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  1. Can we have option to hide this insulting rental ships? Pretty please, put option to hide them, or even better to sell them for 0 credits. Thanks
  2. I quit clan and almost game , since CVs are not allowed. So it is not funny for me at all, but that is just my feeling. I completly understand other who can not understand how I feel about WOWs right now. Cheers
  3. How many people in these days know to play CVs... or any other class... i wonder..
  4. @xXx_Blogis_xXx @Negativvv good bye folks :) due to certan trend of disliking changes I have finally decided to greatly reduce number of hours on WoWs.... gl and fair seas ;)
  5. World of Warships: Graf Zeppelin We sincerely thank all the players for participating in our survey and are happy to report that the GZ Test I with deep water torpedoes will last until October 12th. On that day we will send out a new survey and ask you to evaluate the efficiency of that setup for the carrier and share your impressions. We would like to share some of our plans for upcoming tests. We made appropriate changes to the 2-0-3 setup (2 fighter and 3 bomber groups) according to your feedback. The circular drop zone for bombers will remain and the circle itself will become a little smaller. This will allow for increased efficiency and competitiveness with the other flight controls. Another new setup for GZ Test I is 0-2-3. It lacks any fighter planes but has 2 bombers and 3 torpedo bombers. There are two types of bomber planes: - with AP bombs, which allow for more damage in a sigle approach; - with HE bombs for dealing more damage over time with fires. The circular drop zone for bombers remains in this setup as well, with the circle radius itself being reduced. Torpedo bombers will be equipped exclusively with deep water torpedoes, which can not harm destroyers. This type of setup will let players deal more damage to the enemy ships, but that also means that air superiority is sacrificed and one would have to work harder to avoid opponent's fighter planes. The third stage of Graf Zeppelin testing will be launched with patch 0.6.12. We came up with 2 new setups and will be eagerly awaiting your feedback on those. Thanks, and see you soon! Dude this is such crap.... I really can not understand if they want crappy fighters of GZ as gimmick or what. Any half copetent CV player, with IQ higher than 2 can counter you and shut down permanetnly... lets not mention t10 games etc etc. And they expect me to give 50 euros for this, sure. Unless this is some kind ultimative test for OP carrier players so they can be better than noob enemy CV. Lul.
  6. We had all same... almost :P 9 kills but 145k dmg ... here... 8 kills 171k ... and I did not want to go for few KS... I have replay here: Anyways, yes you are good , and I still remember that you owe me one win! Next time comrade! :D :*
  7. Two mongol ships are getting nerfed finally. I will add something on post above me: Yes , HE damage is brutal, fire chance is brutal as well. If I could see that nerfed, I would be very happy :D cheers
  8. @xXx_Blogis_xXx XD
  9. @xXx_Blogis_xXx you probably was that CV! :P
  10. I waited them for ong long time but yes kinda, I would like to see them removed. Won't happen tho.
  11. Congratulations! Half year, year ago I would be jelaous I admit. Right now, I am thinking to quit game and even Nicolai could not bring me back lmao. Just bored I guess. Nice one anyways!
  12. If only they waited with GZ and not rushing her for gamescom.... We would be able to play normal and balanced ship. Not this thrash with public testing. As much as I understand that guys who do test it , feel somewhat included ( I hope), you need to understand that you have (atm HAD) customers who did not want terribly underpowered ship as we told you even before release, hence did not bought ship. And now we need to wait at least half year before even have chance to buy it. well done
  13. Still not even any any any little infos on CV rework?
  14. "After few months I hope people will get used to them and they will realise it is not broken as it looks on first look" by WG employee HHAHAHHAHAHAHA