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  1. It has nothing to do with modifying the official tool, just make it work with them, performance will be worse but you wont need to update the extractor on every update. use a simple DB file as sqlite for example. on first run, you store the current version of sdcontent from WGLauncher.cfg in somewhere just in case. do some cmd work (Autopsy could do it, so do you) to output the files list on first run or sdcontent version mismatch. cache it in that db file or either split it somehow to make file-tree work (you have you dont you? - I think autopsy version have a file-tree too) On sdcontent version mismatch, just redo stuffs above again. The previewer would be harder part as the way official tool extract (they keep relative directory while extracting): do the extract that file to some temp folder, you know both file name and that relative directory, move the file to a preview folder and load it.
  2. then you could make the program read the version of these package (I did try to fake WGLauncher.cfg to see if PT client can login to live server or not as that file store versions for updating), cache the file list on first run and on every time the version is different between the cached one and WGLauncher.cfg, cache just once and it will run fine for the rest as we cant do anything to those package . That;s the feasible way I could think now.
  3. The work you've done is really beyond my knowledge (I don't anything about this kind of stuff). Welp, sometimes I did wonder why you keep rewriting the extractor code while you could use the official to do the extractor part (like it works every time) and you can focus more on the usability of this program (trade performance for usability). I did wish I could reverse WG's extractor to see if there's something hidden in those package, It's outta my reach actually I hope this program can be fixed soon.
  4. Yeah, after I couldn't extract them properly using your tool, I use the official instead and it works, the content that your tool extracted seem somewhat isnt unziped
  5. FYI, the official extractor has no problem extracting anything inside game data (did your mod reveal some unknown hidden things in game data?). My recommend: you can make it work with official one like what autopsy has done. The plus over autopsy version is yours has nice UI and somewhat faster on some tasks, nice treeview and bundled previewer.
  6. emngu

    Help with camerasConsumer.xml

    use some diff tools, ignore the controller one, you will find those change you need to midify to get satified result. I dont know what is arty view from WoT since I dont play WoT and stop using YetAnotherZoomOut mod for a while. here's mine (hakaZoom x20 wild torp I remake for 0.5.8.PT for myself):
  7. yeah, like skyboxes of those new maps, flash folder extract fine, didnt find the others but guess it bugged at those folders
  8. Look like this mod has in-compatibility with 0.5.8.PT, as new map such as Zigzag and Seahope and new contents from 0.5.8.PT cant be extracted properly. Old data extracted just fine.
  9. I guess I would have some hard time shooting 'em with those black-ish yet glowing skin
  10. emngu

    [][UI] Enable training room

    Any update on ARP Shell model? Is there any difference with the re-skin ARP shell out there?
  11. emngu

    Wallpaper ship stats

    Really looking forward to the archive
  12. In previous WOWS Talk about next updates, there seem to be an official minimap with those circles and a lot
  13. emngu

    [][SHELL] Type3 AA shell and Type 91 AP shell

    Could you upload to some elsewhere other than WOWS cdn, I got error 503 everytime and now Hope you can make one for ARP Ships
  14. emngu

    question about mods and malware

    Where you got that from? If it's aslain, it's okay. My avira's abit aggressive against malicious files but it shows nothing.