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  1. Hi, To be honest, short answer: No. Long answer: Each company have their own stakeholders from different branches. Normal customer will most likely buy ships which they like , but then you have customers who are hardcore fans of your game, naval stories, naval games etc. So, from moral and responsible part toward such sakeholders, should it be problem to actually offer ship them CHEAP? If they have bought more than 100 of your premium ships I strongly believe asking same money is not fair, show some good will and offer them cheap ship. I think you could turn this to win win situation for everyone, fairly easy. I will repeat, this is just my perspective (and yeh i have some marketing diploma). my 2 cents cheers
  2. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    no full doubloons discount, no my money. simple :D
  3. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Last one was asashio, only to tilt stupid bbs... but now they lack on ...something to make them fun to play :D
  4. Summer Sale 2018: Day 5 Scharnhorst/-50%

    Funny thing is... when you have already 30+ premiums in port... what should I really do, buy more? :X
  5. if i am free to visit these forums and talk... so you are..... do not worry young padawan.
  6. Stalingrad! which version you prefer?

    I am considering to spend my steel elsewhere... like flint or Black.... no idea yet... I have moskva, I dont need moskva v2.
  7. You can send your cases to me, I will bring final verdict. Judge Boris
  8. even from marketing perspective... i wonder whos going to buy NdJ version (and selling like 100 ships I dont call a good sale compared to 10000 us sold or so just example) .... when US is offering you much more... but ok must be me strange here..
  9. because all work they gonna do is make new camo for another ship of same version. I dont think they should be paid for that full price :D
  10. If they sell same ship just different nations, then if you have 1 you should get another for 50% or 75% discount. This has nothing with having 2 of them in the shop, just protecting fellow collectors.
  11. WOWS and insomnia: a bad combination.

    Help me to understand... You play the ultra rare class on the server on 3 AM or so? Here here...
  12. With all respect, I simply dont care for reasons OP mentioned... But I am VERY MUCH worried if they start putting same ships in shop for money... greed would be real there... seriously you dont see anything wrong with it?
  13. Yeh give em reason for same ship, 35 euros.... what a smart guy you are...