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  1. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    Yorck done good.
  2. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    I see... fair enough then. For me, I think Atlanta (although it seems to get a lot of enemy focus) and Gneisenau are the strongest ships. Though T7 is a very competetive tier and pretty much all the ships will do well.
  3. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    I probably don't need the help of "you're obviously a potato that sails around harvesting XP and foregoing all the objectives" comments... ;)
  4. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    Well, that's you putting your perception on what you read... Totally not a rant, but yeah, I think it probably is too hard. Personally I don't mind. But I think it's hard enough that it will stop people from wanting to play operations, which would be a bad thing.
  5. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    Um... yes. This ain't my first rodeo, but thanks :)
  6. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    The difference I've noticed is the AI. Now they will actively focus one ship and will prioritise the NPC ships. It's the landing zone that loses all the games. The protect NPC ships stars are extremely difficult because there's a LOT of enemy ships and a CV focussing the transports and they just die, so you almost always lose the Defend Lead Transport Ship and Land 1400 Troops stars straight off. And the Missouri that steams into the fleet of transpoprt ships and dev-strikes them from 3km away, or even better rams them means you very often lose the Escort All Transport Ships To Enemy Zone star too. I quite like the operations being more challenging, I'm pointing out more that this is very very difficult now. Unfortunately, I believe it's a minority of us that likes these operations at this difficulty and already I've seen a big declien in people willing to play them.
  7. Blood_Vessel

    Operation Narai

    Welp... seems I can't 5 star this with random teams. Lot's of failures and even when you do win with this kind of results, it's only a 2 star... WTH WG?
  8. Be a nice start if the Game Center install file didn't default to a C:/Program Files isntall path with no way to change it. Be even better if it didn't try and hide in the background and run permanently by default. Unimpressed. Uninstalled.
  9. Blood_Vessel

    [Contest] No good deed goes unrewarded

  10. Blood_Vessel

    Geting Free XP fast

    Get premium from test server, operations or missions. Stack all the flags and camo. Get Ouroboros dragon flags from test server or supercontainers. (or pay some money) >10k per match is easily possible: https://imgur.com/a/TFu00
  11. Blood_Vessel

    Bots and AFKs

    They don't. True bots are rare and people have a stoked salty hatred towards people who are bad or have issues with the client or connections. However, one of the alleged indicators of bots is a ship that looks AFK until a condition is met - usually being detected, locked or fired on - and then comes 'to life' There's not a huge market for powerlevelling, gold reselling or account sales in WOWS (although it is there) which limits the value of bots. If there's no value in it, folk won't bother. Most of the time, bot accusations are some salty sadface ripping on a terrible player.
  12. Blood_Vessel

    In-game Division Etiquette

    I think it;s rare people will ask. Divisions are often friends playing with voice comms on their Discord or Teamspeak server. The strength in divisions is communicating and apart from an in-match text channel, joining in a match gives no benefit - you won't spawn together at the start etc. If you want, keep doing what you're doing, but I would advise checking out the Reddit Discord Warships channel or the WG;EU Teamspeak channel if you want to meet some people and play in divisions: Teamspeak - Reddit WOWS Discord - https://discordapp.com/invite/EEH8KAP
  13. Blood_Vessel

    The new missions are really FUBARing the BB MM!!

    I can't figure out why there's so many BBs unless the mission requirements are different. Task 1 needs 150k damage in a V-X BB - 1-3 games of just shooting stuff. Task 2 needs incap 3 main battery in V-X BB - break out a RN BB, load HE, shoot a DD or CL once = done Task 3,4 and Final do not require a BB and can be done in any ship. In fact, they are all fairly easy to do if you think about them. Dreadnought is easy to get in 8+ CA and High Caliber is easy to get when you read what it is - 30% of total team HP and 4 or more ships damaged. Look at MM, and prioritise the 4 highest tier BBs, then take your BB, CA or DD and go farm them. I don't get why people are being so salty about these missions. I see no issues here. At least they don't have annoying conditions like "X damage to X nation" or "win and survive and top 3" like previous campaign tasks have had. It's for a free T7 premium BB... I think it's actually too easy.
  14. Blood_Vessel

    IFHE brutal nerf to 152/155mm cruisers

    Current info said it would just be removed and credit 4pts... This doesn't make any sense. It's not like any of the cruisers that rock 152/155 are OP with IFHE (except maybe Belfast, but that's not a good measure for balancing)