill three battleships that don't move or shoot back faster than the old one could. Those don't resemble actual random battle conditions much, and you should be careful drawing conclusions about their performance in random battles based on such results. I get you are trying to show how the reworked carriers are no less potent at dealing damage, and therefore they should be as overpowered as the old carriers. But it is not that simple. Imagine if you could reduce the strength of any ship to a single number. An old carrier in the hands of an average player could be 100. The same carrier after rework could be 110. How could the former be more overpowered than the latter? Because the strength of the old carrier varied between 0-300 based on player skill, while the new carriers only vary between 0-150. It was not the average damage that made the old carriers overpowered, it was their higher potential in extraordinary games. In gaming terms, reworked carriers have lower skill floor and ceiling, while for old carriers the sky was not the limit. Fine, I don't need to prove to you that I have gotten better with reworked CVs since they were first released. I still don't like playing them in randoms though, so I don't. You completely lost me here. You can't possibly mean AA is less effective now at shooting down planes than before the rework, can you? You probably did not look at that replay I posted, but there is something about how it ended I would like to point out. The last enemy I killed was the Izumo, and as I set up that attack I flew my torpedo planes right over it to get to a better position. I only lost one plane, and even that was only after the drop. If I tried that with a reworked CV, the entire torpedo bomber squadron would absolutely die, and not even be able to turn to make the attack. That Izumo has turned from a minor threat to a no fly zone, and I would never attack it now unless there was nothing else my planes could do. The AA has definitely become much stronger. Another thing about that replay. At the end of it, I was the last one alive, with a König to my west, Aoba to my east, Izumo coming from the north and the map border to my south. Completely surrounded. Can you honestly tell me that any amount of skill would have enabled a reworked carrier to survive in such a situation? Because I don't believe it.
  9. Rosletyne

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    No. It is also not balanced around your training room test. You may, and I have considered it. I have to point out though that those stats don't tell the whole story. I only played the reworked CVs for a few games right after they were released, when I had no clue what I was doing, and the only time I have taken them out in randoms since was to collect their French tokens. In the case of Shokaku and Lexington, I was also playing them stock, so it should be no surprise that those stats sucked hard. If you were to look at my stats in the Hermes, after I'd gained some experience in operations, you can see me doing much better. Anyway, my point is that the huge difference in what carriers could and can do in operations before and after the rework suggests that their damage output has changed. With the old carriers you relied much more on alpha. You might only get one strike, but if you were any good that was all you needed. But with the new carriers, you have to hit them again, and again, and again. You can't keep that up forever. At the very least, sooner or later your victim will finally die, and you'll have to go after less rewarding targets. I believe operations are an extreme example of what might happen when you are given an endless supply of easy victims with no fighter cover to stop you. With old carriers you could pick and choose the easiest ones, wreck them and leave the cruisers with better AA for your team to handle. That does not work with reworked carriers. Fighter cover as a limiting factor has been replaced by stronger AA, and you can't avoid that. You also don't have the time to go after the easy targets. Your team will kill them, and you will find yourself having to attack a cruiser formation or nothing at all. What I'm trying to say is that the old CVs had the potential to be much more effective than the new ones. If the enemy CV was afk or died early, the entire enemy team was your lunch buffet. With reworked CVs, even in the most favorable situations, you are still going to lose planes to AA which will slow you down. Even if their average damage was about even, I would bet that the old carriers varied more, and when the stars aligned you could do damage that was nothing short of monstrous, such as new carriers can only dream of.
  10. Rosletyne

    Comparison RTS vs reworked CVs

    This is incorrect. I take it that you don't play operations much? I do. It is a quick and easy way to grind experience, and I enjoy it. At least I used to. The rework has severely hurt CVs in operations. Take Defense of Naval Station Newport, which has probably been hit hardest. I used to do over 200k damage often, and could break 300k damage in rare games. I have one such game saved on replayswows.com. Now though? With reworked CVs I can do half as much damage, and carrying the game is an impossibility, when before carriers were perfectly capable of that. Other operations have also been impacted. Raptor Rescue is the second worst, since CVs can no longer sink the bot CVs like they used to, there are lots of cruisers to deal with, and the antipilot keeps crashing into islands. In Aegis, if the cruisers escorting the transports had their AA turned on, playing a CV would be pointless. In Killer Whale the enemy ships are so low tier that a CV still has utility, but even there they are only a shadow of what they used to be. I think your test favors reworked CVs disproportionately, and that skews the results.
  11. Rosletyne

    The mind-set of the 40-percenter

    Excuse me, but I've got to vent. I just encountered the most extraordinarily bad Vladivostok on my team. For the start of the game, I was certain he was a bot - one that reverses to the map edge and does nothing else for the entire game. I was wrong. He was human. I found out when he was spotted by an enemy battleship - they had forced their way through that flank, largely because we had a Vladivostok-shaped hole in our defense there - then he had the nerve to ask for support. He did not deserve any, but I shot at that battleship anyway, and left him on fire on half health, broadside to the Vladivostok on full health. The Vladivostok managed to get rammed by the other battleship. But the strangest part is, after that, he began accusing me of being a bot in chat, taunting me, and generally being an [edited]. I could barely believe it - someone who spent half the game reversing into the map border had the nerve to criticize others? And after I had helped him too? The battle was of course a loss. I was the last one left alive, having done over 100k damage in my Des Moines. Nothing special, but not bad either. I promptly forgot his name, so I never checked his stats, but I would be surprised if he was above 40% given how I saw him play. What motivates scum like this? I'm not sure I even want to know. As far as I'm concerned, he was simply an [edited] with delusions of competence. Poster boy of the Dunning-Kruger effect. What would motivate such a person? I guess he must enjoy being a superb player inside his own head.
  12. Rosletyne

    Moving through islands and not only

    You know what this reminds me of? Had something like this happen in Cherry Blossom, back when we had a Cherry Blossom. Another thing the rework took away from us... Anyway, screenshot time. I believe this madness started when I had a disconnect during loading. No big deal, I quickly got into the mission anyway. Except, somehow the server seemed to think I was now playing a random battle. And the minimap was replaced by something I had never seen before. It lasted throughout the entire game, everything appeared to work fine, only the minimap insisted I was sailing through islands that were not there, and the game dutifully kept track of the bot team lineup. Sounds to me like you are seeing one map, but the collision model being used is from something else. I wonder if it turns out those invisible walls in fact correspond to an entirely different map.
  13. Rosletyne

    The game, launcher and forum (?) was acting up

    Finally managed to get back in. And of course I'm pink and got reported for inactivity in a game I was never in, because the server decided not to let me in. [edited]you too, Wargaming, sincerely [edited]you.
  14. Rosletyne

    The game, launcher and forum (?) was acting up

    I'm having an issue right now. Tried to enter battle, but got stuck in the queue. Force quit the game and restarted, and now I'm stuck on the login screen. What the hell is going on?
  15. Rosletyne

    Why run at the end?

    Whenever I have a choice between life and death, I run every time. I only make exceptions if I have to die to win, like someone needs to reset cap and I'm the only one who can. My main reason is just my attitude to the game. If you want to kill me, you better earn that kill, I'm not going to just gift it to you. I also get obsessive about my kill/death ratio, and try to survive to hold on to my stats. There is one more reason though that no one else has mentioned... I think it is good practice. Even if the battle is lost and your survival makes no difference to the outcome, there will be other battles where your survival will make a difference. You don't even have to be the last one alive, you could be the only survivor on your flank while your team has won the other flank, but they still need you to stay alive and keep the enemy busy while they keep attacking. In such situations having the experience of when and how to run can help you survive, and help your team win.