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  1. Underwater AP fix

    You should edit BB ap damage, feel free to cut it for 80% or more... most of forumites will love you because of that. Like yamato 2k AP or maybe 1,8k.... cheers
  2. Could be , it would be ok then i guess.
  3. Am I only one who thinks that all these april jokes are wasting of precious time and money to improve game? I do not want to insult anyone , especially the developers, because I know they try hard to make it as realistic as it is possible, but I am here to play warships WW2 and before... not space battles. Might be unique ones but these are just my 2 cents...
  4. just unlocked part 3... did not bother quite lot...
  5. Scrub here, looking for clan. Plox inv. XD
  6. @PzychoPanzer sent me here to find clan.
  7. Forum mess (personal problem or?)

    THANK YOU! FINALLY I CAN TROLL AGAIN!!!! couldnt read forum AT ALL. lets see where i can troll. Tnx once more.
  8. Forum mess (personal problem or?)

    Weekend is when I am active most at my craptalk so to say... but already 2 days my forum looked like this: Personal problem or forum? And how to fix it next time? Thanks p.s. tried different browsers and clearing cache.
  9. http://prntscr.com/isnx3s  http://prntscr.com/isny5s

    my forum looks like this 3 days already... help pls...  I cant read here to send me email markovic2009@live.com if you know how to fix this. thank you



  10. Top 5 most popular ships of 2017

    3 to 128... wont name this sad ship and class all together minezake 5 to 35 some crap mogami 1 to X.... powercreep... lel Seems like year of CV to me komrad... with top 5 bbs :)
  11. Et tu, Brute?

    Be careful.
  12. SO reddit: " We considered it even before, still working on it, and we partly like the effect too, but it should be controllable and tweakable feature, not some magic random bug :) " idk i trust him, he was frustrated with bbs on russian forum too... right @Sub_Octavian? :D
  13. There is difference between: Being able to citadel some ship without knowing why, and editing files so they know how they did it. It is also closely connected to all future updates because they must know what changed with their patch.
  14. And what is real translation, because 5 ppl of you just misunderstood: We are sick of battleships, we gave them everything and they are not even able to push properly. Prepare for broadside nerfs babies - Sub_Octavian 2k18 I think guy just got sick of bbs.
  15. Nah, Blogis is better. And in these days i play more des moines , as per order, than CV :(