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  1. Boris_MNE

    Realm of invincibility. (subs)

    As someone who was here ages ago and played way more, I must say they are super friendly. I have downloaded game yday to test something and found 400k fxp on my acc, which I am sure back in day was lots unlike now but anyhow... its super fun the way you can irritate people with submarine. No hate here tho, not gonna play game, merely pointing out. Also, is it real that API is not updated since 2017 and you cant fetch stats on sites like wows numbers? Does tell lot about way of development.
  2. Boris_MNE

    Today's problem with WoWs, by Flambass

    At this point I would stop critizing certain segments of the game. I really think whole platform is set on wrong fundations and I liked game way more 5 years ago with 10 times worse graphic but 3 lines than what is it right now. Imo all started going down with free bismarck for everyone. That kinda destroyed MM so hard and then all moves like RDF implementation etc. Don't get me wrong, I think there is no better game than WoWs which is simple enough yet so graphically beautiful but then... come on those updates.. Will be looking into submarines following days. I gotta replace one toxic class with new toxic class RiP good ol' CVs.
  3. Talking about WOWS and balance? I mean for quite while there is no balance or sabile meta, anyhow back on topic: I am not fond of playing DDs w/o smoke either.
  4. Boris_MNE

    CV Rework Discussion

    CVs still aint settled? ehhh
  5. Boris_MNE

    Troll Players

    O boi o boi, some things never change. On another hand I hope y'all been doing great. Boris :)
  6. To be added after that "feature" train command center or whatever is the name I didn't put much attention lately. Maybe community needs just smooth UI Replay and to support -> let them deal with *Edit*. You can enjoy your gameplay as you wish. Play to enjoy my proposal. If you enjoy flanking with shima and you keep dying within 10 minutes in cap, then when you quit game you will feel sorry for not playing as you felt it should be played on relaxing and entertaining way for yourself. Just my personal tip! It's free as well. Hehe.
  7. Just use addon to remove chat. Nothing productive comes out of that anyways. Too much egoists.
  8. Boris_MNE

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    WG needs to straightforward remove Carriers from the game and save you surface players and us carriers from further headache. Maybe then some of us will come back to play this game and not just visit forum once in ages. I am frankly tilted how every now and then they keep editing stuff and for ages they cant leave carriers as they are so we can get used to it. There were so many changes to them prior new system, changes to squadrons, changes to flight decks, changes to arsenal. Sure game is alive and it needs updating, I will agree on that. But updates are tiring and sometimes you just need stabile meta no?
  9. Terrible gambling solution, better take out 40 euros and buy teir VIII which you are going to enjoy playing. Already as it is, tier VIII is in really bad spot. Good luck with getting CVs if you are not carrier player, only frustration will come at end.
  10. Boris_MNE

    Problema de ping por las noches?

    Can we move this to the proper forum please or lock? Thank you.
  11. Boris_MNE

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    Well yeah, with new carriers and with removing REAL fighters, there is only so much one DD can do. They lost purpose in random games.
  12. Boris_MNE

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    @Excavatus check 3rd page, 18hours ago from now. As for this mechanic, I dont know, they havent even managed to balance out new carriers and they are already predicting new game disturbing add P2P mechanic. Sure it is "free2play" as long as you have 3215412512 hours free to regrind all this stuff. Some of us are adults with job or two and I can't imagine myself sitting and playing 41 game daily (that is my record as far as I recon) and what exactly we are going to get with this update? balance not for sure, they already fail to balance game on multimple different points and we are getting more of this. Tl;DR: we do not want this, we just want them to focus on balance I guess?
  13. Boris_MNE

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    Forumites are good people. Most games you play for people, not for sake of gaming mechanics! ;)
  14. Boris_MNE

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    For sure I have no reasons to show or not to show solidarity toward anyone. Despite being moderator I have given dozen of feedback. Solely reason I am no longer moderator is because of my own wish, as I have gave up on the game and I do visit forums once or twice in month. I hope that answer some questions! Cheers
  15. Boris_MNE

    Selling researchable ships in premium shop

    In my opinion they are ruining game.