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  1. Source: Internal test, Graf Zeppelin. HE bombs now feature new circle drop pattern. It allows attacking from any angle with the same efficiency. However, ships with narrow hulls (destroyers and cruisers), will be receiving fewer hits, and it will take skilled manual attack to set several fires on a battleship. AP bombs have more consistent penetration now, with 20 degrees normalization and drop angle improved from 75 to 90 degrees. The tradeoff is 5 seconds bomb flight time, which gives aware players some time for evasive maneuvers. Secondaries range is decreased to 6250 meters in stock, but accuracy is improved by times. That means with AFT and Manual secondaries skills any target within 7500 meters range will receive consistent hits.
  2. I can confirm it is legit and working. Thanks
  3. Source: Update 0.6.9, Nelson battleship testing. British tier VII battleship Nelson, which will become avaliable for 375 000 Free XP soon, features special Repair Party, just like Lion and Conqueror. Bonus 10% to bow, aft, casemate and superstructure repair, short work time, high repair speed (400% faster than regular BB version) and 2 charges in stock allow Nelson to tank and fight other battleships. According to current test results, these settings will be final.
  4. Maybe. But if bad player wishes to hide stats because of trolling, maybe good one wishes to do it for tactical advantage?
  5. I am going to add one more question for sake of fun: If player hide his/her stats, do you think that is why he/she is underperforming or because something else? (I will rather hang on forum than be in battles, just in 3 battles got stomped under 5 minutes LOL)
  6. Let me point out, I perfectly dont care what your stats are. I merely wish to know what you consider for "good" stats... which stat is most important and why. That is all.
  7. Uhm, that specific person... I wonder who is :D
  8. This actually inspired me for this topic :D
  9. Hello people! New day, new intresting discussion! Very often on forum we see people that compare stats with another ones... and then come that lovely answer: "Your stats suck" and you have no right to speak. For you, what you consider as good stats? Recent damage? Recent WR? Recent PR? Average all of these? Cheers!
  10. 50X Hydra 50 camos 250% cpt exp overall.. satisfied :)
  11. NERF [edited]FIRES! NERF CARRIERS! NERF CL/CAs! Please WG, please.
  12. Legit troll. Yes you will wait 30 secs more , like we care?
  13. I will just add on Mtm elaboration: Switching torpedoes IN battle do carry penality of new reload of above 1 minute...and still you can miss cruiser/dd what would be disappointing So for me, no reason to not implement this IN battle to be switchable.